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The Best of Coach Suz : Top Running Posts Summer 2016


What were the top running posts of the summer from Coach Suz? Which posts got the most love? The answers might surprise you!

Summer is “ova” but not over (come on, we still have 20 days left, and you know that I am going to each peaches for each one of them. Then, I’m going to buy peaches for my Summer’s End Peach Yogurt Protein Cake (GF/Egg Free, btw) and freeze like 3 loaves of it. The best treat for the middle of winter. 

ANYHOO. This weekend is my “off” weekend before the Mag Mile Half Marathon and 5K next weekend (today is the last day to win entry!), Alex is out of town, and I have some friends coming in, but you know that I will still be heading out for a run Saturday morning and getting after my PT. (Which we will come back to in a minute!)

I’ve done a great job this week with doing strength training and PT, and I am hoping to keep that going through the next week and really reinstate the habit. A major impetus for this reinvigoration of my strength training is the new class that I have been going to that has been KICKING MY BUTT (literally), and I can’t wait to review it for you!

Today, however, I am going to link up with some of my favorite bloggers (see the full list at the end of this post) for a round up of the top running posts from Coach Suz over the past 3 months. I’m basing this both on page views as well as comments (but I did take out the giveaways for the sake of fairness).

And, as always, please let me know what other topics you would like me to cover in the comments! Happy and safe Labor Day Weekend to my American friends, and happy and safe weekend to all!

Best Running Posts From Coach Suz Over the Summer

Top Running Posts From Coach Suz Summer 2016. The benefits of running hills, how to do hill workouts on a treadmill, how to improve your running right now, running prehab exercises for glute and core, how to handle a disappointing race, and how to run in hot weather.

Running Hills : Benefits, Workouts, and Alternatives

Though the Benefits of Running Hills was the most popular with regards to comments, all three posts (Benefits of Running Hills, Hill Workouts for Every Distance Runner, and Hill Treadmill Workouts and Alternatives) got a good deal of traffic. I stand by my assertion that all runners benefit from running hills! Now you have no excuses–even if you live in a flat area, you can grab your JLab headphones and get after it!

The Best Functional Unilateral Core and Glute Exercises for Runners

The Unilateral Core and Glute Exercises for Runners post that I was so happy to finally put together, as I don’t see many posts dedicated to these types of functional exercises for runner, and particularly, you never see unilateral core and unilateral glute exercises talked about! But if you ever do a stint in Physical Therapy (and if you do these, you won’t have to!), you will get REALLY familiar with them! Planks and squats and deadlifts are great, but they aren’t enough. You have to do more!

Unilateral Core and Glute Exercises for Runners. These are the best functional exercises to help you run faster and prevent injury! Find out more at

Five Ways to Improve Your Running RIGHT NOW

Common sense that isn’t so common. The post may be about the ways to improve your running right now, but each intervention will pay off dividends long after the next week or so. Even better, if you do these things RIGHT NOW, you will see improvements within a few days, and they will only grow in efficacy in the future. SO DO THEM NOW.

Become a better runner in no time with these five ways to improve your running right now. Get more helpful posts from this weeks Running Coaches Corner at

How to Handle a Disappointing Race

Though I hope you never have to deal with a disappointing race, it is extremely helpful to know how to handle the situation yourself as well as to address it with a friend who might be struggling with results that they didn’t want. We are all going to have races and runs where the wheels just fall off, or where circumstances beyond our control lead to a DNF. That is the unfortunate truth of running, of life. Here are some tips for how to deal. Need help with dealing with injury? Here is what you CAN say to an injured athlete.

Discussing and Handling a Disappointing Race needs to be done with tact and courtesy. Here are some tips for helping a runner deal with a bad race. Also, Running Coaches Corner Link up!

Tips for Safe Running in Hot Weather

Perhaps talking about Hot Weather Running is not quite as germane now that we are heading ever closer to fall, but you never know–the Chicago Marathon last year surprised many people with temps that they couldn’t handle. Many of my clients are still juggling hot hot days with building towards peak mileage, and we talk about how to handle conditions regularly. 

Tips for Safe Running in Hot Weather. Make sure that you are careful with these tips from Coach Suz and have a safe marathon training and summer running season!

So there you have it! The top running posts from Coach Suz from the past 3 months. Want to hear more? Subscribe to my Coach Suz Letter and get helpful tips from yours truly in my signature voice. Interested in working with me as a one-on-one running coach? Check out my coaching page!

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