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Cling (Catch Up 8/16)

Emmie has become the embodiment of a stage 5 clinger, and along with some anxiety episodes as well as some great excitement, it has been quite a week! Catch up time!

Did you see the last catch up? Thigs got a little *serious* last week!

Catch Up 8/16

1). Ok, so remember that great plan that I would go back to the gym and get my act together?

Hahahahahahaha the world laughs at my plans.

The plan has come to a crashing halt because apparently taking Emmie to the daycare triggered 18 month separation anxiety. When we went for a family gym date, Emmie lost it when I told her goodbye and hardly recovered the entire time we were there. By the end, she was inconsolable.

Since then, she has become attached to my hip literally and figuratively. Like, fully on fury if I leave her, and when she wakes up from her nap (which has shortened considerably), she wails as if she is in true danger.

So I’ve been googling and reading all that I can regarding 18 month separation anxiety, and apparently this is when the anxiety peaks, plus there is all of the 18 month development making their brains hurt as well.

Currently, I am trying to establish goodbye rituals and basically exposure therapy by telling her that I am going to bathroom or going into the other room, and then I make her stay in the other room. The thinking in doing so is that she will learn that when I tell her goodbye, that she will learn that I am indeed going to return (now that she can understand).

But really, it just means that there is incessant wailing while I pee.

I tried to take her to the gym daycare and hang out with her and help her be comfortable, but as soon as I said that I was going to leave, she lost it, and progress was lost. The next day, I took her to Present Place because she loves it and is so comfortable there. She did well for the first hour, and then got super clingy.

2) In other news along the same discussion, Emmie has become quite difficult with meals and with waking up from naps. Add the clinginess to that, an sshe is either going through a major mental development or the child’s mind is broken and we will need to throw her out and start again. Because we know that doing so is sooooo easy for me lol.

3) My gym plans were also thwarted because my hip acted up and sent me into a major anxiety downward spiral for the first half of this week. The injury site itself was fine, but everything around it felt funky and sent me into a frenzy. A well timed call to Mom and then to my psychiatrist helped calm me down, and after that, I was able to enjoy the rest of the week and the gorgeous weather.

Anxiety and depression have been bedfellows of mine this summer. I will be happy when I put a bit more space between myself and my injuries and illness.

Also, some medication changes will help.


Alex and I went to Coalfire Pizza on Friday, and it was the best pizza I have had in Chicago. The food was excellent, the weather perfect (and we were outside), and even though Em fell apart at the end, it was such a nice dinner.

If you like thin crust pizza (and you know that I do), go to Coalfire!! We got the half charcuterie plate and the bacon jam pizza. Emmie really liked it, too!

5) This weekend is busy busy with birthday events for our friends! Tonight and tomorrow, and then swim Sunday!

And happy dating anniversary, Alex! 11 years!

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