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City Moms Go Country (Momcation 2019)


We finally finally had our long awaited Moms’ Weekend Out trip to Nashville! I have so much to cover from that trip, and Emmie has just made leaps and bounds over the past week, I don’t know where to start!

I’m going to have to come back to all the cool stuff Emmie is doing right now in my next post. Right now let’s talk about my first real trip away from Em!

Did you read about Alex’s crazy birthday weekend? Now it was my turn!

Momcation 2019

Like I said, this post is just going to be about the mom trip, I’ll cover Emmie’s week last week (we did some fun things!) next time!


Thursday was a gross and rainy day, and to be honest, I was in the #worst moood ever. Prednisone + actually getting my period (which is worth saying because it is so rare, lol) + terrible weather + probably some nerves about leaving Emmie = bitchy twitchy Susie.

And Emmie was a STAGE 5 CLINGER that morning, and then just bored that afternoon. We were literally playing in the hallways and downstairs in the lobby for a change of scenery!

Either way, Alex and his parents arrived around the same time (at 5), and we played at home for a bit before heading to dinner, where Emmie made a new boyfriend and refused to eat real food, lol.

We finished out the evening letting her stay up a little bit later, and then mama had to tell her baby goodnight while crossing her fingers that she and her baby would not be seeing each other the next morning (because we have been seeing each other very early of late).

Mimi and I went over all of the *instructions*–I had written down a 3 page “day in the life of Emmie” with all the tips and tricks of taking care of my kiddo. Literally from making her oatmeal before she wakes up to when she takes her naps, how she goes down, fun places to take her, and how to convince her to eat more substantial food when all she wants are blueberries!

It might sound hilariously anal retentive, but after the mess that Emmie was in for my mom while I was sick (not my mom’s fault at all–Emmie was sick and Mom was operating without any help!), I just wanted to set up everyone for success. Spoiler alert… she did great!


I woke up in a sweat at 4:15 and got in the shower as I heard Emmie waking up. I made Emmie’s oatmeal for Mimi to take one step out, and then I went to Starbucks to meet the girls and get on our way!

We made record time down to Nashville–laughing and chatting and having a great time. It was the quickest 6-7 hour car ride I have ever taken! We were getting pretty hungry and knew the other car was going to be a little later, so we headed to our adorable Air BnB (I’ll have details at the end) to have a snack, put on realish clothes, and pick our beds and then went to Bartaco in the 12 South area.

It was a little wait, so we got guac and chips and drinks and ultimately sat down and ordered more food and drinks (and had a delightful server). The margs looked so good and I was already 100% invested in our lunch, so I decided to get my “big real drink” of the trip and got a marg (so good) + tuna tataco (tuna tataki taco) + baja fish taco on lettuce + spicy cucumber salad (plus helped Ali with her food per usual).

The food was excellent, the area was fantastic, we had a great lunch, and I would definitely recommend Bartaco to anyone going to Nashville!

After that, we made our way to Draper James (Reese Witherspoon’s store, just down the street). I wanted absolutely everything in the store. If we still lived in the South and I wore actual clothes, I would live in everything there. I’m obsessed with the blues that they use. Also, when you walk in, they offer you sweet tea.

Next to Draper James is the Christie Cookie, which made me SO HAPPY. Christie Cookie is the best. If you ever need to send a thank you or a Christmas present or just want to send something yummy, go to the Christie Cookie. It is a family tradition of deliciousness.

I got a decaf Americano around that time, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t full decaf, because around that time I lost my mind, haha.

We wandered around, window shopped and mural pictured, and finally met up with the other car!

Then we found another stop that was on my list–Five Daughters Baker, home of the 100 layer donut. I was SO EXCITED. I didn’t car that I had already eaten myself silly and had a cookie, I was getting this donut. YOLO in the truest sense.

Chocolate Sea Salt 100 Layer donut. Amazing. We got a bunch and shared, and I ended up being able to save half of mine and having it layer by layer as a post run snack the next day!

Then we went to the Gulch area to check out Uncommon James. There were some really cute things that I was very tempted by, but I resisted a purchase.

We went across the street for a happy hour esque situation while one of us took a nap in the car. We are moms, we understanding needing a nap, lol. And we had eyes on her, so it was cool and absolutely hilarious.

After drinks, we went back to house to hang out and get ready for dinner and the night.

We headed to Whiskey Kitchen for a late dinner. I wasn’t going to get another drink (I had already had my one), but when they have 1 oz Bulleit pours for $5.50… you get one and sip and enjoy and love it. I was good the rest of the weekend.

We sat for dinner and ladies got hot chicken and I got sweet potato fries (shockingly, I was still full from my lunch and donuts and chips and cookies). A few of us went home and the rest went out (but they came home around midnight like good girls).

It was a great way to start the weekend!


Ali had actually come home early because she wasn’t feeling well (new pollens + little sleep + driving all day will do that), and the next morning we got up around the same time and went in to downtown to get Starbucks and Claritin. When we got back, some of the other ladies had gotten up and were having breakfast, and I left for a run!

I had a gorgeous run with perfect weather through downtown and back, and it was just perfection. Then I had my donut, and it was even better.

We started the process of 9 women taking showers and getting ready, and we all just hung out and enjoyed the sun on the porch and laughing and relaaxing. Finally we headed out and went to Acme Feed and Seed for lunch!

I got the most massive poke bowl in the history of poke bowls. I wasn’t going to eat all of it… but that tuna was too delicious and amazing and I wasn’t going to leave any behind!

Then we headed back out onto Broadway in search of a rooftop bar to soak up sun. We found what we needed at Luke Bryan’s bar. It was a great location, and we had lots of fun and met a few interesting “friends.”After a while, it was time to move on, and we went to Honky Tonk Central for some live music and people watching. We were there during the hour before the UVA game started, and they had Game Day on as well, so I was trying not to watch!

Halfway through the first half, we headed to Dierks Bentley Whiskey Row and went straight up to the roof (apparently the highest rooftop bar inon Boradway). I tried to avoid the TVs and we all danced and had fun until a few of us decided to go home for snacks and a change of clothes.

It took us a while to get home, but I am glad we did, because I neded to eat some triscuits and chocolate. You know how it is. Plus I got to change into my orange shirt to support our boys!

I refused to watch the game, but I was periodically checking in on the score, and I was dying during those last minutes. I looked down and saw the score be tied at the last second and called Alex and got the amazing news that we had won!!! I was just so happy for HIM. Yes, I am/was so happy for the program and the boys on the team. So happy for them. But I was so beyond happy for Alex to have the chance that UVA going to the National Championship would afford–to road trip to Minneapolis and spend time with his best and oldest friends supporting their team, which is literally their greatest non-family passion.

You know what was also awesome? How happy my friends were for me and my husband that he was going to get to go to that game. That is true friends ship and just awesome women.

We met our friends back at Whiskey Row and as we were leaving, the lowest floor played an amazing song and we ended up staying on the first floor for a few hours! It took FOREVER to get food, but the food was tasty, I had a celebratory light beer, and we enjoyed the show.

When it was time to move on, Ali and I went into a candy story because bulk candy is always a good idea. And when you don’t drink, you sugar, lol.

A little bit of a mix up led to some confusion and that plus a long day led to a few of us going home a little early. Unfortunately, the traffic was so bad because the hockey game was out and we bailed on the cab and walked home Thank goodness I had run the route that morning!

We had fun at home and finally crashed.


I woke up early but late for me and decided to get another run in while in Nashville because the rain was holding off. So glad I did–just what was needed before a long day in the car. We cleaned up the house and headed out around 930.

Ali drove the first leg and I took second leg. It took SO MUCH longer to get home than to get to Nashville. Regular weekend coming home traffic plus a few accidents plus several restaurants (cough McD’s and Sbux) taking forever to do simple things plus yes, I was that person who had to pee. I will own that. But our maps also took us on a few detours, lol.

We arrived back to town around 630 and I got dropped off directly at Tarascas where Alex, Emmie, Alex’s parents and our old friend (going with Alex to the game) were waiting! Of course, right when it was time to get, the bottom was falling out of the sky and I got drenched, but whatever. I had some nachos and a few sips of marg (you must if you go to Tarascas) and MOST importantly, I saw my baby and my husband.

Emmie had a little trouble going to sleep that night–so much excitement from the day, from mama coming home, and osme separation anxiety meant that I put her down, and all of th e suddne she started sobbing, which is totally unlike her. When I went in there, she was sweaty and clammy, and I called Alex in there. We checked her temp, which was normal, and we think she basically had a baby panic attack.

Alex and I stayed in there together for a few minutes, and then I stayed with her for 15 minutes just holding her (I tried singing, she told me to lock it up in not so many words, haha). After 15 minutes, I put her down and she went right to sleep. Poor thing thought I was going to leave her again!

I started snoozing on the couch but the couch was needed for our friend to sleep on so I was kicked off to bed. And glory of glories, I slept from 9:30-6:15 and Emmie slept until after I woke up!!!! YESSSSSSS The perfect way to end my weekend.

My Plea to all Moms and Caretakers

I said this on Instagram, but I’m going to say it here.

If you are a mom, a caretaker, please take the effort to find a way to go with your best girlfriends (it can be one or a group) and get away for at least 24 hours. Spend a night away from your baby, your partner (if applicable). Spend more than an hour away (but try to take those little hours away here and there). Go somewhere and gab, do each other’s hair, eat a donut and drink a margarita (or a diet coke), window shop, and remember what it is like to be a person and not just a mom. Yes, you will talk about your kids and watch them on the baby monitor and Facetime with them in turns while you are getting ready to go to dinner. Yes, you will still be a mom and joking about how the boys are leaving things everywhere.

But the release of repsonsibility and the opportunity to have an uninterrupted conversation, to go to the bathroom when you want to, to eat a nonsensical lunch (chocolate and fries?? ok!!) because you can and not because you are desperate… YOU GET TO MAKE THE CHOICES>>> YOU get to be a person. And you will come home so excited to see that baby. It is like the biggest breath of fresh air.

I loev my child more than life itself. I love my husband and his family. They are my family. By and large, I would rather hang out with family than be away from them. But we forget who we used to be when our lives are consumed by the life of someone else.

I understand the argument that it is a luxury. But so are bikini waxes, and as a family we agreed that those are necessary. Save a little, make a few plans, call in a favor, and go.

Soapbox over. Love y’all.

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