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Cicchetti is Closing, and Other Heartbreaks (Thinking Out Loud)

No time for niceties. Straight into the labyrinth that is my mind.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

1) How on god’s green earth is it already Thursday again? HOW?

2) The receptionist for the main front desk at my company has been on vacation this week, so I and the other admin assistants (which I was before I got my big ol’ leg up) have to man the desk. Normally I do this for an hour once a week (during her lunch). This week, though, it has been 2-3 hours, all during my lunch.


And I didn’t bring lunch on Tuesday. A day during which my body decided it was hungry at 11 on the dot. And then there was a meeting with catered (Chinese) lunch. I don’t like Chinese particularly, but holy cow does that smell. I ultimately got desperate, got a plate and tried my best to de-oil some veg and some little bland spring roll things.

For old time's sake.

For old time’s sake.

After my “shift,” I completed my gourmet meal with the (vast majority) remainder of a bag of turkey jerky that was in my desk. And oyster crackers. And did some food prep when I finally got home after a little (completely worthless) event thing that I went to after work. So at least Wednesday I was prepared. And then the lunch meeting that happens every Wednesday ordered a huge quantity of almost exactly what I brought, with left overs. In the words of the great, Mo, #facepalm.

3) Rain rain go away, come back again, when I say it’s ok. But for now, get the f out.



4) Talk about irony. After mentioning Cicchetti in my post yesterday about tapas, I found out that it is closing this weekend. I’m dying. Seriously. I like can’t even deal.

Cicchetti suzlyfe nonna foccacia shaved salad 2cicchetti prosciutto mortadella flatbread short rib ravioli suzlyfeFirst, we went there when I interviewed for my job.

Then we went after my 16 miler and the day I finally met Sara.

And then I went with my family.

Oh. And they are closing THIS WEEKEND. No more incredible drinks, focaccia, tiramisu gelato, pizza, the best red sauce I’ve ever had…. Cicchetti, you lived a short, but pure life. idiot corporate and chefs with delusions of grandeur. #shakeofthefist.

5) Alex is finally finished with ER!! We could go to Cicchetti to celebrate, and we might have to, as it is our last weekend to do so. OH WAIT he is going onto another hard rotation with long calls. But at least this is the last big inpatient rotation, to be followed by a week of nights, for a few months. So I will get him back when I come back from my Thanksgiving trip to GA.

Eatcho heart out.

Eatcho heart out.

Then again, i will likely have to make him more of this, which I made for him last night.

6) No marathons to be dealt with for me this weekend, but some running for the Run 10 Feed 10. As long as my foot feels better–it’s been a bit achy the past few days, I’m thinking because of the new shoes and that new-shoe arch stiffness.

7) Sitting in the exact same place for 2+ hours is really boring. (I’m at the front desk as I am writing this). Especially without Gilmore Girls on to entertain me. It’s a tough life that I lead, I know. So abused.

prostitute gilmore girls

8) Something reminded me of this yesterday. I think from now on, my go-to race cheer will be “Gurl, you work that up-do!”

9) So the new people that are downstairs with me have La Croix, Diet Coke, and candy. I love them. Between this, the jar of cookie butter, the jar of almond M&Ms in another office, my stash of bars, and the peanut butter pretzels, I’ve got snacks covered. I just need to refill on heartier things. Or the sky needs to quit its bitching so that I can go out and get lunch from the bajillion places around me. bitch

10) I took this for the @ChiSignature Instagram Page. No filter. I think it is pretty cool!

hanging orb chi signature

Follow us there for my more artsy pics of the life and times of Chicago! We are really trying to grow our following. Slash I am. Because it is my other account. SO PLEASE FOLLOW ME @CHISIGNATURE. Shameless plug over.

How do you deal with the heart breaking loss of losing a favorite restaurant??

Do you like arty and lifestyle-y pics? Follow @ChiSiganture on Instagram!

Tell me something mind-blowingly exciting about your life at this exact moment.


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