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Choose Love No Matter What (Election 2016 Final Thoughts)

Choose Love No Matter What. I have made the decision that regardless of what happens today or this month, I am going to do just that.

Linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud.

I’m unsure if you’ve realized, but something kind of big is about to go down today. Something that will impact all of us, whether we live in the US or elsewhere. Because you can bet that the result of this election is going to have a massive impact on foreign policy, the way other countries see us, and the way we see ourselves.

No matter the election results, I am going to choose love.

(Remember, I don’t talk politics, but I will discuss them. Thus I am going to be as apolitical here as I can be in the hopes that the conversation that ensues is not a battleground.)

Sunday night, as a political commercial was playing on TV, I looked at Alex and said, “What will we do if __ wins?” 

He looked at me and said, “What do you mean?”

I replied, “Seriously. What will we do if __ wins?”

I know that I am not the only person having these thoughts. On all sides, citizens literally can’t even fathom how they will exist in a US run by this person or that person. I don’t know if I have ever seen anything so polarizing on such a mass scale in this country in my lifetime. This is not just a discussion of rights for the LGBT community, or abortion, or immigration, or foreign policy. This is a discussion on every level, and fear on every level. 

And so, so, so much hate. Hate to the point that we are voting against our values because we are picking the “lesser of two evils” or because we can’t deal with the other option. 

I know many of us are threatening to leave the country. But how many of us really would? I know that, for me personally, emigrating isn’t that likely. For one, my family, for two, my husband, for three, my health (but then again, if insurances are pulled…). 

So how am I going to handle the outcome of the election? 

I am going to find a way to choose joy no matter what. I am going to choose love no matter what. I am going to make what positive impact that I can on this world. I am going to be the best example of an American citizen I can, the best ambassador for our country that I can be. I am going to continue to live the way I have been taught to live (imperfect though I well know I am).

I am going to continue to try to have a family. Yes, I have had a few second thoughts about bringing a baby into this world. But just like the rest of life, I cannot live in fear but can instead hope that my example might beget more positivity and goodness, willing.

I choose positivity, rather than optimism. I choose love, acceptance, and forgiveness. That doesn’t mean that I am going to roll over and play dead, but it does mean that I will fight my fight and choose my battles.

Some days, that might just mean that I need to go out and run and listen to a podcast. Some days, that might mean that I confront realities that the day before I let sit (by going for a run with my podcast). 

But I am not going to let someone else tell me how to live my life. As best I can, I live my life on my terms.

And I am choosing love no matter what. 

Regardless of the #election2016 results, Suz is choosing love #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Reactions? Thoughts?

Throw some happiness and joy out there into the world!

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