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Chill-y Weekend and Body R+D Chicago Review (MIMM)


HUGE Congratulations to all who raced this weekend! Erica, Jen, Lora, Rae, and so many others went out and fought the good fight, and won! I was disheartened to hear the news about Rita Jeptoo, but until it is declared official, I am going to hope it is a false positive.

Second to last announcement: You have until tomorrow (Election Tuesday) at midnight to enter to win 2 Spartan Race entries and ALL 16 flavors of Quest Bars from yours truly! Enter Here!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

And welcome back, my favorite fools! I guess I should say “ghouls,” but as we are now several days separated from Halloween, I will abstain from the full-out cheesiness.

I had a pretty chill weekend, which was just what the doctor (not Alex) ordered. Halloween Day (Friday) was MISERABLE weather-wise here in Chicago: we are talking freezing rain/sleet and mid-30s (thus the rain/sleet mishmash). It was horrific. I hope that everyone stayed safe, didn’t break anything!

To illustrate the type of almost storm-surge conditions we were dealing with, check out this video of the waves from the lake coming up over the sea wall and into the street! I run that area all the time, so…yeah. And the asphalt is a disaster now, too.

I kept my promise of staying home and partying like a rockstar, but sadly I held off on the pumpkin beer drinking until Saturday night, when Alex could join me. I kept hoping that Alex would get off, but I knew when I got a text reading: “Worst possible end to the day” that I would be chilling by myself. So while I was well stocked, I waited it out.



Saturday was a lovely day and nice outside, though chilly. I woke up when Alex did and then went through my Saturday Morning Off routine, with a minor modification: snooze till about 7, get up, have a leisurely coffee, then breakfast (yay oats!), then Bravo marathon  reading and cat snuggle, then nap for a bit, then groceries, lunch, food prep for Alex, then more tv watching reading, [insert chore(s) around house], mini workout downstairs to get me “moving,” Alex gets home, we do dinner, hang around, bed. Alex got off “early” (which actually just means at a normal hour, rather than the 3 15-hour plus days he worked this week), so he got to relax and lift, which I was really happy for him to be able to do.

Also, I walked by a hotel playing RUN RUN RUDOLPH (as in, Santa’s got to make it to town????). TOO SOON. Bring out the red Starbucks cups. Bring out the candy (you know I’m good for that) and stuff (which they were doing). BUT a) no Christmas music b) LEAVE OUT THE PUMPKIN ICE CREAM YOU A$$HATS. Nobody likes the eggnog flavor!!! And it is too soon for the Peppermint!!! TOO. SOON.

patrick stewart pushy meme

Going out/putting on clothing/ordering/spending money didn’t seem all that appealing, so we opted to stay in, crack a pumpkin beer (FINALLY, though I was unimpressed with it), and I made my [gluten-filled] chicken parm! And realized halfway through it that I only had parm, no mozz or fontina, so I was grating at a frantic pace while also realizing that the burner the chicken was still sitting on was still on and likely murdering it. Luckily, no harm no fowl (heheh spelling on purpose)–it came out great. Tricolor rotini + chicken with oyster-cracker and herbs crust + parm + TJ’s traditional marinara.

chicken parmesan suzlyfe

We FOUGHT to make it to [the soon to be new] 9, then it was bed time. Because we are old. Get over it. Sunday morning followed the same routine, but I did get my but up after a very short nap to head up to Lakeview to try out a new-to-me workout studio thanks to ClassPass!

body r d suzlyfe

Body R+D (Visit them Here)

Think pilates meets strength training, and taking advantage of a special machine called the Megaformer (you have to say it in a loud, low voice, obvs). Basically broken down into sections: short cardio warmup (jacks, high knees); abs/core; thighs/hammies/glutes; shorter arms/shoulders; short cardio-like interval; short stretch.

Now, I consider myself to be in fair shape. I’m not as strong as I used to be in my arms, but I am way stronger in my core and upper legs. And let me tell you, I was BURNING during the first section. BURNING in my LOINS burning. Holy &%. Same for the legs and glutes work. We were only using a single yellow coil and I was like OY. Arms weren’t quite as bad, but I would say it was relatively low resistance, and I also hadn’t used my arms to get up there, you know, so they weren’t fatigued or really all that warmed up (the instructor said he likes the studio a bit chilly). I definitely want to go back, try some of the other instructors, wear properly grippy socks, etc, but I loved the workout overall. The structure worked muscles to fatigue, once on each side, and moved rather quickly from one to the next, taking advantage of the super cool reformer. The difficulty (for me) peaked during the first 60% of it, so I was pretty recovered by the end. That said, I am writing this Sunday afternoon. I might not be walking by the time this is published Monday morning, lol.

My criticisms of the class are as follows:

  • I ran there (yep, I am that person), so I was already a bit loosey goosey upon arrival. If I just jumped into the workout, I don’t know how I would fare (with regards to my muscles being properly readied).
  • Also, worked inner thighs, but outer thighs need lovin as well!
  • In all, I think that the extra 15 minutes (it was a 45 minute class) were needed to round things out a bit more–a short mid-class cardio interval to get you moving again, for example.
  • Better stretching at the end (not just 2 moves).

But overall? I will definitely go back, try a different trainer, and see what happens! I’ll go back just to use the reformer again!

I was loving my new Lulu Shirt!

I was loving my new Lulu Shirt!

I mozied home and finished Alex’s weekly food prep while getting in a crucial chat with my parental units. Alex got egg cups last week, but this week I’m doing roasted sweet potato/black beans/green pepper/onion + quinoa + chunks of both sweet apple and roasted garlic chicken sausage that I’ve sauteed for the crust and flavor. That’ll be finished in the morning (by him) with avocado and BBQ sauce, his current go-to. Also, I have a new meal idea to share with you, but I’m working on some of the ratios and I only got one pic in before the garnish exploded so…. yeah….

Whewf. Who knew that such a chill weekend could have so much to tell about it! Probs more than you could ever have possibly wanted to know, but, well, know you do.

Did Mother Nature decide it was time to flip the switch on you this weekend, too?

Do you like/have you ever done reformer work?

Halloween night: tricks or treats? Any good eats?


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