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All My Children and Doctors (Friday Catch Up 9/8)


Welcome to the Friday Catch Up! What is going on in Suz’s world this week? Oh, and a few giveaways for you fabulous people!

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What a week, you guys!

Friday Catch Up:

1) The biggest moment of the week happened yesterday (Thursday) at our 20 week ultrasound and anatomy scan, where we also found out the sex of our baby! We will go public with that info soon, after we have told all the necessary parties, but I can tell you that everything looked great. Yoshi’s growth is on schedule, right where it should be, and there are no physical or structural abnormalities. Best possible appointment to have, and we couldn’t be happier. 

Blue or Pink, what do you think?

2) Ridley also had a big appointment on Thursday as we switched her over to the vet office near our apartment. Because we sold the car, we can no longer go to her original vets. I was a seriously proud furmommy–she did great during the long long wait in the waiting room (it is a no-appointment clinic, so we had to wait) and then was a superstar for the vet in the exam room. 

Then she had to get 4 shots, which were done in the back room, but judging by the fact that there were no yelps and she was done very quickly, I infer they went easily. #proudmommy

Basically, Thursday was about all my children.

3) I also finally got to go back to therapy on Tuesday after at least a month away (due to an insurance snafu). It was a great appointment–some appointments you walk away having done great work but feeling like sh** about yourself, some you walk away being like, sweet. This was a sweet appointment. Sure, we definitely have things to work on, but I realized how much what I am noticing has to do with the transitional period of our lives and Alex and I growing as a couple and a team and also setting ourselves up for our future roles as parents.

4) Equipment update: You guys, I am OBSESSED with my Y back Handful Bra. For all the ladies that were saying they needed a bit more support, try this bra out. I’ve worn it every day this week (also, it still doesn’t smell!) and it is so easy to get on and off and the girl stay happy and in place! WIN A HANDFUL SET HERE

That said, I’ve yet to have a run this week where my bladder didn’t stop me about 1-2 miles in. Yoshi is taking up residence!

Also, check out below for details on another giveaway!

5) FINALLY Alex and I have a full weekend off together. Well, he has to go in for a lunch thing with fellowship applicants on Saturday, but other than that… we have the whole weekend blissfully to ourselves. Which is lovely, considering that he is on call next weekend and I am working at least one shift a day Monday-the following Friday. Woot. But those swaps next weekend enabled me to go to my OB appointments, so hashtag worth it. 

Not from today, but still cute.

We are already considering bingeing the whole Game of Thrones Season 7. 

I will also be watching the American ladies at the US Open. GIRL POWER

Jaybird Wireless Giveway!

To celebrate the fact that I am halfway through pregnancy and still enjoying running, I am sharing another of my pregnancy running essentials with you–these Jaybird X3 earbuds! Check out my Instagram for entry details and my post for a review of these amazing wireless bluetooth sport earbuds. Contest starts at 6:30 central time and ends Friday Sept 15 at Midnight. US only.

Blue or Pink: What do you think?

What are you up to this weekend?

What do you listen to while running/walking/exercising?

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