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Niu Streeterville Nippy Noodles #MIMM

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that Old Man Winter needs to take a freaking anti-depressant.

Shut your face.

Shut your face.

He got way angry this weekend and blitzed into the midwest! Luckily, my husband likes to keep the heat on low so that when I get home late at night our bedroom is a wine fridge. Actually fortunate is the fact that we have a small heater that I turn on and point at my side.


But truly Marvelous? Being able to spend time with him and some amazing people during the waking hours.

My Remicade infusion on Monday started the week and the holiday season off to a marvelous start. Having just seen my family and knowing that I will be having a work-packed December ahead of me, I found myself really reflecting on how thankful I am for this amazing drug, and the fact that I respond so positively to it. I try never to take my health for granted, but even I forget sometimes that I am NOT invincible, that my body needs me to take special care of it. Remicade and getting back to my regular diet meant that I felt SO MUCH BETTER by the end of the week, and stopped having the afternoon stomach pains as I had the weekend before.

Speaking of food, a majorly marvelous moment of my week happened when I found out that I won Lora of Crazy Running Girl’s giveaway for a copy of the Runners World Cookbook! This was item A on my Christmas List, so you know how pumped I am! Sucks for Alex, though. Back to square 1, bucko.

Pic from her blog.

Pic from her blog.

Thank you so much, Lora! And seriously, check out her blog if you haven’t already. Girl just moved with her hub from NYC to Austin (talk about culture shock!), and she has a great variety of interests that speak to all of us. But don’t mention the Dallas Marathon, which was unfortunately canceled. Here’s hoping something works out for you, girl!

Wednesday was special because Alex had the day off. So we gymmed together, got some (not so nippy but rather steaming hot) noodles at Noodles and Co, and then went to Target to pick up Xmas decorations.  Though we were rather unimpressed with the overall offerings, we still managed to spend $100 in there, mostly on food stuffs. And candy.

tree3 display2


That night we decorated our tree together, hung some lights (I need to get another strand, actually), and had a casual evening of watching bball (UVA got…. shown up) and eating the final round of leftovers (I had frozen some enchiladas). All day Alex and I were ravenous, and I had dinner at 615, and though I stayed up later, he went to bed at like 9. Who’s the old lady now?

Oh, and Zoe did NOT light her tail on fire. Always a win.

Self Explanatory

Self Explanatory

Thursday, my #Elf4Health Brandi and I motivated each other to early morning workouts, and I worked a double at the restaurant–marvelous because now that we are paying back student loans, $$ = 😀

Friday, Meg over at A Dash of Meg featured me on High Five Friday, and I had an amazing lunch with Erica at Native Foods Cafe.

So marvelous.

I think we were there for 2 hours, and suffice it to say, we got along swimmingly. I don’t think either of us realized how much we had in common, and it was so refreshing to get some face-to-face girl chat in. Erica, there will always be a couch in Chicago open for you should you need it! And I cannot WAIT to hear about the other ways you filled up your trip.

Saturday was filled with errands and Alex getting out early! Every day this rotation, his team has taken on the max number of patients, and with his senior resident out of town, we had no idea when he would get out. We had plans to go see Catching Fire, but by the time he got out, relaxed for a little, worked out, and watched UVA’s bball upset (boy needs to stop watching so that we can win), and we left for dinner, it was a little later than we had planned. Not by much, but I could tell how tired he was. So we decided to take our time with dinner (sushi at Niu!) and then retire early.

Sushi was, quite simply, marvelous:



Minion :D

Minion 😀

Pacific Roll for the dude (spicy tuna, salmon, tobiko, cream cheese, cucumber (i think), I don't remember what else!)

Pacific Roll for the dude (spicy tuna, salmon, tobiko, cream cheese, cucumber (i think), I don’t remember what else!)

Hamachi Carpaccio with ponzu, ginger, watercress, cucumber

Hamachi Carpaccio with ponzu, ginger, watercress, cucumber

Veg Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce

Veg Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce

Beauty shot–avocado, asparagus, beet, cucumber, bean sprout, lettuce, rice wrap. ENORMOUS and demolished.

Speaking of nippy noodles, Sunday was marv because I FINALLY GO SOME SOLID SLEEEEEEEP. I almost always wake up (and sometimes/often even beat him to the waking world) when Alex arises, between 5 and 5:30 during these inpatient rotations. But working dinner shifts does not equate to me going to bed when he does. Well, last night the 2 of us were in bed and asleep by 9:45, I slept HARD, and I managed to get back to sleep until 7:30 FTW. I took my time this am but got a great run in on the tmill (even started playing with inclines and progressions again) while watching the snow flurries outside!

SwirlGear Selfie!!

Necessarily, laundry was on the agenda, but the effort and toil will be worth it when we have marvelously clean sheets and SPARKLING CLEAN SHOES. Trick is to put those bad boys in the dishwasher and then let drip dry. They’ll look like new.

And finally marvelous is chocolate moose tracks ice cream with fixins while watching the snow continue to fall after an underwhelming dinner shift. Not so marv was the crabbiness I walked back into my apartment with, but I’m gonna write A a note to apologize, as he has already gone to bed.

Talk to me, Goose:
How is it that ice cream really can make everything better and more clear? Does it have magical powers like I think it does?
Slow churned or super premium?

Would you rather have clean sheets, clean towels, or a clean apartment (ie surfaces like counters, floors)?

Sashimi or maki?

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