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Chicago is a Splash Zone and Headache Induced Rest

Congrats to all that ran marathons and races this weekend! If you did run, are going to be running, or know someone that might want to celebrate their race, make sure you don’t miss my post Friday!

After a summer of seemingly endless physical activity, I finally had a much needed weekend of rest. Well, “rest.” As in, only 12 miles total on Saturday, but I made a bunch of executive decisions (some of which were a bit forced) that kept me more quiet. I’ll get to why some of the rest was forced in a minute.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie/!

Friday night was Alex’s last night float shift, and I had my early morning coaching call, so when sleep called around 8:30, I just didn’t fight it. To be honest, I was feeling fatigued, and the last two days I’d noticed a lack of fire in my legs and just general fatigue in them, so I figured that I would make some decisions in the morning (re: would I run down to coaching? Who would I run with? How far would I run? What would I do about the race that I was supposed to after?). I woke up HARD the next morning with my alarm–a sure sign that I needed the rest–and tried to figure out what the hell I should wear for coaching. 

Final Long Run Saturday of Chicago Marathon Coaching for CES South Loop!

Little did I know that, in addition to being cold and 20-30 mph winds, it was also raining. Well, spitting. So, I was already running late, went outside, discovered the rain, and went back up to get my hat and (after a false start out the door only to go back in) a baggy for my phone. I cut down my run-mute by taking some short cuts, nearly lost my beloved MCM hat (honestly, I would have cried), but ended up at coaching in time.

Together, we had our final long run of the season through some of the strongest gusts of wind I’ve seen since last winter, and running along side the wildest lake I’ve ever seen. There were sprays and crashes of 30-40 ft, and there was even a sailboat sunk in the harbor. We fought the cross, tail, and head winds the whole time but still ran at a decent clip for the group. And that pace REALLY picked up when we got hit by a wall of freezing cold lake water on our way back. It truly was like being in the splash zone at Sea World. It definitely demonstrated the awesomeness of tech fabrics and the reason you don’t wear cotton. Guess what was still wet later on.

I was supposed to go do this 5k, but with the wind, the fact that my underwear was still wet, and the fatigue in my legs, I just wasn’t having it, and I was home (which, running straight into the headwind, even though I took the short cuts, still took too long), showered, and fed before I would have even started running for the other event. 

Oh, and guess what? Alex wasn’t even home yet. That’s right, my husband wasn’t home from night float by 10 AM. He finally got home at 11:50. Some serious situations had come up that he just couldn’t leave alone, and I’m actually really proud of him–he tackled some complicated procedures and medical issues after a week of night float like a pro, and directly saved someone’s life. #proudwife

Erica and I met up for some brunch and yammering, which we did over eggs at D4. Alex woke up a bit after that, went for a workout aka moving around in order to feel alive, and we went for happy hour and then dinner at Doc B’s before coming home and both of us passing out around 830 (again).



Sunday was a true day of rest, both by choice as well as not. I slept for a long time–I mean it, 10 or so hours total–but was rewarded with an awesome headache that pervaded all damn day. So there was much couch sitting, Whole Foods eating, only one errand got run, I took another nap that afternoon, and then Alex and I brought the day to a close with The Martian–I thought it was great!!–Blaze, and just hanging out together. 

600 N Michican AMC Theaters has the best Chairs ever!

600 N Michican AMC Theaters has the best Chairs ever!

I did get something pretty awesome this weekend, which I will share with you all soon, but my head honestly hurt too much to think about taking photos or anything. Except for my pizza.

Blaze Pizza in Chicago is thin crust awesomeness!

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to lay down with Alex and soak up the few hours that I get with him!

Short, sweet, to the point. Lots of sleeping, and now we are T-minus 6 days until the Chicago Marathon! Gonna need to play out my week carefully because it will be a little different due to some commitments, but it will be fun nevertheless. 

Running in Chicago = wind tunnels and splash zones. #chimarathon #mimm #restday Click To Tweet

Tell me about your weekend! What did you do that was exciting?

Help me out–my headaches are getting more frequent. What works for you?

Do you have special running underwear? I think about it much more when it hot out!

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