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My New Blog, Alex’s Guilt, and GIVEAWAY #thinkingoutloud

We’ve got some ground to cover today, my favorite fools! So much random, but important, so very little time.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

1) For those that get pestered by me via other avenues of social media, you may have already seen this (to some extent), but I want to share it here. I am really excited to announce that the Chicago Signature Properties Blog is now back up and running! And, even more exciting, the first post back at it is an indispensable round up of ways to get into trouble take advantage of the amazingness that is the Chicago summer festival season. Oh, and I wrote some of it. JUST SAYING. Soooooooo I would be BEYOND grateful if you would do a few things for me:

a) go to and give the Chicago Signature Properties FB page a big ole fat LIKE

b) Do the same with Twitter and Pinterest

c) Check out the blog–the Summer Fests one is kinda long, but feel free to do so in parts! It is also very comprehensive, but well organized and navigable.

d) Continue to check out the blog posts as they debut. I will post about them here, as well, when they come up.

NOW, before you moan and groan about “I don’t like fun” or “I don’t want to join another ___,” I want you to think about all of the pages/groups/people you follow that you a) get no relevant information from and b) you ignore. The majority of content will be posts relevant to apartment living, travel, and interesting articles on food, drink, news, lifestyle, and decor, as well as tips! And, for my fellow Chicagoans, lots of great content relevant to what is going on in the city. If you share similar interests as I do, you will not be bothered by anything that I post. There will be an upcoming How to Survive Summer Running Season, part A (for the runner) and part b (non-runners), another post will have fun and innovative potluck dishes, and WHO KNOWS? Maybe YOU might find yourselves featured!

cat pick me 2) This is a small plea: If you don’t cheer for UVA Baseball, we CANNOT be friends. I don’t care if your team is going against my team. Alex has to get sleep. Thus, UVA needs to win their games and win them goooood. Unlike last night where (we won) but it took 15 innings. Thank goodness we called it when they went to extra innings.

3) Alex was in a movie watching mood the other night, and I wasn’t sure if I was, so I let him pick (then I can always fall asleep if I’m not into it, haha). We watched World War Z, and it was pretty entertaining! Completely not believable, especially because Alex is a medical man and thus tells me all the times they are being nonsensical, but still a good ride. Also, Brad Pitt is ageless. He actually might be Benjamin Button.

4) Car is taken care of, now just need to move it to the new spot, and $1k later, we won’t have to worry about it beyond gas for a while. HHOOOOOfreakingRAY.

5) Alex must have done something wrong, because he is on a tear of good behavior. Exhibit a) takes the car for emissions Tuesday morning after I go to work. b) pays the fees on it. c) meets me for lunch d) cleans the apartment from top to bottom/within an inch of its life. Luckily, the cat has already vomited on it (almost into the a/c unit, actually, which would have been majorly tragic).

6) Victory! I took my lunch to work every day this week! Not fancy, but fancy will come.

Right now, I'm letting the setting take care of the fancy.

Right now, I’m letting the setting take care of the fancy.

7) Another thing awaiting fancy: My desk is slowly taking shape. And, by that I mean that I have speakers (a gifty from my boss, who got new ones so I got his old ones), a banging snack drawer, I now have TWO pens and TWO pencils (I really need to find a supply closet, but I keep forgetting to ask), my thermos/canteen, and FINALLY a picture frame to hold my one picture. I really wanna make a Bed Bath Beyond etc trip, but it just hasn’t happened, and also, right now, I just don’t need much! As long as I am continuing to resupply my food, of course. desk life suzlyfe 8) We are going with 8 until further notice, because this is already rather long, and my fingers are tired from typing all day.

Not complaining. So number seven:


me flats friday 1 (and Mike 😉 ) SO, make sure to document! I haven’t decided exactly how I will do it, but I think I am going to look into doing a sort of post-your-own to the site, and that is, of course, open to any and all, with the option to link to your page. I also have the pinterest page up, and if you send me links via instagram/twitter/email/carrier pigeon, I will get them up as well. You will know Friday morning if they will go live on the blog Friday morning or Monday morning. I’m leaning towards Monday simply so that people can actually take the pics on Friday, but it may also go up on Saturday/Sunday.  Still figuring out the logistics, but you will be the first to know. WHEWF.

I need a cocktail after that. And you know what?

I think that you all need a treat. So we are doing an IMPROMPTU GIVEAWAY to celebrate the re-opening of the CSP blog, and me being involved. For now, we are going to say that it is something freaking awesome. Check back tomorrow for exactly WHAT that awesome is!

work survival giveaway suzlyfe

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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