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Chicago Marathon Weekend, Old Friends, and Becoming A Goat (Weekend Recap)

What a freakin weekend: in the midst of the Chicago Marathon excitment I go the chance to catch up with old friends and I miiiight just be becoming a furry farm animal. Allow me to explain.

PS As I am sitting here, I am listening to the cheering of spectators for the marathon! I live literally 100 ft from the course in one direction, and a tenth-quarter of a mile in the other direction. Basically the best apartment ever for a runner. Except when you are out of groceries and trapped because all of the stores are on the the other side of the marathon course. But whatever. 

Free Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat at the end of the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon for the finishers! Find out more about the race at

Cheers to all who were running!

Let’s recap the weekend, shall we??

HIP UPDATE: (refresher here) going in for a Phys Med appointment today. I no longer think that it is actively fractured, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I had a mini stress reaction. After the peak of pain last Tuesday and then Wednesday night, the pain subsided and continued to change. I had significantly decreased range of motion and strength in the hip in the middle of the week, but as the week progressed into the weekend, the motion has largely returned, as has the strength. It still can ping a little bit with pain in certain manipulations, but much better. I have no doubt that this is complicated by the fact that I am in my 24-25 weeks of pregnancy, and the baby is growing and my pelvis is changing. We will see what they say, but I’m being as good as I can be aka not running but still staying mobile.

Seeing Joffrey Ballet's production of The Nutcracker is part of my December in Chicago Bucket list! Find out what else I want to do this winter at @suzlyfe

I won’t be doing this any time soon

Speaking of…

Friday was a BUSY one at work. I got 20,000 steps at work alone. I also went full on piggy mode, and I don’t care 😀 But I had my best day of work ever, had some awesome tables (including a family celebrating the fact that the mom is officially cancer free!) and I received a super sweet gift from a coworker that knew last week was tough on me. Plus, the heart flutters, shortness of breath, and nausea were less, so that helped as well!

Saturday was busy, but for very different reasons. Since I’m not running, I got to sleep a bit extra (after waking up and having breakfast, because that is how I work), and then Alex and I went and had brunch with Caitlin and Joe!!!

Caitlin is one of my OG blog friends (along with Sarah), and we have been through a lot together over the years. She is just one of my favorite people, and I was reminded of why during brunch with her. She also brought Yoshi a present, which is already in the nursery!

We went to Hopsmith, and Alex got the “Breakfast Nachos” which should have been called “Order one of these per table and share.” Seriously, they were the size of a food challenge. We shared a skillet cinnamon roll as a  table, then I ate my (super delicious) skillet, which had eggs, veggies, and was on top of sweet potato fries!!!!!!) and then I helped him with his nachoes, and we STILL ended up with 2 LARGE take home boxes of food. We gave one to a homeless person outside, and the other Alex repurposed for Sunday’s lunch.

I then headed downtown for a fitness event that I was invited to, and, honestly, I should have just stayed home. I’m sure the event was fine, but because of rerouting due to the marathon, a lack of clear directions as to which part of Soldier Field to go to, and the fact that I had lunch with Caitlin and Joe and was therefore a bit later, I got there not in the mood to be all event-y. Plus, I couldn’t do the workout because of my hip, so there was that. 

The event was the Tone It Up + Jillian Michaels + Corepower Yoga Tour, and I was actually down with all of that–I would modify my workouts and take advantage of the stretching and VIP aspect of it. But when my hip/pelvis decided to give me the middle finger, I decided that I would go based on my commitment and the fact that they were expecting me.

Lesson learned that I should have stayed home. I’m changing as a person, my priorities are changing, and I was just a poor sport about the whole thing.

And then it took 1.5 hours for me to get home because of marathon traffic. 

So by the time I got home at 3, I was just blarg. Not mad or even frustrated, just a bit annoyed with myself. 

Cue sugar eating. 

Then it started to monsoon, but we had a baby shower to go to, and THAT ended up being the saving grace of the night, even though I went FULL ON goat mode and ate another plate(s) of Mexican food, and multiple mini cupcakes. Enough to feel icky about myself after. 

Oh, and I woke up hungry at 4:30, if you were wondering. #ohbody

But the shower was great–old friends (Alex has known the mama-to-be since they were kids), and they were actually the couple we stayed with when Alex interviewed in Chicago! She is due at the end of this month, and she looked amazing. She always does. Other than the belly, you’d have no idea she was even pregnant!

We planned on going for just a bit, we stayed for a long time, then we came home and both just kind of collapsed. I had vastly overeaten, Alex was just vastly tired… 

Sunday, of course, was Marathon day. I woke up, ate (because I was hungry??), and then putzed around until Alex woke up and we took the dog for a romp and then went to spectate. We got to see Caitlin run by, and then Alex ran by (after taking the dog home), but I missed my other friends and clients, even though I was searching desperately for them. Turns out that there are a lot of people running. 

The morning reminded me so much of two years ago when I ran–almost identical weather! I wore my Chicago Stripe Pro Compression socks in support and my Chi Marathon pull over. I may not be running the race (or even currently), but I am still a part of the runner’s community.

Then I finished the crib and waited (seriously, I was WAITING) for lunch. #IamaGoat. I had lunch. Then ate the squash that I roasted. I proceeded to then help Alex with his lunch. #wasnthungry I also got stung by a yellow jacket in the thumb. Those suckers HURT. The rest of the day we took a walk, got groceries, I took a nap, and then we headed up to Evanston for a BBQ for the GI fellows, which was soooo fun, and I did exactly what I expected that I would do aka bottomless pit of a stomach (I was full, but why stop?!). I also had my first pumpkin desserts of the season 😀

This week is a short work week because MOM IS COMING!!!! So freaking excited. SO EXCITED. But first, I have to go to make sure my hips aren’t going to break into two. Kidding but not really?

Congratulations to ALL who raced this weekend, as well as everyone who just had a good weekend. If you didn’t ahve a great weekend, I hope that this week turns around for you!

Favorite squash? Love me some delicata

Are you a goat? Or are you able to put it away?

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