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Chicago Marathon Weekend + Aftershocks (36 Weeks + Weekend Catch Up 10/8)

Between another visit to the doctor, Alex’s parent visiting, and the Chicago Marathon, it was quite the weekend! Let me get you caught up.

You definitely need to check out the Friday Catch Up for backstory for today’s post.

Friday Catch Up 10/8

1). Let’s finish up the saga of Emmie’s illness. After a great day Thursday, where she was acting back to normal and happy, she had a rough night Thursday night. As in, lots of crying and waking, and even to the point in the middle of the night where she cried without stopping for an hour. I had to body swaddle (as in wrap her in my arms and hold her tight) her to calm her down, and ven that would only help for a few seconds. She wasn’t running a fever, she was just in pain.

Ultimately, I had to boob her, and that was the only time she calmed down. 

On Friday morning, she woke up without fever again, but she was obviously still not comfortable–she cried out when I picked her up, she didn’t want to be on her tummy, and she didn’t want me to jostle her. She was crying and whining just while sitting. So I called the pediatricians back, and we gave her some Tylenol and set up an appointment to go back midday.

She didn’t improve that quickly, but ultimately, she improved and took a nap before the doctors. And then we went there and she was right as rain. Of course. 

We came home, she took a huge nap, and then Alex’s parents came over and we played for a bit before going to dinner. Alex didn’t get home until after they had left and I had put Emmie to bed.

2) One of the great things about Chicago Marathon Weekend is that you get to see tons of your friends! Emmie and I saw Erica while out on our run on Saturday, and then we saw so many friends while they were on their big run Sunday. It started to pour, so we had to cut our spectating short, but we saw (or were seen) by almost everyone. 

And Alex even got inspired again, and told me that after I am done having kids and nursing he wants to train for a half marathon together! Guess I should get on those kids asap…

We are right in the middle of the marathon course, so it was super fun following the marathon just by what we could hear–as the leaders were followed north and then as they were cheered south. 

3) We ended up deciding not to go to the wedding on Sunday. Alex and I were both exhausted from the week, and even though Emmie had been improving, her rough night on Thursday left us without much confidence for the weekend. She slept better and better, but we just didn’t know what we would be leaving Alex’s parents with. Furthermore, Alex has to work today, which would be the morning after, and starting off a week on a tough rotation without good sleep is a recipe for disaster, as you can imagine. 

On the plus side, it meant that we got more time with Mimi and Papa!

4) This week is a bit back to our usual social activities. We are going to have lunch with some friends, go to some classes (Broadway and Me!!) and then we have a super busy weekend ahead of us! On the menu for Alex this week is orange chicken, and I’ll be making that today as it didn’t happen this weekend. 

Short Catch Up as we were spending time with Alex’s parents. And listening to the kid sing herself to sleep. Oy.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Are you working today or taking a holiday for Columbus Day?

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