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Charlottesville Pt 3 (Fry’s Spring Station) Pizza and Beer #Wiaw


Last day of the year, last chance to enter to win 3 loaves of Sprouted Bread and a bag of Kale Chips from Manna Organics! 

Everyone have a safe and healthy New Years Eve! See ya next year!

charlottesville food eppie bodo frys beer little johns suzlyfe

Today I am officially wrapping up our trip down memory lane for Cville. I told you we ate and a lot! Like with the previous 2 posts dedicated to dining, this is a salute to our other favorite haunts. Enjoy, I know that I did! Though now, as part of my Marathon Training Schedule Adjustment, I probably shouldn’t continue to eat like this everysingleday.

Thank you as always to Jen!

Thank you as always to Jenn!

Previous stops in the tour down food memory lane:

Skybar and Bang (Cocktails and Tapas)

Orzo Kitchen and Wine Bar (Fancy Date and Wine)


Other notables:

Bodo’s Bagel Shop 

No trip to Charlottesville is complete without a slightly (or very) hungover trip to Bodo’s. 

Bodos bagels suzlyfe

Cinnamon Raisin Honey Pecan cream cheese

Whole Wheat Everything Bacon and Egg

Little John’s NY Deli 

Our late night food of choice, but we also like to go sober. Alex has brought this to me in the hospital before, it got me through architecture studio, and it is where we went graduation afternoon! I used to wish that NY delis were like LJ’s!

little johns chipotle chicken sandwich

Chipotle Chicken Sandwich Pulled chicken, hot peppers, chipotle mayo, cheddar and pepperjack, bacon, on deli roll

Eppie’s A great lunch (or dinner) spot–fast casual service that combines Southern and California fare–think tamales, Santa Monica salad (dates, corn, goat cheese, champagne vin), 1/4, 1/2, or whole chickens, mac and cheese, coleslaw, pastas….

eppie curry chicken

Curry Chicken Salad on Albemarle Baking Co Baguette

Three Notched No Veto Brown See the review when we went to Skybar!

Picked up from Beer Run for the hotel room (post Monticello)

beers virginia

Port City Optimal Wit Absolutely delicious! Light and a great holdover from summer, or first beer of the night.

AleWerks Washington’s Porter This was the best beer of the four–almost smokey, reminiscent of something you would drink around a fire! Seriously, it was amazing. I can’t really describe it, but if you like porters that are medium in body, you GOTTA try it!

DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter Our friend Dave told me about this long ago, and knowing how much Alex loves Reese’s PB cups, when we found it, and were meeting up with Dave later, it had to happen. WOW. Literally indescribable. Like a mix of dessert and beer, but NOT sweet. You definitely get it on the nose!

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout We gave this to Dave to drink while we finished the Sweet Baby Jesus (we drank the first two before dinner), but we both tried it. BAM. Dark and full bodied, a little bitter, and tasting of cocoa. This is a two for the price of one beer!

Trip to World of Beer

hardywood gingerbread stout

Hardywood Gingerbread Stout MUST GET. Dark and deep with a nice gingerbready spice finish, no bitterness and no sweetness. If you like porters and cookies, get it. 

Troegs Mad Elf Holiday Ale We aren’t always super huge on ales, but this was fabulous. Intriguing and fun, with a great finish! A gorgeous almost red color (but still darker) with a fruity finish. Loved it!

Oh, and we were jam packed full to the brim, but Alex of course had to get tots, and Dave got a pretzel….

world of bear pretzel tots

German Pretzel with Dijon Mustard and House Made Beer Mustard

Seriously, one of the best pretzels I’ve had. The most amazing texture inside–pillowy and springy–and the best skin on the outside. Came freshly buttered and salted! The beer cheese and mustard were good, but not amazing, but the pretzel was fab!

Tavern Taters topped with bacon, beer cheese, jalapenos, scallions, and sour cream

Self explanatory 😀

Fry’s Spring Station 

Fry’s Spring Station is where I rekindled my love of pizza–they have the best crust in Cville, and it was honestly tough to come to Chicago and have so many bummer pizzas after that. Until Cicchetti and Volare, but we won’t talk about Cicchetti…RIP.

frys spring interiorA fabulous venue–converted gas station (be still, my historic preservationist heart…)

A bajillion different options, but we’ve only strayed from our usual pie once (if we got something else, we would get something COMPLETELY different!). This time, we were feeling festive and daring, so we got TWO pies. And, um, I was going to have 2 slices of one, and a few pieces of the other. That didn’t happen. I couldn’t move after. And then we went to World of Beer and got the above….

Our usual order:

Half House Salad balsamic vinaigrette

You have to get the balsamic vinaigrette. Alex and I both swear by it. It is basically crack. Dip everything into it. Perfect balance and just the right amount of sweetness. It used to have red onion and kalamatas… I was a little sad that it no longer does!

Half Caesar Salad

Fresh shaved parm, great dressing, nom croutons. Pretty delicious, but (mostly) for Alex.

Margherita Pizza Red sauce, fresh basil, Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella (request no extra oil)

It is still THE pie to beat. Traditionally, we get this with chicken, and they add roast chicken to it. Then you have to have fresh parm grated over top and add pepper, oregano, and red pepper flakes.  The best, ripest tasting red sauce, fresh basil, THAT CRUST, and mozz (which goes to Alex, dur). They’ve changed the mozz brand since we were last there–this new one doesn’t melt the same way! But still amazing. Dip it into the balsamic.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Frank’s Buffalo Sauce, chicken, red onions, scallions, carrots, gorgonzola, cheddar cheese

Our new foray into the danger zone. I’m still not sure why we got it. We knew we would eat the whole thing. WE KNEW IT. And we did. It was delicious. Heat from the sauce and melty and crispy cheddary goodness.

We shared a beer, but it was not my favorite. The others we had during the trip were far better!

Thoughts? Do you create a food itinerary of places that you HAVE TO GO TO?

What looks good to you?

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