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Happy National Running Day friends!

If you learn nothing else from this post, it should be the following: I like shrimp, and Charleston has a lot of shrimp. Other optional points of knowledge to retain were covered in Monday’s post, which you should obviously check out 😉

Thank you as always, Jenn!

Thank you as always, Jenn!

I’ll cover this as much as I can in order in which they were eaten.

Tuesday Night:

If you can’t get into Husk, go to the Bar at Husk. But make sure you get some shaved pork. TRUST ME. bar husk interior suzlyfe

Order Charleston Light Dragoon’s punch (left)  and “A Yard too Far” (right). bar husk drinks suzlyfe

And the Pimento Cheese.

husk punch pimento suzlyfe

Coast is good, if a bit touristy/common. But the house bread is perfect, like all house bread is when you are in the true South–yeasty, fluffy, fresh, and slightly (ever so) sour.

coast starters suzlyfe

In Charleston, “broth based” in waiter lingo = butter rather than cream. But the seafood is amazing.Crab cakes without fillers are the bombdotcom.

coast entrees suzlyfe


“No Butter or oil, spray only” in Charleston-cook lingo means so much butter that it pools and I have to actually send it back because even Alex thought that it was gross. Luckily, the waitress was a star (she had mentioned a caveat that some of the cooks were new, and she would try her best, but that they may or may not listen. I liked her. She was honest, sweet, a treat to deal with, and replaced my cesspool of an omelet with fresh eggs ASAP).

another broken egg breakfast suzlyfe

Help Alex. He needs it.

bull market salmon blt suzlyfe

If you eat lunch in Charleston, eat at Bull Market and Grocery. Get the Smoked Salmon BLT. I got a the veggie lovers salad with a .25 lb of fresh cut house smoked turkey. And the dressing. HOLY BALLS PEOPLE. I’m going to tell you that it is amazing, but I’m not going to tell you what it is (another tease) you will just have to wait for FRIDAY. I didn’t take a picture of it a) because I was hungry and b) it looked boring, but I wish that I had because it was actually quite exceptional. The roasted portabellos were marinated in balsamic and the veggies were super fresh. When we left, we were FULL. But so, so happy.

Alex doesn’t feel about bulk candy the way that I do. Thus why there is no pictures of bulk candy at this juncture.

If you can’t get a reservation to Slightly North of Broad, go for drinks. Skip the sangria (right). Get the Keegan Barn Raiser.

snob drinks suzlyfe

If you go to Charleston, go to Fleet Landing.

alex and i fleet landing

Sit outside, preferably with close, long-loved friends. But don’t forget to take a picture of them, as we were guilty of. When they order the mussels, be excited, but not so much that you also miss taking a picture of the mussels, which are rich and delicious.

fleet landing biscuits suzlyfe

Try not to eat all of the biscuits and then try to fight people for more. This will be hard.

fleet landing triggerfish suzlyfe

Get the triggerfish with the pimento grits. Even people who don’t like grits will like these (raises hand).

fleet landing shrimp suzlyfe

You cannot go wrong with peel and eat shrimp in Charleston.

sweet cece froyo suzlyfe

Do not turn down froyo at Sweet Cece’s. If you like cereal, this is your Eden. Then walk down to Kilwins and sprinkle some pecan praline over top.

Thursday:kitchen breakfast suzlyfe

If you want a light, not too expensive breakfast, go to Kitchen 205. Nice and flavorful, but unexceptional. Cute place, though, and BIG coffee cups. The bacon looked great.

I got my bulk candy fix.

Get your bulk candy fix.

seabrook fish chips zeus lunch suzlyfe

Shrimp in Seabrook is amazing. Eating it on a Greek Salad called the Zeus (sans feta) beach side is even better (shocking). Get someone to order the fish and chips. Some of the best I’ve had, honestly.


Get more peel and eat shrimp (it is the gift that keeps giving). Take a picture of it, only for it to disappear from your phone. Also get the Zeus salad again, forgetting how huge it was the first time. Thus have a snack for later and lunch for the next day when you are running late.

Nothing is better than real, home cooked, barbecue with 5 different sauces. And mac and cheese (homemade), coleslaw and potato salad (from tubs) and Arnold’s buns. Also, green beans that are, for once, edible for you because they aren’t drowning in butter.

Do a true taste test and discover that you in fact do like pulled and smoked chicken more than pork (I confirmed this this weekend) but you like allllll of the sauces. Again, hungry, thus no picture (also dusk)


wedding food suzlyfe

At weddings, if you can’t have all that much of the main proteins, go to town on veggies and crackers and fruit, have what you can, and then get your protein later. But make sure that Green Goddess dressing is involved. When in doubt, eat more veggies. And then “share” with your husband.  What can I say? I’m a giver.

Life is better with Koozies. And both your and your husband's drinks.

Life is better with Koozies. And both your and your husband’s drinks.

Did I take a lot of food pictures? Yes. Could I have taken more? Sure. Did I eat a lot more than these pictures show? You bet. Such is life. But you know what? If you would do it completely differently, then do it completely differently!

Don’t think. JUST DO.

Obviously, there are so many places and eats that we missed out on, but we are very happy with our food in Charleston. And I got my shrimp, biscuits, bourbon, pimento cheese, fresh fruit, and Southern sun. And my bulk candy 😉

Tell me something delicious. Food, drink, or scandalous secret.

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