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Marriages, Matrons, Marathons, and Hurricane Matthew (Weekend Recap)

What a weekend, huh? Between my best friend’s wedding, the Chicago, Twin Cities, and many more Marathons, and Hurricane Matthew, I think it is safe to say that this was a weekend to remember!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my favorite Canadians!

Congratulations to the new couple, to new and returning marathoners, and my heart goes out to all who were affected by the storm. We had rain all day long in Virginia on Saturday, but otherwise we were unaffected. No travel issues on our side of things, though obviously having steady moderate rain all day for a wedding can be a bit of a nuisance. Thankfully, everything was planned to be inside, so no problems there!

Thank you to Katie and Erin for the weekend link ups!

We are going to rewind quickly to Thursday, which was also quite the jam packed day. In fact, Wednesday and Thursday were so out of control busy that, other than lunch and a few other moments, I didn’t have hardly any time to myself either day. On Thursday, I actually “rested my eyes” in my car for a little bit (read: 5 minutes, and I set an alarm in case) in the parking lot at the gym before my final block of clients! I didn’t even have time to take Ridley to the vets for boarding—Alex had to take her when I got back from training clients so that I could go to a cocktail party for Melissa Hartwig, co-creater of Whole30, hosted by Vital Proteins.  More on that event to come!

Whole30 and Vital Proteins teamed up to offer us all the cleanest purest protein from collagen! Learn more about Food Freedom Forever at

Friday morning, I was up hella early (4:15ish) to head to Richmond for Cara’s wedding. Thank goodness I had TSA Precheck. I don’t know if they just hadn’t opened up the lines yet or what, but there were several hundred people waiting for security (at 5:10 in the morning), and while I might have had enough time, can you imagine the headache?

I went to get Starbucks, but they didn’t have my breakfast sandwiches! Luckily, I always pack heat (aka snacks) so I had an oatmeal and mini Luna bar with my coffee. I had originally intended to do work on the flight, but I was honestly exhausted and opted instead to save my energy stores and rest.

My co-MOH Katie picked me up from the airport and we went to check into the hotel and then meet the bride, bridesmaids, and moms for lunch at Brio. Let’s not talk about how many of those flatbread crackers I took, or the number of after dinner mints I absconded…

Then it was time for manis and pedis! I had done so well, and my fingernails had been looking so good, until a week and a half ago, and they went to pot. But they were made to look presentable enough… until I smudged my thumbnail irreparably. Because I am the worst.

I am such a hot mess.

Oh, and I left my credit card at the salon. A discovery that we made at Ulta, where I was buying nail polish and looking for heel cushions. Did I also mention that I got a huge rub from my shoes? #hotmess

Luckily, everyone was a champ, I Venmo’d appropriately, and we went to change for the rehearsal at the church before heading off to the rehearsal dinner! It was a lovely, lovely evening with some really awesome people, some who I’ve known for a long time, others who I met at the Bridal Shower, and to cap it off, Cara gave her bridesmaids really fabulous gifts and an extra something special for the MOH’s.

Alex had his LAST FELLOWSHIP INTERVIEW (YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS) on Friday at Northwestern, so he had to change his flight and he came out that night, landing after the dinner had concluded, but he and another of the UVA friends arrived at the same time, so they joined us for a drink at an astonishingly awesome bar (The Tobacco Company) before we headed back to collapse.

Saturday was wedding day, and the rain started and never relented. I got a treadmill run in first thing, and then my co-MOH and another bridesmaid who I became fast friends with went to Target for emergency supplies. And then I had to Venmo again because my debit card was decline. MY LIFE IS A CATASTROPHE (and it continued to be, because I am just like that).

At the hair salon, my plans to do my hair went totally awry, and I had to basically plead with them to try to fit me in.

My hair for Cara's Wedding! Thank you Mango Salon!

All I could think about (seeing the look of suppressed panic on the face of my best friend aka THE BRIDE) was OMG I am going to be the reason that her wedding is a disaster. OMG I can’t believe I am being that person. Luckily, all’s well that ends well, but after a morning spent focused inwardly—aka writing my speech, then trying unsuccessfully to wrangle my hair, stressing out my friend, then getting fit into the schedule, I was ready to finally fulfill my role as MOH and not make everything about ME.

Cara (the bride) at Mango Salon! She looked amazing for her wedding day!

At the church, we did final preparations for pictures, and I am happy to say that I got my act together and, I hope, finally lived up to expectations.

Cara's wedding dress and our Jcrew Bridesmaid dresses!

My favorite moments of the ceremony were the look on Cara’s face as she walked down the aisle, my surprise at my own sentimentality when I realized that my friend, who I truly think of as a little sister, and my silly husband (who she used to call “Daddy” as a joke at UVA) standing up and giving double thumbs up as they recessed down the aisle. Total dad move. And both Katie (the co-MOH) and I glanced at each other and giggled.

The ceremony was beautiful, smooth and seamless, and before we knew it, they were married and it was time to party!

It's party time! Cara's Wedding Reception

The reception was fortunately located right next to the hotel (perfect for getting home at the end of the night!). I met up with Alex and all of our friends that I hadn’t seen in years but, as Cara’s friends, I had been close with. After cocktail hour, everyone headed into the main reception room, and we made our entrance. The room looked beautiful, and the venue did a great job. After entrees, it was time for the speeches!

Alex and I at Cara's Wedding Reception!

I went first, Katie second, and the groom’s little brother and best man went third, and it was a great full circle round of speeches: mine was a bit more… motherly? Sisterly? Mine was sentimental and less overtly funny, but I hope that it was meaningful for the couple and their families. Katie hit the nail on the head as the best friend, and Dan killed it as the adorable younger brother.

My gorgeous friend the bride. I love you Cara!

The rest of the reception was a blast. We danced until our feet hurt (OMG I WAS DYING), ate cake and cookies, and then Alex and I called it a night because we are tragic old people at the very end.


Sunday, Alex and I headed back to Chicago and I anxiously awaited results from my friends and clients (GO LAUREN! Girl ROCKED). Then I tried to fight the urge to nap more and get caught back up on all the work that I need to do.

This week will be just as hectic before we head out to Denver for another wedding. Today (Monday) I have clients, Remicade, coffee with a friend who is visiting for the marathon, more clients, and I need to pick up Ridley from the vets! I have missed my little girl, but I was glad to have Sunday to catch up before we picked her up.

From marriage + MOH duties to marathons + coaching duties, that's one heck of a weekend! #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Thanks for hanging in there throughout the post! I just wanted to make sure that I remembered as much of it as possible. It isn’t every day that you get to be the Maid or Matron of Honor in one of your best friend’s weddings. I know that I dropped the ball a little bit at first, but I hope that I made up for it.

Have you ever been a Maid/Matron of Honor or Best Man? How did you do with your duties?

Who raced this weekend or had something to celebrate?

Anyone impacted by Hurricane Matthew? How can we help?

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