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Girls Gone Sporty Lyfe Reviews Sustenance Treat Yourself Tuesday

Caramel Popcorn x2 and UNICEF Tap Project #treatyourself

Quick random fact about the Suz–April 29th was my due date. I came 3 weeks early.

sneak attack

I hope that everyone is safe and dry, especially in the Midwest and southeast—I know you all have been put through the ringer in the past 36 hrs, and that we have quite a bit more to come. So please be careful, stay away from glass, and put new batteries in everything. And let us know that you’re ok if you’re in one of those zones getting hit the worst!

Much to my mother’s dismay (sorry, Mom), there are going to be 2 posts today. This first one is going to link up with my lovely fellow Chicagoan, Becky, of Olives N Wine, and the second will be dedicated to my Tough Talk series, as promised. Part of the reason that I am splitting up the posts today is that I am going to be getting my Remicade infusion today, so I thought that it would be a ripe opportunity for reflection and to write the post. So keep a heads up later today (say, early afternoon?) for that discussion.

So let us balance out a more inwardly reflective post (later) with some frivolous frivolity.

Merci, Becky!

Merci, Becky!

Wow, Girls Gone Sporty Means BUSINESS! I am beyond excited not only to have all of these new friends, but also that so many of already favorite people are in #teamstellar with me–Salt, Ange, Courtney, and so many other amazing women. It is honestly overwhelming the breadth of #teamstellar, both in terms of the quality blogs, the instant energy and enthusiasm of the women, and the number of new stories and personalities to check out! It is going to take me a little bit to work my way through all of the blogs and to say hi to everyone, but I am willing to sacrifice myself for the good of the group.

Alex and I are trying to be careful monetarily these days while waiting for me to take the CPT test and get going, so the treats we do allow ourselves really do feel like treats even if they aren’t overly extravagant or indulgent. But it is always lovely to take some time for yourself, or to spend a handful of greenbacks to get something that really does put a smile on your face because it is rare little gift to yourself. Some examples from the weekend:

We all know that Friday was a bit…trying, but it wasn’t all sh*t. Biggest concrete, tangible treat? My GORGEOUS new phone. I. Dig. It. It was an investment, but I see it as one in my future–the capacity and the capability of the camera and editing apps will serve the blog in a big way. And I want a phone that will also serve my (future) CPT business by staying in touch instanteously as well as with personal training/client software.

htc1 m8

Speaking of phones, I have something that I want to mention: one of the greatest ways to treat yourself is to treat others. Last night I was watching Real Housewives (hello frivolity) and saw a commercial for the UNICEF Tap Project. For every 10 minutes that you go without your phone (I would imagine with the app engaged), 1 child will get enough water for an entire day. Yes, we spend a lot of time on our phones, social media…but this is a chance to use our superficial desires to help the real needs of the world. I’m in, are you?

It was also a treat to be invited to the Sproing event and to be seen as a part of a bigger blogging world. And then to be really interested in the Sproing system and to take to the people behind the business as much as I did–what could have been a slog was an effortless pleasure. Plus, this happened on the way home:


Ohhhh Salted caramel popcorn FROYO, you are awesome. Also, I took the remainder of the Nature Box treats to the FACE. AND I got a new (to me) 479 popcorn flavor that is amazeballs–Chipotle  Caramel and Pumpkin Seeds. yesyes.

479 chipotle 2 suz

I also got my nails done twice this weekend, which we KNOW is a rarity. I say got them done twice–the middle finger (appropriate?) chipped so I wanted to get it redone. Oh and then I was able to peel off the entire lot of my nails yesterday. So THAT was a fail, but since I got a polish change, I paid like nothing for it and they did the cuticles and everything. SNAP.

Brunch on Sunday was awesome too–you know about the pancakes, and I got my fave brunch, the Carl’s Cool Creation. Ugh, the perfect brunch food (when you aren’t just waking up and need something more lunchy).

I love this meal.

I love this meal.–Eggs, spinach, mushroom, grilled chicken, marinara, and an english muffin.  #POWERUP

Alex and I went to SideDoor last night for date night–get. pumped. for tomorrow’s WIAW–this place is gorgeous and delicious. A total new fave for Chicago.

melonade suz

Overall biggest treat for the past few days? Time with Alex’s family and then with the man himself. Biggest treat for today? Having a giant needle stuck into my arm and pumping me full of liquid gold.

liquid gold

No. Not that kind. More figurative. But amazing.

On that note, return later for for some more focused and thought provoking discussion. Have a great day until then! MWAH!

Tell me a food treat and a relationship treat from the weekend!

Anyone else love themselves some Velveeta when they were younger?

Please–readers please continue to introduce yourselves!


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