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Can’t Shut Me Up #MIMM

First, off, BIG UPS and so many congrats to Tiffy Tiff Tiff (and sorry, Harry ;D) for getting hitched this weekend!

And please take a moment to learn more about my fundraising for Bright Pink breast and ovarian cancer initiatives and consider donating or joining my team for Bright Pink Fit Fest here in Chicago Sept 20! Here is the post, or go directly to the registration site here–>look for team Suz and Her Girls!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Like the weather in Chicago, my body just doesn’t have a clue. One moment it’s up, one moment it’s down, and we get about 5 climate zones/moods in a single weekend. This weekend, everyone’s most fervent wish has finally come true: I have been silenced. 

zip it meme

Unfortunately for you all, this silence does not extend to the Suzlyfe 😀 Also unfortunate? That my husband doesn’t get to enjoy said silence, as he is back to nights for this week.

What am I talking (heh) about? I have come down with a pretty bad case of laryngitisThe weekend that Alex’s parents come in. And the week of BlogFest. FACEPALM IDIOT BODY.

Why God Why Joey Friends Meme

On Tuesday (when I was prepping for my colonoscopy), I started to notice that I was feeling a little cold-y, but I thought that it was just a side effect of the prep and my body freaking out. Wednesday afternoon, I mentioned to Alex that my throat was a little sore, which was weird because I wasn’t intubated.

Random aside, Thursday night was the first time in 10 days that I cooked a dinner at home for Alex and I  and only about the third dinner I’ve cooked in the past month thanks to Cooked, a few other opportunities, Alex’s and my schedules, Fourth of July weekend gluttony, and then my colonoscopy! And I cooked some amazzzzzing Fish tacos.

taco ready mahi mahi suzlyfe

Similar to this recipe, but with tomatillo salsa marinade and over top!

Friday night, Alex and I went to an event (that you saw plenty of over the weekend if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram) that was AWESOMESAUCE but I required me to strain my voice a bit, and I knew by the end of the night that I was toast. But what happens every Saturday morning??? Oh, that’s right. I coach. Long run day. And people are used to me talking.  Well, this is going to be interesting!

Sure enough, I woke up pretty much in sexy pack-of-smokes-a-day state of vocality (likely not a real word, but go with it). And, of course, the other coaches are waaaay more soft spoken than I am–thus I am the one that usually gets people’s attention. So I gave my one good honk for the team. Oh, and then proceeded to chat away with one of the trainees for the next hour and a half while we ran. I’m sure that helped. 

Chicago Endurance Sports Marathon Training Coaches South Loop

But at least I finally got my coaching singlet, and unbeknownst to me, I was dressed dead on in pink–>we were all wearing pink to support a fellow runner who has been diagnosed with breast cancer (DID I MENTION SUPPORTING BRIGHT PINK)

By the time I got home, voice was buttered and TOASTED. Also of course, Alex’s parents were coming in for the night, so with Alex going to work, I had to try to coordinate all of our meeting up and such with no voice! Thank goodness for people who are comfortable texting 😀 We had a great time at dinner, but you know I overworked it there too–catching up and catching up OVER a Chicago dinner crowd will strain anyone’s voice! But we had so much fun, and the food was delicious! But it did start the coughing from my irritated throat. 

Sunday morning, all I could do was whisper! So breakfast with the inlaws was a combo of me whispering, mouthing, and pantomiming (at one point I “hung up” a phone in mime). And I’m pretty sure that everyone that I encountered that day thought I was a huge bitch. But between watching my Wimbledon, keeping my nose in a book that I was super involved in, and the fact that, I don’t know, I couldn’t speak anyway, I was a-ok with that and I was able to rest it overall.

Be quiet Office Space Meme

We shall see what I wake up with today, and whether or not I can come back swinging in time for Tuesday, when I have to answer phones and then coach, and especially for Wednesday-Sunday, when I will be jetting off with Beth to meet ALL THE PEOPLE at BlogFest! It is going to be very, very difficult to network like a champ when I am sotto voce. I guess we shall test all of those “silence is golden” and silence > talking idioms. I need one of Stephen Hawkin’s speaking machines. 

BTW, the Yogi Tea was ok, but I didn't like it when it got really strong.

BTW, the Yogi Tea was ok, but I didn’t like it when it got really strong.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go mainline Chloraseptic throat spray (if you haven’t been addicted to that stuff at least once in your life, you need to get on it. This is the grape spray of your dreams. And you don’t even have to like grape flavors), cough drops, and tea. That is my weekday solution. My weekend remedy was wine and ice cream. 

Oh, and another bit of exciting news from the weekend was that I got some more new shoes 😀 SO PRETTYYYYYY I can’t wait to give them a good try and review for you all!

Even without a voice, you can't shut @suzlyfe up! #mimm #fitfluential Click To Tweet

So tell me: what is your solution of choice when you lose your voice? Are you good at charades? Michele, I expect big things from you, as I know that you recently dealt with the same issue!

What were you up to this weekend? Any good summer festivals that I need to know about? 

Who is going to be pantomime chatting with me at Blogfest?!

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