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Candid Camera and 9 Loves–Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Fools! Let’s talk about some awesomeness, shall we?


I have a really, really cool announcement to make. And it is definitely a big favorite happening from this week. Alex was named Intern of the Year. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess those tips for surviving first year of residency and dealing with an absentee spouse really paid off, huh?! I am so, so x10000000 proud of him. He has worked so unbelievably hard, given so much of himself, and he is an amazing person and husband. I am so happy that he has gotten recognition that he so very much deserves.

I came across a few candids of myself in the past few days, and they might be some of my favorite pics. I love these moments because it is just you–your true self in a nutshell.

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on floor laughing

I was going to do the 10 Day You challenge, and in order, and then some other things came up that I felt were more necessary to talk about like (lack of) regret, (a not lack of) shrimp and biscuits, and, finally, the feeling of being connected to a greater world by being empowered as an individual. PS, you all are amazing–as I said in the Comments post, the discussion in the comments this week has been just as important, if not more so, than the posts themselves. If you are new to the Suzlyfe (c’mon in and join the party!), I urge you to go back and see what truly great conversations we have been having of late.

10-day-you-challengeLuckily, I can cheat a little bit on the challenge, as I have already given you all 10 secrets/random facts about me. And, fittingly, it is Friday, and thus time for the blog world to talk about favorite things, and the next part of the challenge is 9 loves.

1) My family. Alex and my mom are, in my mind, at the top of this list, but my whole family–dad, Chris, Zoe (yes, she counts), Brian, Penny, our horses–are indispensable to me. The have made me who I am, and they make my life what it is.

A Walker, a Runner, and a Lifter. All brought together in support.

A Walker, a Runner, and a Lifter. All brought together in support.

2) My other family–you guys. My friends. This community. The love, acceptance, support, and even, sometimes, the impetus to be self-critical of myself, or to gain greater self-awareness. There is very, very little that I would trade for it, for you. Thank you for giving so much of yourselves to me.


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3) Choice, opportunity, and the ability to change my mind or make my own decisions. I don’t normally go all crazy patriotic on you all (or in general), but DAMN. We are so lucky. Both for the capacity to make decisions but also for the ability to capitalize on them.You can Visit my Thesis by Clicking on It

You can Visit my Thesis by Clicking on It

4) Doctors/Insurance/Medicine and the Men and Women in service positions (especially if they actually try, and don’t just abuse the system). Where would I be without you?

5) This little body of mine. It gives me everything that it has–Hell, triumph, and contentment. I love it for the lessons that it has taught me, and for the battles it has fought on my behalf. I try to take the best care of it I possibly can, and I always hope it will return the favor. It may be a lemon, but it is mine.

arm 003

6) Senses. Imagine your world without any one of them, and you will know exactly how much you love sight, smell, touch, taste, sound. Imagine giving up the smell of freshly baked cookies, the colors of the sunset, the feel of your labrador’s ears, the taste of a farm-fresh peach, the sound of the ocean or your favorite song.

Choice is overrated, actually.

Choice is overrated, actually.

7) Perspective. Rationality meeting emotion. The chance to learn from the past for a better today and tomorrow.

A bird crapped on my motorboard. Columbia's parting shot.

A bird crapped on my motorboard. Columbia’s parting shot.

8) Emotions, particularly love but also fear. The rise and fall of life–love makes life worth living, and maybe even dying, for.

otter half

9) Humor. That moment when you realize that life is ridiculous, and that you are so grateful for it (life) itself.

Courtesy of Ange

Courtesy of Ange

Have an amazing weekend, my friends.

Tell me a story! What are you loving RIGHT NOW? Serious or superficial? 

Have you ever won a major award?


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