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Buzzwords of the Week

This hasn’t been an easy week, or a bright and shiny week, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a fantastic week of growth. Talking Friday Favorites, but with a twist–let’s look at my favorite buzzwords of the week!

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There were parts of this week where I honestly felt at a loss. When I had lunch with Cassie on Monday, we commiserated about how we both struggled with feelings of spinning our wheels (something that I have struggled with in the past–vintage Suz post alert!). That we sit that and try to be so productive, and we are gerbils on a hamster wheel (dude, we aren’t even on the right WHEEL). 

I definitely had moments this week that were just that. Gerbil on hamster wheel.

productivity meme 2

But I also had some great moments of getting my ish together. On Monday, I started to get some writing done on my book. I also got a follow up from a previous opportunity, and even with everything going on, I managed to pump out two contributor prompts (I seriously finished the second one on my phone at the doctor. In my hospital gown). Thursday, I managed to finally get some new graphics created for Coach Suz Training. And in the midst that is the cluster of my life, I managed to keep up with the blog and make some plans for the future.


commitment meme

I talked about this a little bit on Thursday, but I was presented with circumstances and situations on Tuesday that both sparked an anxiety attack AND a moment of calm and contentment. I mentioned before how, in psychology, when you have to fight for something, it makes it even more a part of you (in so many words). Basically because you have to convince yourself and justify to yourself why you are sticking with it. Well, I was presented with a few decision moments on Tuesday that helped me to recommit to certain aspects of my life and realize and think about my priorities (which I will get to in a moment).


evolution meme

Goodness knows that I am the first person to understand how much we evolve as people over time. Most of you know the story, and many of you may not (if you are new, please say hi!!), but I am continuing to be enamored with my idea that no great thing is created suddenly. I’m trying to evolve as a person, a blogger and writer, and as a business person. (vague-blogging, get over it).


Thankful Thursday is a thing again.


Priorities + Perspective

During my freak out on Tuesday, I realized that I need to go back to my dedication to priorities, and to apply that to my daily life. I need to take the advice that I give to many of my clients: when life gets out of hand, pick 3 priorities and focus on them for the day. When they are taken care of, do something for yourself, and then consider doing 1 more thing. If that 4th is overwhelming or can’t be done in 30 minutes or less, leave it and just enjoy the day. 

So that is what I am using to guide some of my decisions, or at the very least the things that are “freak out”-worthy. Are they top 3 priorities? If not, MOVE ON.

get out point

Today is a bit different, but I am in a bit of a different place this week. Sure, the health issues cause you to think about what is important, but the thing is, I already knew and know what matters to me in this life. Reminders don’t hurt, though. And I think that is what sums up this week: this week was a reminder.

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What are some of your buzzwords for your week?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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