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Brunching, Walking, and Setting Up for a Busy Week!


Annnnnd we’re back 😀 I’m super excited for this week, and I will admit, a little nervous: I am training my first clients at the gym and it has been a hot minute since I’ve done that. I know what I am doing, I just need to relax into it again. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s talk about the weekend!

This weekend was so great, and a bit exhausting. Thank you to Katie for hosting Marvelous in my Monday, as always!

Friday started the weekend off with a bang. I woke up and did a shorter workout to get myself moving, but then it was time for Remicade. I kinda got a little bit of the VIP treatment with a room to myself, and luckily so, as I had a conference call to make. But it worked out perfectly, and I was soon headed downstairs to my favorite salad bar in the world for lunch and then off to work for the afternoon.

Remicade day.

Work was busy busy–I had another phone appointment to train on the new scheduling system that we will be getting next week at work. I have said it before, I will say it again–I am so fortunate with my new job being something that I love, but even more so being able to work with the people that I do–we are really starting to work together in a fully cohesive way, and it feels great. We are also starting to hit membership milestones! I can’t wait to help fuel that more.

PS, I would LOVE it if you would follow us on Instagram @anyfitchi. I know that the new IG algorithm is annoying, but I promise that you will love what I am posting there–lots of motivation, meal tips, and truly accessible and fun posts. I would also love it if you would like us on Facebook at Anytime Fitness Chicago North. THANK YOU

I then had two consults: one scheduled and one impromptu. The second one took a bit longer, but it really drove home to me why I am meant to be there: to help people. I know that is terribly cheesy, but it is so true. In my own business, Coach Suz Training, as well as the Member Experience Manager and Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness, I am able to both coach as well as train, and that is something that truly touches my heart in so many ways. 

Before I knew it, it was time to go and pick up my friend Courtney who was visiting for the weekend! She and I sushi-ed it up before I introduced her to the magic that is The People’s Couch. I AM OBSESSED with that show. I wish it was on all the time. But then I might not be able to listen to my favorite podcasts or leave the house, really. 

Saturday morning was the first CCFA Team Challenge Illinois/Wisconsin meeting! We had a small, but strong, turnout, and it was so great to finally meet my fellow coach, Bill, in person. We. are. going. to. be. trouble. In the best way. The participants that came are awesome, and it got me really excited about this season. 

I headed home and Court and I went to D4 for brunch. I got my favorite egg white veggie omelet with fresh rye bread and tomatoes. It was heavenly. 

I love the egg white veggie omelet with fresh rye toast from brunch at D4 irish pub in streeterville Chicago. @suzlyfe

And then, because it was nice out, we decided to go for a walk.

And we walked.

We went into the Chicago Cultural Center to see the amazing Tiffany domes and maybe my favorite room of all time.

The incredible Tiffany dome at the Chicago Cultiral Center is a must seen in downtown Chicago. @suzlyfe

Incredible spandrel mosaics at the Chicago Cultural Center (formerly the Chicago Public Library @suzlyfe

Mosaic detail from the Chicago Cultural Center. @suzlyfe

And then we walked further south.

And then we went north.

And then we kept going north.

And then we paused. And we returned home because my back was getting sore. Wanna know why?

Between walking to the meeting and then walking with Courtney, I logged 23,000 steps. Good thing I didn’t do any cardio earlier that day! Luckily, we got in a serious refueling later with Alex at the Windsor while watching UVA beat Butler. I got a salad the size of my body and packed with goodness and then ate half of Courtney’s fish and chips. (I also ate half of Alex’s, lol). Apparently, I was hungry! But they were just as amazing as when we were there 2 weeks ago (you know that something is good when you get the exact same meal twice in 2 weeks!), and we had a great time. 

Battered cod fish and chips at The Windsor in Streeterville Chicago is one of the best fish and chips dishes I've ever had! @suzlyfe

Sunday, I was, as always, the first to rise, so I went down stairs for a coffee. I was a ninny and bought whole bean coffee, which might be ok but I have no clue where my spice grinder is in the apartment, and I can’t really use it while Alex is asleep. LE FAIL.

We had more of a working day, as we all had things to do, but we still managed brunch (of course). And then decided to hang out there for a few hours!

Veggie egg white omelet and salad from Chefs Bistro in Streeterville Chicago. @suzlyfe

Bison burger with goat cheese, onion, and arugula from Chefs Bistro in Chicago. @suzlyfe

Brunch is always a good idea. #weekendrecap #brunch #fitfluential #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Now, on to a new week! I have a bunch of consults, training appointments, personal appointments, and even an apartment viewing (SO ready to move). It is going to be a busy one, I hope I am ready for it!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Are you at all concerned with the NCAA tournament? Who is your team?

What is on the docket for this week?

Did you race this weekend? Congrats to all who did!

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