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And Then They Brought Out Pizza (Weekend Recap)

Ah, best laid plans oft go awry when people bring out the pizza. Or chips. Or anything carby, really. Weekend recap time!

First things first….

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now, weekend recap time.

Work at the restaurant this week was a roller coaster. I had some GREAT services, and some pretty terrible (monetarily) services. I worked a ton of hours: I am not kidding in the least when I say YES, you CAN get horrifically sore feet–where it legitimately hurts to walk barefoot–even while wearing supportive shoes the entire time. My feet ached and screamed at me each morning this weekend! 

Friday was a bit of a crazy day, a reprise of the previous week’s workout schedule, but this time I learned my lesson and a) didn’t workout on Thursday (where I pulled another double) and b) didn’t work a double on Friday. So my run Saturday went much better, and my legs didn’t give out! But Friday service was a little patience-trying because of one table. Not really their fault, honestly, but just a Lemony Snickett’s situation where nothing could go right for them, and we kept me on to make sure that their experience was, at the very least, consistent. I didn’t make much from the table, but I feel good about how I went above and beyond for them. 

Alex and I decided to try a new (to us) Mexican restaurant that has a cool outdoors and that we walk Ridley by on the way to the dog park nearly every day–Las Fluentes. IT WAS TERRIBLE. The chips were stale, service was meh, our entrees were like a 6 out of 10 on the tastiness scale. Oh, and don’t get a margarita unless you get the “Especial” one–the house marg tastes like it came from a grocery store mix. Actually, the grocery store mix might be more tasty. (per Alex)

Even so, we both ate too much. Because that is what we do, lol. And, well, carbs.

Saturday was a great day, but I will fully admit that I had a piss poor attitude for much of the first portion of it. I think I was just overtired from working so much this week. Alex and I had a decent run, but I had a scary cramp in the middle of it so we walked for a little bit and then dialed it back for the rest of the way. Alex had an awesome run, though, and his longest in a while (we dropped me off at home and he continued on). He came back to me having majorly refueled and already taking a nap. 

We feasted at Sultan’s, then even got a little froyo and hung outside just chatting as I tried to get out of my funk (a full belly and sunshine post nap did the trick). Unfortunately, before I knew it (and after another mini nap) it was time for work. 

But here is where it gets fun. 

Basically the restaurant was a sh*tshow when I arrived. Nobody had gone on break, nothing was prepped, we were short two servers, and there were tables coming in. 

So, refreshed and ready for action, I got to work. And I #killedit. It was probably one of my favorite nights in the restaurant so far. Sure, one table stiffed me hard, but I had so many great tables, I felt so useful, I was so active and engaged, and I was just on it. It was crazy, hectic, insane… and I LOVED IT.

And I was doing really well not eating everything in sight… Until our managers got us pizza. And they had thin crust bbq chicken pizza. 

So… there goes that. #sorrynotsorry

Sunday was a rest day for me and a park day for Ridley, after which we met our friends (and my former Team Challenge runners) Katie and Ben for brunch! We tried to go to perennial brunch favorite Batter and Berries, but upon finding out that the wait was TWO HOURS we laughed and headed to S&G Kitchen, a place Katie had seen and wanted to try. It’s a diner specializing in a bajillion skillets and all the other things, and it was a delicious choice! I got a veggie egg white omelet, Alex got eggs over medium, bacon and hashbrowns, and we shared their pancakes, which were awesome. Katie and Ben got skillets, which looked amazing! 

When we got home, I read and took a series of naps. I was just exhausted from the crazy week and not sleeping late enough. And there is nothing better than a sunny day nap! We polished off the day with a delicious al fresco dinner at a nearby bistro (sweet potato friiiiies) before coming home for Star Wars Rogue One and an early bed time!

It was a great weekend full of naps, carbs, satisfying work, and time with Alex. What more could I ask for??

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As a heads up, tomorrow I will be discussing my Subchorionic Hemorrhage, the bleeding that has been my biggest pregnancy scare to date. I’ve gotten so many questions about it that I wanted to lead with that!

Have a great week, my friends!


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