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Bringing You Sunshine : About Me Suzlyfe

I decided to spend one more day of soaking up the sun and fun here in OBX (Outer Banks, for the uninitiated) and bring back one more oldie but goodie blog post of Suzlyfe past. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my 1/2 lb shrimp, fish tacos, froyo, and one new product and recipe in particular before coming back at you with a new post tomorrow! 


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This was, at the time I posted it, my most commented on and popular posts. As I have so many new readers here, I wanted to bring it back for those of you wanted to learn a bit more about the crazy that is the Suz! Here is the original post!

Again, thoughts for the safety of those in the paths of the crazy storms.

Oh, to think the thoughts that I think. Or, at least, that I think that I think that I think.  Typically, my thoughts on these days run the gamut—from serious to flippant. I thought I would do things a bit differently today, and give my words a bit a structure. I mean, last week, I didn’t even include numbers, for crying out loud. Today, I bring back the numbers. Furthermore, I have TWO enablers this week: our hostess with the mostest, Amanda, and this time also my #teamstellar #swirlsister #mamasalt Lauren from Run Salt Run. You can blame HER for actually NECESSITATING that I be random by nominating me for the Sunshine Award. Unfortunately for you, I will be a bit more verbose than she with my facts.


A quick digression, also technically a fact but I’m not counting it: I had a great little list of my 10 facts, and then the SOB stole my phone.  I was trying to come up with some gems that you all didn’t know about me, but alas….

1)      I want to start out with where the name “Suzlyfe” came from. It was a term coined in grad school at Columbia in the Historic Preservation studio, and I want to say at about 1:30 in the morning. Lyfe had become a way of humanizing or bastardizing pretty much everything that year—if you were stuck looking through microfiches for hours (literally, your eyes would start to develop a tic from watching as things scrolled by), you were living the fichelyfe. And then we found a building with a giant fish (seriously, giant) on it, and feeeeshlyfe was born.  A group of my classmates and I were working late into the night and had long ago become delirious to the point of laughing at anything and everything, were blasting 90s/00s pop (Destiny’s Child, BSB, Nsync, 98 Deg, and Xtina got us through that semester, I tell ya), and had come to the other side of delirium. This was like the umpteenth night of this, and I had hit the wall. A friend was taking random pictures and said, “HEY SUUZZZ how much do you love you life right now?” To which I responded with a look of death and the bird. Moment captured, printed out, and thumbtacked to the wall. A few days later, “Suzlyfe” was in bold underneath it. Thus Suzlyfe was born.

Be great.

Be great.

2)      Something completely absurd, but utterly true: my grandmother died of Mad Cow Disease. She died the first day of 3rd grade spring break. No, I am not kidding. She went from a functioning human being at Christmas (showing some signs, but nothing major), to slipping and falling (beginning to lose motor control) in January, to a wheel chair by the end of January, to not being able to speak with further loss of motor control by the time we brought her home to Atlanta mid Feb, to hospice a week later, and gone a week after that. I didn’t eat red meat for a very, very long time after.

Sorry that was morbid, but it is a very random thing about me. Now for some facts about the Suz.

3)      I may have discussed this before, but I’m going to do it again, and for emphasis. I. Hate. Monkeys. Apes and gorillas are ok, but chimps, spider monkeys, monkeys in Costa Rica, monkeys that sit on your shoulder. NO. I. don’t. do. monkeys.I blame my mother, and the movie Outbreak. I was too young to see it, and I had an overactive imagination. The recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in Africa confirms my suspicions. They can’t be trusted.  Further more, I don’t like things with fewer than 2 legs (naturally, if you lose a leg, you are exempt) or more than 4. Thus bugs, snakes, crabs, etc are out. When I am out and about, bugs are bugs and we are in their zone, so I won’t try to kill them. But if they are in my house, you better believe I will defend its honor.

4)      I am 100% certain that I have that condition where ordinary noises overly irritate me. Especially noises from the clavicle (basically) up—loud chewing, sneezing, snorting, coughing tics, snapping your gum, IF YOU SMACK YOUR GUM I WILL DESTROY YOU.sorry

Legitimately makes my hair stand on end and gets me to the point that I can’t eat around certain people because their habits turn me against them. I’m sorry I promise I’m not a heinous person.

5)      To prove this, my favorite noises on earth are the sounds of a lit match hitting water (ssst) and a tennis ball hitting a tennis racket (that hollow pop). My favorite smells are those of Bounce dryer sheets (specifically the smell of the dryer air that comes out of houses), Lexol leather conditioner and saddle soap, and stargazer lilies. Or any fresh flower, really. For some of my other favorite blooms, check out here.

Take me backkkkk

Take me backkkkk

Now that I have pointed out some of my glaring faults, let’s have some fun.

6)      I am very loyal to things—when I find something I like, I stick with it. I think it is a combination of comfort, liking what I like, and being happy it works for me. I used to have a habit of rewatching a movie on a daily basis. I watched certain parts of The Mummy every day on my laptop (usually before bed) for several months, did the same with Clueless, Ever After, and a few other random ones. In high school, I went through a few awesome stages: neon and crushed velvet Limited Too boatnecks with Wet Seal pants (I didn’t wear jeans before 8th grade), in high school—polos with jeans (every. Day. Pretty much); now v neck tshirts in bright colors with jeans (lots has changed, can you tell). I have10 pairs of CWX compression pants of various lengths and weights, I am on my 5th or 6th pair of Defyances, and I have a drawer of ProCompression socks. I also own like 5 blazers.



7)      I used to spend HOURS building houses on The Sims. I knew the cheat for unlimited money, so I built the best abodes ever.


8)      I am someone who pursues balance and juxtaposition in all aspects of my life—alone vs. together time, sweet vs. salty, crunchy vs. creamy, classic vs. contemporary, humor vs. seriousness.  Colors, too. If you ask me to pick one or the other in pretty much any situation, you will find it is very very hard for me to decide.

Dancer--Perfection in juxtaposition

Dancer–Perfection in juxtaposition

9)      I am what I would term a lazy Type A. I have big dreams, demand perfection from myself, and am overall quite competitive (these traits used to be more forward in my personality). Now, I tend to go into things with the notion that I will just take them as they lie, and then once I start I get going and caught up in them.  I prefer endurance running over sprints—give me a pace, let me get going, and then leave me be. Thus why I am not a crossfitter.  But I am lazy as all-balls-get-out when I stop moving. Until I get the itch to move, and then I can’t sit still. SQUIRRELL!

ermi penguins

10)   I used to practice talking in a British accent. I will also adopt the accent of whomever I am speaking with. I am terribly sorry, I am not making fun, it is something that just happens out of nowhere and before I realize. If you are British, avoid conversations about libraries and schedules. I also used to be completely obsessed with James Bond. And I like cars.


big puff


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I task everyone else with sharing at least 1 random fact about yourself, as well as 1 random thought during the course of this post!

Thank you to Amanda for letting me “think” on vacation!

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