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Brick Betty Apparel : Cute Workout Clothes that Perform (Review)


BIG NEWS about how to get your hands on Brick Betty at the end of the post!

I have been waiting to tell you all about Brick Betty, but I wanted to wait until I go to see the goods in person, to try everything on, and to feel out the whole enterprise before I started going in depth about the company. And what day would be more perfect for discussing the cutest and most functional workout clothes for the fitness professional (or enthusiast!) than Fit n Fashionable Fridays + Fitness Friday + Friday Favorites!

Brick Betty, Cute Workout Clothes that Perform

Amy, the founder, creator, and brains behind the Brick Betty brand contacted me a few weeks ago inquiring if I was interested in learning more about the product and potentially becoming one of the brand’s founding fit professionals (I’ll explain what that is in a moment). She told me a little bit about the line, and we set up a call to chat about the whole shebang. 

What I thought would be a 20 minute, perfunctory phone call turned into an hour long, heart-to-heart discussion of the state of the fitness industry and fitness apparel in America, the issues we both perceive in each realm, and where Brick Betty fits into attempting to provide a solution to the problem. I was “sold.”

Brick Betty Fitness Pro and Blogger Dinner at Blogfest

Jessica, Amy, Debbie, Jill, Myself, Tiffany, Beth, Stephanie, and Lisa at our meet up for Brick Betty

Current Issues with the Fitness Industry and Fitness Apparel

The current issues plaguing our industry is nothing new to the world, and particularly nothing new to America: People want quick, easy, and cheap fixes to their problems. We are always on the hunt for the next sale, we take pride in taking shortcuts, doing the least amount of work, and “getting lucky.” However, I feel that the large majority of you all and much of the world of fitness professionals know that when it comes to life, shortcuts are not the answer–you can fake it till you make it, but ultimately, you will find that smart investment pays off the most in the end. 

Brick Betty is directly aligned with that concept. The goal of Brick Betty as a brand and a product is to provide the best sportswear for fitness professionals and enthusiasts. I keep mentioning fitness professionals because we are the people who don’t just live in our workout gear, it is part of our brand, our image, and our calling card: if your pants are see through, made of cheap material, don’t fit properly, or don’t convey the right message to your clients, you are going to be at an immediate disadvantage, correct? And let’s be honest, teaching class after class in a pair of $20 capris only means that those capris will have dissentigrated in about 3 weeks. Plus, we all know that those are not going to be fitting properly.

Speaking of fit, Amy had the most profound comment when I was speaking to her on the phone. It is purely common sense, but I just had never put two and two together:

Mass market apparel generally doesn’t fit us not because we are too athletic or really that different from the person next to us. Mass market apparel doesn’t fit us because it is fit on the wrong model. Many of the brands that are the stalwarts of the clothing industry, and especially the cheaper brands, are fit on Asian women. 

I don’t know about you, but I am not built like my Asian friends.

Solution? Brick Betty only uses American women as fit models for cut and sizing. And I can tell you, I IMMEDIATELY noted the difference. For the first time in I can’t tell you how long, I put on a pair of capris that fit perfectly.

I wore those pants all day, did the Jillian Michael’s workout at Blogfest in them, and not once did I have to adjust them or feel uncomfortable in them. They might be the most flattering capris I’ve ever owned, and not only is the print fun and flirty, but it does an excellent job of hiding sweat!

For those that are a bit intimidated by the height of the pant rise, fear not–there are other styles that are much higher rise, but I HAD to go for these!

A few notes about the capris: these are what I would call “studio” wear–perfect for any of the classes you might want to take, but maybe not perfect for distance running. That said, put them through a hard circuit or crossfit style workout with sprints or HIIT, and they will perform. A running line is in the works.

The discussion of sprint and HIIT and performance brings us to discussion of bra. The lovely Nicole posted not too long ago about her love/hate relationship with running bras, and I know that many of you have also spoken about the never ending problems you have with finding a good bra that doesn’t suffocate, squish, or mame you. 

Enter the Brick Betty bra. What makes it better? Not just the fabric, but the construction. It is not underwire, but it does have an adjustable hook system in the back, and the band is extremely comfortable. I’ve mentioned before, but I used to have HUGE ta-tas, and I used to rope myself into all manner of contraptions. Oftentimes, I would end up feeling suffocated in the middle of workouts as my rib cage would expand. I did not notice this problem in the Brick Betty bra! There are cups sewn into the bra for coverage, support, and comfort, and they give you a little shape as well, and the straps cross in the back in order to give you actual support. 

Brick Betty Sports Bra Pink

Brick Betty Sports Bra Pink

Then I gave the tank with the incorporated bra a spin as well–I wanted to know what it’s functionality would be. Not only was the fit spot-on, the venting in the back helped me regulate my temperature during an hour long workout with Gabby Reece!

Suz and Gabby Reece in Brick Betty Workout Tank

I did high knees, strength, and various drills in the tank, and it was fantastic. Great support, so soft (I love the material!), and I got so many compliments on it. The bra that is sown into the tank is the same as the standard bra, but without the hooks, so you know that you are getting a fantastic product. And there are some fabulous options with out the incorporated bra as well.

The Bottoms Available in the Brick Betty Line (not including the Vixen Capris)

The Bottoms Available in the Brick Betty Line (not including the Vixen Capris)

Additions to the line that are on the horizon include a running line, a jacket,  and more! I can’t wait to work with Amy (who directly oversees the production and creation of the garments and personally chose the fabrics and the multiple iterations looking for the perfect python print) on the running line–you know that I know what we want!

Brick Betty FitPro

So what is a Brick Betty Fit Pro? Well, in order to maintain the brand as the standard in fitness apparel, Brick Betty is offered via ambassadors who are all professionals in the fitness industry. This way you know that they are endorsed by the people who are going to put them through their paces!

The clothing is offered online (so that you can shop anytime!), but one is referred by a fitness professional, who also can be a point of contact for them with questions about the clothing. This is especially important because Brick Betty is not a cheap line. These are investment pieces, but the prices are not that much different than some of the current trendy brands out there. And for the fitness professional or habitual studio-goer, the reward and return on invest more than justifies the cost. 

But if you are a little apprehensive, you can just email us! My Fit Pro contact is Email me any time! In the interest of full disclosure, I will receive a slight commission when a buyer cites me as their referrer. But I am here to answer any questions!
Brick Betty Delivery! I am so excited and honored to be a part of Brick Betty. I think that Amy has an incredible vision, and I KNOW that the clothes speak for themselves!

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How Can I Get Myself Into Brick Betty’s Awesome Sportswear?

Three Ways!

  1. Email me (susie (at)  I can answer any questions you might have or discuss the clothes further.
  2. Shop Online Head over to and go for it! Just be sure to tell them that Susie sent you 😀
  3. Win Via the Ultimate Running Loop Giveaway What if you could WIN one of the fabulous bras as well as products from Mizuno, Vega, ProCompression, Chase This Skirt, and We Run Social? Through Monday, 7/27!
  4. Stay tuned for a trunk show hosted by yours truly! I will be hosting a special Chicago event in the upcoming month to benefit my Bright Pink team and Breast and Ovarian Cancer education and awareness

What is your biggest fitness apparel pet peeve? Do you have issues finding good bras? 

What do you think of the look of the line? It is unapologetically colorful, which you know that I love! #IamSusie #Idontdoquiet

What questions do you have about the clothing?


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