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Brain Fog On a Clear Day (Weekend Recap)

I think my brain and sense staged a revolt or a mutiny over the past 5 days. So while the weather definitely improved, my hormones made it a little difficult for me to enjoy my time with the boys as much as I would have liked.

Let’s back, back, back it up.

Thursday evening was actually quite lovely. I made pesto sweet potato and zucchini noodles for dinner, Alex and I had a couple bourbon and ginger ales, and we just enjoyed a nice, easy night at home after the craziness that the first three days of the working week bring and the craziness that the next three days would entail. 

I had taken a nap earlier in the day, but I was still exhausted, and so we watched an episode of The Moaning of Life and then started a new series, Wild Alaska, which was fascinating and beautifully shot… but I fell asleep. But I slept quite well, actually!


Though I had started feeling a bit more hormonally inclined during the previous days, including a few sad spells on Wednesday, but Friday I got full on brain fog and, as I told my client and friend, “I am just up to here. I don’t know what with, but I am up to here with whatever it is.”

On the plus side, my ass didn’t hurt as much. 

But yeah, it was a bit of a weird day, brain wise. 

Alex wasn’t exempt from it, either. Because you know how I was so excited for my jumbo marg? 

Well, somebody didn’t go early (with our friend) to get us a table, and thus… on Cinco de Mayo, you know it wasn’t happening. So I gave him a bit of the cold and frigid treatment. 

Never mind the fact that he ran several errands for me during the day. Or the fact that option two was one of my favorite places and resulted in a craft beer and way too many crack fries. We started with crack fries, Alex got some with his meal, and then I finished our friend’s fries. 

Their fries are so damn good.

And I got more fries at work the next day! Good grief.

I let the boys go off into the night, and I went home–I was still in a bizarre mood and just exhausted, mind and body, plus I would have coaching the next day.


Saturday brought a beautiful, crisp, clear, and slightly windy day, and also my last longer run for a while–9 miles, 4 of which were with the team. I cut back on my miles this week after my big banner week, and from here on out, I will drastically cut miles, and I won’t be training with the team the next few weekends because of travel. My plan this week is to get back into yoga and take Ridley for some nice walks! I get plenty of movement at work, otherwise, and I’m ready for the change!

Early morning run in Chicago! @suzlyfe

We didn’t go to brunch (the boys were… convalescing), but we redeemed our lack of margs and chips from the night before with a visit to Tarascas. As I always do, I had too many chips and not enough f’s to give about it 😀 A walk in the sun (though chilly) with the dog and our friends helped get me into a decent mood. Yes, I had started to get irritable again, I will admit, before we went to lunch. I’m guessing on principle because I wanted Mexican the night before, not theeeeenn (cue stomping of food and setting of jaw). 

I’m such a treat right now, can’t you tell?

I headed down for work, and my brain fog seemed to spread to everyone else! Tables were kind of weird, the greeters mixed up my section (we fixed it), and until about 7:30, I was thinking that I would be happy to break even with Alex’s Cub’s game (the boys went). My night ended up fine, but it was just a little bit snake bit in the restaurant–some really difficult tables for my friends people dropping things, running out of one of most popular menu items… it was just weird! 

Luckily, staff meal was AWESOME–giant grilled artichokes (I might have had 2 halves, and these are the size of softballs), salad with rotisserie chicken and champagne vin, fries (really really good ones), smoked salmon dip, our famous cornbread, and then we had some leftover pinot noir. So… we feasted. 

And then I had a Tootsie Pop at home, because why not? It was so good. I love those things.


I had an early doctors appointment, so Alex and I said bye to our friends and headed downtown. We were planning on working on an email in Alex’s office and then getting brunch while down there… but Alex hadn’t brought his hospital ID, so we instead headed home to get to work. I was a little sad not to get my candy (as I always do when I visit his office).

And then I started answering comments. You might have noticed, if you are set up to get notifications. When I was having the site problems (which I am still trying to figure out the last of), I lost comments from posts all the way to about 2 weeks ago. Over the course of Sunday, I answered around 300 comments, and if the Cavalia post could have been saved, I would have had even more! I didn’t do them all at once–lunch and a 2 hour nap where I actually got into bed broke it up.

I sent Alex to the grocery store, and I kept typing. He really pulled through this weekend (even though I was always initially less than complimentary, I always realized and then thanked him for it!), and also did laundry!

Sweet potato + zucchini noodles under my Slow Cooker Chicken Marinara made for a hearty, healthy, and FREAKING DELICIOUS dinner.

This slow cooker chicken marinara stew is the perfect healthy dinner and perfect for meal prep! Gluten free, dairy free, high protein, Whole 30 approved, and HUGE in flavor. @suzlyfe

The rest of the night was quiet, and just what I need before a crazy week of work(s), blog prep before travel, and travel (a fun surprise that will all be revealed in due time!!).

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Anyone else dealing with brain fog?

Who raced or ran or did something fun and exciting this weekend?

What’s going on this week?

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