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Brain Explosion (Nearly 2 YO Catch Up)


You know the brain explosion emoji? That has been Emmie this week. A little Catch Up with Ms. Em.

I have you guys all caught up now! Palmetto Bluff Thanksgiving and December/Christmas/New Years. #allthepictures if nothing else.

Catch Up

Let us pause for a moment because HOLY COW EMMIE IS ALMOST TWO.

Thank you. Along with that, brain explosions are apparently in order? It has been a week plus of amazing mental leaps and quite a bit of Mommy sitting in the crib with her in the middle of the night because her brain is literally exploding. Oh, and one random fever. Shrug.

This past week has been the week of new sentences, raised comprehension levels, and wanting so desperately to do big girl things like use the potty and sit on Mama Chair at the table. Also lots more demands to play with BIG WAWA aka fill cups in the sink and single-handedly cause the global water crisis.

She went to bed on Monday fine, had a rough wake up in the middle of the night where I had to go sit with her and calm her down (I came back to bed and told Alex that “her brain had exploded”), slept in the next morning, and woke up Tuesday a fully fledged 2 year old. It was crazy. Better words, better sentences, and much more advanced solving ability with her letter puzzle (or she is just remembering where the pieces go).

Not so advanced? Her separation anxiety from Mom. We tried to do a Mini 3 class at swim, where the parents watch the kids do the session with an instructor rather than getting in themselves, and let’s just say the first 8 minutes went well.

Much more advanced? Her participation in Story Time. Previous weeks, she has mostly been interested in grabbing things off the board, standing on chairs, and not wanting anything to participate in the group activities/songs. This time? Girlfriend walked in and correctly identified a foam Q and told me to sit on my “W” (the rug has letters). Then she listened (75% of the time, at least) to the story and did the wolf howl (the theme was wolves) as called upon, after a little coaxing). She danced and marched and did the “stop” ASL as instructed and participated in the “wolf pup” chant and just generally blew my mind.

Friday, she was acting pretty tired and spiked a 103 fever out of nowhere. I wonder if her brain actually did explode because she woke up Saturday morning right as rain, so I avoided going outside and took her to Present Place and the dog to daycare.

PP with GheeGhee last month

At PP, Emmie was just on another level than even the week before–playing with trains in a new way, using the kitchen in a new way, and climbing and exploring in a new way. It was just bonkers.

Emmie has new phrases every day, and currently, she is on a roll with “Thank you, boo-boo” and telling us to put things “Right there.” She is and has been obsessed with double buses and yellow/red/blue/whatever color cars. She is so verbal (wonder who she got that from) and has great little sentences, but she refuses to actually recite ABCs or count (smiles coyly and says, “Noooo”).

Matching with her bestie

Next week, she will go for a preschool observation, and we will see how well that goes, considering that she does not do well in new spaces and particularly without me. I honestly think she would do better if a sitter dropped her off somewhere rather than me doing it. She’s only two, and we have time before actual preschool, but I hope that she does ok next week.

Breakfast storytime

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