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Of Boy Bands and Daydreams

The Backstreet Boys had a major anniversary yesterday, and in honor of that, let’s take a step back in time…

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Apparently, social media is keeping me informed and reflective. Yesterday, I was informed by Facebook (this time, rather than Twitter), that yesterday was the SEVENTEENTH anniversary of the release of the Backstreet Boys’ Millennium album, aka the album that pretty much put all other boy bands to shame and yet still didn’t win a Grammy. Sad fact: Nsync won a Grammy, the Backstreet Boys did not. INJUSTICE.

Can you believe that Backstreet Boys Millennium album came out 17 years ago? What else takes you back to your childhood?

Hearing that it had been 17 years since that album was like throwing water on me. How I remember (and cherish) the hours spent listening to that CD in our old (one sliding door, hunter green, with the side wood panels) Chrysler Town and Country minivan with the tape adapter attached to my Sony Walkman CD player, belting out “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” at the top of my lungs and coming up with parodies to the lyrics with my mom. And yes, this was back in the years that album art was a thing and CDs came with little booklets. 

The Backstreet Boys were my first concert, and though I don’t remember many specifics of the concert, I remember my heart never settling the entire time, and the enormity of the Georgia Dome, filled with 60,000+ people (cough girls and moms) screaming their heads off. And those insane 5 part harmonies. 

Of course, thinking about this took me back to thinking about the other aspects of that time long gone: 

Creating dances to Dream at 1:00 AM at sleep overs. 

Listening to Christina Aguilera’s album on repeat.

Playing Dogz 4 (which had a glitch, but at least I got to pretend I had a Dachshund).

Realizing that certain songs always seemed to play at the same places on the drive home from the barn.

Naptster. Ka’zaa.

AIM screen names. My first? Horsefanatic2. Oh, and thinking that we were SO clever and “tricking” people in chatrooms as we pretended to be other, older users. 

Dial up internet. And then that blissful transition to DSL.

The first time you used TiVo and no longer had to worry about running out of tape as you recorded something.

Shopping at the Limited Too and Wet Seal. And wearing pleather and boatneck shirts to school. Because THAT was a good idea. 

Stopping at gas stations on the way to the barn and getting Aquafina (better tasting than Dasani) and a candy bar or chips and changing in the bathroom. 

Spending HOURS in Barnes and Noble and Borders browsing and spending $$$ on books. Thank goodness for Kindle Unlimited. I might have a bit more restrictive of a selection, but at least I’m not bankrupting myself! 

Buying colorful pens at the bookstore at school. Because who was I if I didn’t have the new Jellyroll pens or Sharpies??

Now That’s What I Call Music CDs. The first one I had was Now 4. 

Watching old Whose Line it is Anyway? reruns on Comedy Central. And then dreaming of getting onto shows like Say What? Karaoke. Because you KNOW I would get discovered there and it would catapult me stardom.

Actually getting excited to go through the mail because then I could look through all the catalogs. 

I could go on and on. 

It wasn’t that life was simpler then, for myself or for anyone else. I would say I was just as concerned with what was going on in the world around me, though I don’t think I understood the parts of the world that were in shambles. But I would say I was freer, less inhibited, more likely to jump up and dance like no one is watching. 

That is the part of the Millennium era that I miss: creating my own harmonies and choreography while dreaming of winning an Oscar, marrying royalty, and then winning the gold medal in show jumping.

Every day I sang, danced, and studied horses and riding. And I never truly doubted that my dreams would happen.

I think we all need a little of the belief, a little of that energy and decadent pursuit, back in our lives.

I want it that way.

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What song you did you perform to your imaginary audience?

Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, or Tony?

Thank you to Amanda for Thinking Out Loud!

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