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#BosuStrong: Bosu Balance Progression (Fitness and Life!)


This post was sponsored by BOSU but all opinions expressed are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Fit Approach (Sweat Pink) community. Linking up with Jill and Jess today to talk about Productivity!


Dunno why I led with that, but I did. It felt good and I’m sticking with it. 

hair on fire hades meme

Yesterday was the return of the Suz Hair on Fire Status. This summer has really been spectacularly busy overall–events, coaching/training, conferences, visitors, and trying to figure out my place in the healthy living/wellness/fitness/running industry has created some really fantastic opportunities for growth–Blogfest! Meeting Joan Benoit Samuelson! Coaching my amazing trainees! Gaining new readers (HAI), working with new companies, and find new favorite products

This weekend and then yesterday kind of summed this summer up for me: pushing myself to a limit, getting caught up in the energy and perhaps overdoing a bit, finding myself a bit flustered, then learning to relax and adapt to find what works for me. 

Working Towards Balance In Life

Yesterday morning (Monday), I woke up and got a bit caught up in a few things that I had to do. I had my pre-workout breakfast. Next thing I knew, it was past time for me to run/workout, and I was still trying to figure out what would be best for me to do after the activities of the weekend. My legs felt a little bit tired (rightfully so), but not that bad, and I knew that given the time, I would actually really like to get in a run if it was right for my body. 

Pump Ya Brakes meme

So you know what I did instead of running? I finished off a bag of Dark Chocolate Crunch Multigrain Cheerios (they are divine) and had another cup of my decaf coffee, then went into work a bit early, started doing various tasks, and then had a Siggi’s when I realized I was getting hungry around 9.

But I realized that, as I was trying to work on things, I wasn’t feeling so focused–my brain was a bit all over the place. I needed some stability. So I decided that a good runch was in order. It wasn’t my zippiest, but it was a great run because it was completely enjoyable and reminded me how to run on slightly tired legs.

Most importantly, it gave me a chance to find rhythm in myself, to right my equilibrium by forcing me to SLOW THE BALLS DOWN. I gave myself all the options–at 4 miles in, I was glancing at the clock, wondering if I could keep going. I started doing the bargaining thing (you know what I mean), but I stuck with it, lost myself in my book and music, and just let myself work. 

After I came back down to have my shower, then my lunch (runger was on POINT yesterday, btw, good grief), I settled down and got after my inbox. Did I get everything accomplished? NO. Oh HELLLLLLL no. But I got what needed to be done righted. I sent some emails that will help get me on the right track.

Marathons are the Culmination of Small Steps

The only thing is that in so doing, I have also added a bit of weight to my load. But this is constructive resistance and progression; the next step in my journey. 

Bosu Balance Progression and How To Apply that to Life 

BosuStrong Challenge with Bosu Fitness and FitApproach/Sweat Pink and Suzlyfe. Get strong, have fun, and run better! Suzlyfe

Business, fitness, running, training, anything and everything that has to do with life, the human mind, and the human body ultimately comes down to adaptation. I spoke of this with regards to perspective and adaptation in speed work, I bring it up again as part of the #BOSUstrong challenge

The Challenge this week is all about balance. The Bosu balance trainer automatically progresses the difficulty of whatever you are working on by providing instability and forcing all of those highly-necessary-but-often-under-utilized stabilizers to get to work. 

Balancing on the Bosu is like balancing in my life right now: If I had attempted to balance the workload that I am currently looking at without working first on building foundations, I would seriously be freaking out right now. I would be flailing my arms all over the place, falling repeatedly, and getting incredibly frustrated and stuck. 

a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline goal quote

But by progressing properly towards more advanced work and then gradually increasing the difficulty, I am finding that I may wobble, I may still find the moves difficult, and I may still struggle a little bit, but I am able to continue to progress without burning out or falling. 

Examples of How to Progress Your Balance Work on the Bosu: 

  • Two feet–>single leg
  • Shoes on–> shoes off
  • Eyes open–> eyes closed
  • Light weight–> heavier weight
  • Symmetrical movements –> one sided movement
  • Single-function movement–>compound movements

Remember not to change multiple elements at once. For example, don’t move from two footed moves with shoes to single foot without. 

Progress your balance work on the @bosufitness trainer #bosustrong #sweatpink @fitapproach @suzlyfe Click To Tweet

Examples of How to Progress Your Balance Work in Life:

  • Running for fun–> picking a goal; or, vice versa!
  • Taking on freelance blog work or Improving the design of your site (that is forthcoming, lol)
  • Not taking the easy way out at night–got to dinner with friends, invite them over, cook, or whatever is different than the norm
  • Dedicating yourself to reading a new book ever x weeks
  • Deciding to clean out your inbox every x days
  • Hell, cleaning your house every x number of days!
  • Making a new recipe every week.
  • Going meatless.
  • YOGA (PS, have you talked to Beth about her Yoga for Runners Program?? I totally credit yoga with increasing my balance and stability in life and in running!)

Whatever you do, choose a progression that has meaning behind the action and is in keeping with your long term goals. And if you find yourself a little overwhelmed? Take a deep breath, relax, and think about why you are feeling unsettled. Reprioritize. Think about what you can do to find your focus. Trust yourself. And work towards your goal. Just like with marathon training as well–you must build up in increments in order to achieve success.

How to work on your #bosustrong balance in life as well as the gym via @suzlyfe @bosufitness @fitapproach #sweatpink Click To Tweet

And yes, I did get into Boston 😀 Thank you so much for your congratulations. I will offer some thoughts on the whole shebang on Thursday, but I will say right now that I could not have achieved that milestone without working on my balance, both literally and figuratively!

How have you progressed your balance in life or fitness?

What are you challenging yourself with right now?

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