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Bon Voyage, RyRy! (19 Months + Catch Up 9/6)

We had to spend as much time with our besties before they headed off on their grand adventure! Plus, some super fun Emmie updates on the Catch up!

Did you check out our Georgia adventures and weeks full of birthdays?

Catch Up 9/6

1). With us having been gone for a week and Ryan, Ali, and Justin heading out across the pond for a week and a half, we wanted to spend as much time as possible with our friends before they left.

The girls had so much fun playing together, running around (evidence of Emmie’s running is in her skinned knees!), and driving around (motor gang!). We had lunches and dinners with them, hung out in the burbs and in the city, and made a mess of Ali’s perfectly cleaned house.

They and their extended family are such special people, and we are so glad to have them in our lives! Even if Emmie did had to be clingmonster when she first arrived at Ali’s parents’ house. Ah well, she warmed up ultimately.

2) Emmie has been undergoing a lot of really exciting mental development recently–I feel like she surprises me every day with a new action that I wasn’t expecting. Some examples:

  • Trying to feed her play doggie by putting him facedown into her food (which she didn’t want to eat).
  • Sending her crayons (which are triangular) down the slide/LEGO Elephant nose and saying “Wheeeeee.”
  • Putting her little girl figure in the front seat and the horse in the back of her ice cream truck (which she can say) and playing with it.
  • Saying more and more words without prompting — out of nowhere yesterday, she came up to me with her barn puzzle piece “baaaaaaahhhhnnn” and then when I pointed to the chicken piece she said “CHICK-en.” I was super surprised by this because those are probably our least mentioned/named pieces!
  • Interacting with different stuffed animals in new ways.
  • We can do “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”!
  • Eating corn like a big girl! I should have taken a picture of her with the full cob from the day before (also better lighting then), but here is her working on a mini cobb.
  • Lots of running. Generall fairly successful, but apparently not when she is around Ryan. See knees from above.

3) Lots of walking and going to Strides this week! I try to walk on the treadmill upstairs when Emmie naps and adjust so that I don’t do too much on days that I am also doing Strides.

I missed these views while I was hurt!

I’m back to doing up to 20 full pushups in one go. I took a few days off this past weekend just because I needed a break, but I’m back to doing my pushups at least. I need to add back in my dips and plank. But I’ve been feeling pretty tired, so I’m slothing a little.

OH good news! I had Remicade last Friday and got full bloodwork done because I’m in a research study, and my labs looked GREAT! Whooooooooo

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