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Another Packed Weekend: #BodyShred #BeHealthful and #CES!


Thank you to Katie for letting us share our Marvelous Weekends!

Hey Friends! So glad that everyone enjoyed fitness week last week! I loved getting the chance to interview Sean, Joanie, and talk about my thoughts on Boston and balance progression–but man am I tired! ;D

I think this weekend was the first weekend for me where I truly felt like summer had ended. ! I can’t believe next weekend is freaking OCTOBER. Sure, it has been getting progressively chillier, but I really felt the change in the light, the air, and the end of the season—both the summer season as well as the drawing to a close of the marathon training season.

Chicago Marathon 2015 Participant Guide Suzlyfe

Speaking of Marathon Training and being super active, we all have dealt with out of control hunger–runger for the runners. Check out my guest post today on In Fitness and In Health about how I deal with the monster that is RUNGER

In fact, marathon season proper has begun, and congrats to all who ran Berlin! Next weekend is Wineglass and Twin Cities, which you all know is a race near and dear to my heart (and I know many who are running it), then a little race called Chicago, then Detroit and Baystate, MCM (another race close to my heart), NYC, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Philly, Route 66. And I know people running all of them! CRAZY

This weekend I had my penultimate long run with the trainees before the longest run of the season, and I pushed it with the 8:30s for 12 miles (after doing 4 down there and 8 the day before—not sure why I did that other than it felt right!). All of us were feeling it a bit, and we had to work for it, but it was a strong run nonetheless that made me feel tuned up and able to work for a consistent 8:30 pace between the two days.

Saucony Transition Purple and Teal Hoodie Suzlyfe

Oh, and I got myself a taper present. IT WAS ON SALE, OK?

But there was no rest for the wicked—it was off to see Jillian and Sean at SCW Mania! When I took Jillian’s BODYSHRED at Blogfest, I really got a sense that she was a cool beans chick—she had the right amount of fun and took the workout seriously enough—but hearing her speak was something else. She did it totally as a question and answer session, and even when some of the questions were less than stellar (ex “What do you eat every day”), she took the opportunity to offer an answer that actually had substance and meaning (“It try to eat real foods, less meat because it is bad for the planet and we don’t need as much as we tend to get, I follow an 80/20 diet”). I found myself nodding along and agreeing with everything she said, to my memory! We tried to set up a time that I would get to meet her for just a moment, but she was crazy busy, so I hung out with Sean instead! I hope I get to work with him again in the future—he is just so fantastic!

Jillian Michaels Keynote Speak and Bodyshred Fitness Class at SCW Mania Midwest Suzlyfe

Then it was time to take BODYSHRED, and with as much as I had pushed myself to tune up during those runs, I knew that I would need to keep tabs on myself (also, why do I always take BODYSHRED after a long run?? ANSWER ME). Luckily, I think the workout actually help stretch me out a bit, and it was just as fun, engaging, and over in-the-blink-of-an-eye as I remembered! But still challenging, you know? I definitely was pushing myself.

By the time I got home, I was ready for an early dinner (especially after sitting in traffic, which was never ending on Saturday), but it was still early, so Alex and I grabbed one of my all time favorite beers and enjoyed the first O’Fallon Pumpkin Beer of the season (FIND IT, DRINK IT, LOVE IT). It truly is my favorite, and just as good as I remembered!

O Fallon Pumpkin Beer is one of my favorites! Suzlyfe

Then we headed to Farmhouse, where we split roasted and pickled beets, the Two Brothers Atom Smasher Oktoberfest, I had the wheatberry salad (with more beets, lol) and their amazing Chicken and Vegetable soup (I have to get it), and Alex got the Wisconsin Fish Fry (their take on fish and chips). Delicious as always!

Farmhouse Chicago Wisconsin Fish Fry is so delicious! Suzlyfe

I was DONE that night—there have been some things going on behind the season that, although I am still progressing my balance in life and taking on added challenges, have meant that I’ve been feeling the stress and DOMS if you will from the situations mentally. So I conked out at 8:30 on the couch. And woke up at 2 to toss and turn until I finally got out of bed at 6! WOMP WOMMMPPPP. My first day without an alarm in 3 weeks, and I wake up at 2. VERY FUNNY BODY.

Be Healthful Retreat Chicago Suzlyfe

Yesterday was the Be Healthful Retreat, and I knew that there would be some good stretching sessions, so even though I was feeling a little blarg, I bucked up and headed over. I took the yoga and pilates classes,

Color Coordination Be Healthful Retreat Suzlyfe

Color Coordination on Point.

checked out the vendors, listened to some of the panelists, and of course, nibbled, before heading to Begyle Brewing Taproom for the End of Season Chicago Endurance Sports Coach and Pacer Appreciation Party!

I got there a bit early and actually nearly napped in the car, but once people started arriving (and I got a Diet Coke in me), I felt way better. Plus, seeing some of my favorite people always helps!

Coaches Suz, Sara, and Alex at Chicago Endurance Sports Marathon Training Coach and Pacer Appreciation Party at Begyle Brewing Chicago

What am I going to do without them??

Alex and I went to D4 for dinner and got one of our favorite servers (always a plus), and had dinner al fresco for the second time this weekend—and likely one of the last!

D4 Irish Pub Burger Shrimp Salad and Rogue Hazelnut Ale Suzlyfe

Repost of earlier photo but we got the same thing except with a hefeweizen instead.

This weekend was another busy one, but once again filled with so much good that I can’t for a second wish away any of it. Next week is my one weekend “off” of October, and thankfully Alex also has it off. We’ll probably end up doing JACK SQUAT, lol.

Don’t forget to head over to In Fitness and In Health to find out how I handle RUNGER!

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Did anyone else feel like this weekend was truly the start of fall?

What did you do this weekend?

When was the last time you took a nap in your car?

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