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Quarter Blog Life Crisis Re: Blogging Industry (Thinking Out Loud)

HEY HEY Lots of thoughts. #herewego

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

1) Have you checked out my guest post at Fitzala yet? For those who don’t know, Jenni (who I’ve mentioned before) has created this incredible initiative/campaign for this week called #whatslovely. So each day this week has been dedicated to exploring a different aspect of self-respect, love, honor and acceptance.



I was honored and flattered when she asked me to help kick it off. So please take a little bit of time to visit the post, leave a comment (I may be a little behind in comments, but I will be responding, you know that I will!), and join the discussion.

My post is about the most complex relationship you will ever enter into in your life–the one with yourself. Other posts this week revolve around friendship, body and fitness, and more! Please support and raise awareness, and I think that the post will be a perfect introduction to my post tomorrow!

2) On a related note, I just want to say thank you thank you thank you to everyone for continuing to show me such support in my blog posts, fitness adventures, and across various social media. Traveling and staying with friends as well as family and having activities planned throughout the day for the past however many days has been amazing, incredible, fabulous, but also a little bit frustrating–Alex is on vacation, and I am as well, technically, but I also am not! I feel like I had a better balance the last few times that I have traveled. Maybe I just had more alone time in the mornings, I don’t know. But this time, I’ve gotten so far behind in my comments and replies, and I just feel bad about it! I am happy to unplug to an extent (but how can I resist sharing meals like the one at The Whale Wins??) but I am also in the middle of a bunch of things, and I can’t turn the world off, nor do I want to–you all are my friends!

In short, I owe you all a lot of replies, and I am looking forward to reading what you have to say!

3) Ok, so I didn’t think I would be talking about this today, but it seems to be the time and place, so I’m going to change my plan. And in fact, that is precisely what I want to speak about. I spoke at the beginning of the year/end of last year about the importance of blog integrity, and you all know that I have an absolute commitment to maintaining the authenticity of my blog and my voice. 

Well, I have been bothered of late. By myself. In short, I’m having a little bit of a quarter-blog-life-crisis. I am getting to the point when I need to renew my domain name, etc, and this little blog with ridiculous name is continuing to grow, and in ways and to a level that I don’t think I discounted but that I also can’t say that I anticipated. Or perhaps I just never thought about it. Coupled with a few other changes at work and timing and such, and I have found myself having a bit of a come-to-Jesus moment. 

I feel like I am doing a ton of reviews. And while that is fun and all, I miss some of the spontaneity that I used to enjoy. I want to stress that I never review a product that I would not or do not use myself. I don’t accept things just to accept them. I honestly don’t have time to do so! And you know that I tell it like it is. But I have this worrying paranoia in the back of my mind that I am starting to run the risk of sounding like a…. I don’t know the right word… basically that I am losing some of my magic. And I want it back. 

Feeling lost?

Feeling lost?

I think that part of it is the time of the season–my job right now is a bit slow, so I don’t have much to talk about though I have time to work on things, and also this is the time of year that everyone is debuting new products. So it is natural that I would be doing more reviews and dabbling in sponsored posts (I want to reiterate–all my own opinion, my own choice to engage in them). But I feel like it is getting a little overdone. I have several new products to review and discuss in the near future, but I think I am going rejig and re-conceive my reviewing process/principles. 

This is also such new territory that maybe I just don’t feel I have proper footing yet. But regardless, I am struggling at the moment with feeling a surge of the “blogging industry” aspect of blogging with regards to my blog while still feeling amateur. I don’t want this place to be work. It is too special to me, you all are too special to me. 

So please know that though certain parts of the Suzlyfe may change in the future (I’m thinking about a redesign, that type of thing), it is still the same old Suz. Lipstick. Pig. APPLY.

jennifer claire photo suzlyfe 5

And that means post like this, where I was going to talk about something else completely, and now we have this, haha. 


Anyone else struggling with this whole blog business thing right now? Trying to decide the long term aims of your blog? 

What is giving you pause at the moment?

Tell me #whatslovely about your life, right now!

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