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Blogging Friends in Real Life 2

Today is the kick off of a really fantastic initiative that I am so honored to be a part of. Please check out my guest post over at the Jennis blog Fitzala as we explore #whatslovely about our lives. Starting with a guest post by yours truly! Please take a look and help explore what it means to love and accept yourself. 


Only one word for this weekend. You know it. 

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

A little while back, I wrote a post about the amazing relationships that blogging has brought to me. This weekend was a testament to this: Blog Friends in Real Life Part II

Full of friends, sunshine, miles run….



reunions, homemade cookies, 


Rest days, bridal showers, brunch, orange olive oil cake with pistachios mousse, pistaachio white chocolate bark, pistachio brittle, and creme fraiche ice cream,






Worth every cent to come and see these two. Every minute, all the stiffness from plane travel right after my long run (don’t worry I had compression on duh). Believe me, a microscopic price to pay. From my morning run with Erica (taper time baby!) in Chicago, to waiting for Aaron to come home from Japan with Heather in Pittsburgh, to Caitlin’s bridal shower and hanging out with everyone at a brewery and bar after, this weekend was a testament to the amazing, wonderful marvelous gifts blogging has brought to my life. 

And, as ironic as it might be to say on a blog, that’s all I’m going to say. Never enough time with the people you love. 

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of my Yoga Clinic! 

Did you catch a sunrise this weekend? 

What was one “cost” this weekend that was worth every cent?

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