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BlogFest 2015, (Lack of) Work, and Drowned Rat Status

Shout out to all of you guys for you love of shout outs

An amazing acceptance speech, btw.

An amazing acceptance speech, btw.

Now, because you know you love me….

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

1) I am exceedingly excited to tell you all that I won entry to BlogFest via my girl Dubba G’s blog! I found out this weekend during Ragnar–making the day even more awesome–and, making everything even more rainbows and sparkly unicorns, I am becoming the fourth in the room with Beth, Jen, and Ange! #adult(ish)sleepover #whoneedssleep #ohwaitido

bugs freak out

2) Chicago has reached drowned rat status. As in, we are all walking around looking like drowned rats. I got caught in the rain 3 times on Monday, none of those times with an umbrella. I should have know Mother Nature would win. 

Then it was absolutely gorgeous for Tuesday’s Marathon Training session, which was a great thing because we were doing a body weight circuit workout in the Museum Campus.
Chicago Flag, Museum Campus CES Marathon Coaching

Alright, Chicago. I’ll give it to you. You are pretty when you want to be. But we aren’t going to see the sun for a while now, except maybe for Friday? Right now we are back to not being able to see much farther than the block beyond my apartment building.

foggy chicago

3) All three of the lady coaches in South Loop have Renaud’s severely or (in my case) mildly but with really crap circulation. It is lovely to be amongst peers who are also always freezing. 

suzlyfe confessions

4) I restocked all of my underwear at the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale. And then realized that the lip gloss I got cost 2x more than the most expensive one. So that is going back. BTW, I only wear Victoria’s Secret Pink seamless or hipster underroos. Ain’t no chafing with those. 

5) I have literally nothing to do at the office at the moment. Literally nothing. And there isn’t even any point in creating work for myself because every time I think about it, other work is promised for me, so I stop what I am doing. 

6) I got Tuesday off thanks to the Blackhawk’s winning the Stanley Cup. This would have been cause for celebration except for the fact that a) I already do what I want, b) I don’t have much anything to do at the moment, c) I got the message at 5:30 AM when I woke up to do blog stuff, d) I had PT at 8 AM and marathon coaching at 6, and e) I still had to go into the office because I was scheduled to cover the front desk for the receptionist at lunch and also I wanted to use the spin bike (at work). So, I pretty much did my usual thing, only I left after lunch, went to an appointment, and then took a nap in my sunny warm apartment. #itsatoughlife

View from Museum Campus, Chicago during CES Marathon Coaching

Also, we have Friday off because they are fixing the building after the catastrophic power failure last summer. Wish I could do my long run then, as it is supposed to be nice! (Oh, and I’m likely going to have to do a long run at BlogFest. Oh, Marathon training). 

7) Our Christmas lights that have hung from our ceiling for the past year and a half have finally bit it. Or, well, at least one of the strands has. So now I have to figure out where to get new ones in the middle of the summer.

Suuuuper old pic

Suuuuper old pic

8) I’m starting to add on miles! Taking my time, and woof, thank goodness I’m not going for speed, because I am CRAWLING. Don’t be fooled by Ragnar (which would have been slow for me a few years ago); I’m not so sure that a sub 1:40 half is in the cards any time soon!

9) I have gotten to try some really stellar new foods recently. I am becoming addicted to my Yummy Health Snack bars and cheese chips (and don’t forget to enter to win!). I’m not a huge cheese person, but these are my JAM! And the bars… well, they speak for themselves!  I also have a review for a fantastic (new to me) company that delivers freshly made, nutritious and absolutely delicious foods that I can eat!! If you follow me on IG, you have already gotten a sneak peak!

yummy snack products

10) Still need to take my car in. But I have my appointment scheduled! And hey Erica, GUESS WHO”S BEEN TAKING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. Thank goodness that Maps has bus schedules, even when there are delays!

I'm on the loose!

I’m on the loose!

Well, that’s all the nonsense I have for now! Talk to you cats and kittens later!

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Who else is going to BlogFest? Who are you rooming with? 

Don’t tell me the color or something creepy like that, but where is your underwear from?

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