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Why I Blog : Blog Writing Process Tour

A good day, or should I say, top of the morning, to you all. hat-tip1

I originally had this together with another post, a post about a comment that I received, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was the wrong chapter in the story that I wanted to tell. To give them the headline of this post, which I was so excited about, would be to give them the power, and to take away the joy of it. And I won’t allow that.

get out point

I am still going to make a statement about it, but I want it to be coming from a different place, and in a different manner. So, rest assured, it will still be coming, but I want it to be at the right time. And I don’t want either it or this coming post to get lost behind the other (they were written together). So I will reference a few pieces of it, and give you the whole story later. So consider this part A.

Why I Blog: Suzlyfe’s Writing Process

suzlyfe logo Collage My fellow Chicagoan (and now real life friend whooooop whoop!) Sara of Lake Shore Runner invited me to take part in a Writing Process Blogger Tour. In short, we all get to talk a bit more about ourselves, and take you all behind the scenes, as it were. If you haven’t already checked out Sara’s blog, I suggest you do, especially this post, which is her contribution to the tour. Girlfriend is going places. And I have asked Mike, Ursula, and Jill to follow up my post–I can’t wait to read more about how manages to everything at ones, and so well!

The Questions that I am to answer for the writing tour are great, but I am going to take a few little liberties with them. Because, let’s face it, I can’t follow directions. But I think that you will find my answers interwoven.

1. What am I working on?

2. How does my work differ from others of its type/genre?

3. Why do I write what I do?

4. How does your writing process work?

Why did I start writing? (slash Why do I write what I do?) I have been in and around and involved with the blog world for a few years now. I thought it was hilarious that some of my good friends actually thought I had a blog, they just couldn’t find the address for it, because I had talked to them for so long. My “Lyfe” section pretty much spells it out: I needed to do something for me. I felt I had a story to tell, and the manner in which I tell that story evolves constantly. Originally, I planned on writing about how I deal with life with Crohn’s, and life with this, and life with that. But soon I realized that my methods for coping with the various challenges and blessings in my life are of a more universal nature. That is why, for example, I don’t necessarily speak specifically to Crohn’s, or hormonal imbalance, or ADHD, or clinical anxiety, or depression, or allergies, or infertility.

In my mind, I approach each of these with the same mind: A problem is a problem, pain is pain, chronic problems are chronic problems, and they differ from the instantaneous. So when I chat about diagnosis, support systems, fear, regret, injury, overthinking, just living, being happy, feeling fulfilled, I try to do so in universal terms, so that it is applicable to whatever any of us is going through.And to speak to the comment post There is a reason it is so incredibly hurtful for people to make assumptions about me, or anyone else, and then to COME AFTER ME FOR IT. When you come after me, you are not just coming after me. You are coming after everyone in the whole damn world who has Crohn’s (etc) and has had to deal with conditions beyond their control. I am not the Dalai Llama, I am not a psychiatrist, I am just a girl (not yet a wooooman) who has a lot of food on her buffet plate that she doesn’t necessarily care for, but you know what, it is dinner.

I started writing to get all of these thoughts out there. I wasn’t sure where I really wanted it to go, and sometimes I still am unsure. But I needed a place, a community, that I felt connected to, that could discuss my passions, from running, to food, to health, to crafts, to crazy cats, crazy husbands, and the excitement of a great find, be it foodie, fitness, or off the rack. And I think I am kinda funny, so if I make just one iota of your day happier, then shazaam I am winning at life.

freshness meme

What am I working on right now.

Right now I am working on ME. And I mean that in such a way as that I am also working on that for the blog. Things are a bit crazy right now, but once they calm down a bit more, I want to get back to some of the things I love best—talking to you all, real conversations, advice where I feel qualified to give it, talking about food, creating food, and you know, living the Suzlyfe. I am in the midst of a holding pattern right now, I feel—I like the structure that I am working with at the moment, and don’t really feel the need to change it over all.

That said, I would LOVE to finally finish a bunch of travel and race recaps from before the blog was started: the second 2/3rds of my honeymoon, my half marathons, and living in NYC. OH and I want to get more into the graphic design aspects of things, both for this blog and my other blog work. I would like to update all of my Consumption (recipe and review) pages, my tough talk page, get more involved in my ambassadorships, and basically, take over the world. Before bedtime, preferably. Oh wait, that is SAVE the world. My bad.

I would also really like it if my cat would stop vomiting on the floor. That would be great.

How does my work differ from others in this type/genre? Well, I’m the Suz. NUFF SAID. But seriously, I think that my perspective is what sets me apart. I say what I feel, I write like I talk, and what you see is what you get. This is my life. But I see so much of myself in each of you that I can only hope that a glimpse into some of the parts of my existance might serve you. Not because I think I did it right–I rarely do–but because it taught me something. I am so glad that you are coming along for the drive with me. I need some one to hand me candy and keep me entertained and to sing at the top of my lungs with or to have real conversations with.

How does my writing process work? 

I would say that I treat my blog and writing process like I do my marathon training–there is a generally method and structure, but I always allow for wiggle room and emotional shifts. When I write, I literally just write. I don’t really go back and finagle things–you get the whole thing, all at once. I write, I decorate, and then I leave it be. That is what I like about my blog and the other blogs that I follow–these are organic thoughts. And sometimes, I find that I don’t really think I want to talk about whatever it is that I planned on. That is part of the reason that I am taking a hiatus from the Long Run series (aside from Saturday, of course). I just wasn’t feeling it.  Luckily, I am almost always down to talk about food. Fridays, I let the wind blow me wherever I feel it should, but I always try to keep it positive, and I like the structure of numbers to help me round out the week, regardless of what those number list.

One thing that I want to say about my writing and to all new (and old!) bloggers as a piece of advice, is to always remember that your blog is YOUR story. My goal is to always, always, remain authentic to myself, to maintain my integrity as a person, a writer, and a (I hope) a mentor. Yes, you get to craft the way that you speak to the world–for example, me waiting to address that comment specifically, because I wanted to talk about blogging and perspective–but I do not pretend to be anything other than what I am–yes, I struggle. But you know what? I like to laugh, to chat, and (we all know this) to eat. I, like this blog, am a constant work in progress. But that is half the fun.

I am who I am. Take it or leave it.


Well, that was exhaustive, but I hope that you enjoyed it. If not, I am sorry, but that is 10 minutes of your life that you wasted yourself. I warned you.

I hope I was more fun.

I hope I was more fun.

But seriously, you all have become such an amazing, exhilarating, and comforting part of my daily life. I really do think of you all as friends, or at the very least as sympathetic ears. I know that you are taking time away from your days to spend with me, and that really, truly, is something that I don’t often feel I warrant (see this post: Valid).

Have a fantastical Tuesday. Make it a Tudors Tuesday, if you like 😛

What do you want to see/hear/read more of on the Suzlyfe?

What do you think I overdo/what would you want to see less of?


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