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Happy Thursday! 

I wanted to take a moment and catch you all up after my post from last Thursday and give you all a little State of The Suzlyfe address.

First, some nonsense:

  • I’m really sad that poor Jenn had to take the week off from WIAW because false posting has become such an issue. Luckily, you all know that if I post a recipe, it is indeed something that I have eaten, because I am wayyyyy too lazy to create something just for the heck of it. Also, I eat everything in front of me. We know this.

gluten free ranch beet burgers avocado yogurt sauce suzlyfe

  • In fact, I made the beet burgers and then had them immediately after for lunch on Sunday. So I can tell you they were soooooo good. And yes, I ate the props.
  • I am still thinking about the Parenthood finale. Still not going to give anything away, but it was simply one of the best finales I have ever seen.
  • I am now SO into Madam Secretary. Any of my friends will tell you that I am the least political person of all time, but Tea Leoni is made of magic. And holy crap I want to be as gorgeous as her when I am that age.
  • I meant to tell you that I am indeed giving up something for Lent: my husband. It’s not like I’m going to be seeing him anyway. He’s on nights, I’m about to run a marathon, and then he’ll be on ICU.
My thoughts.

My thoughts.

  • I’m also giving up snow, being cold, chocolate, and pizza. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


I’ll never give up chocolate and pizza.

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

Ok, now some things about the blog.

I admitted last week to being in a sort of Quarter blog-life crisis at the moment. I don’t think I ever truly expressed to you all how much I appreciated and was just so touched by your comments, and I wanted to take this moment to do so. Thank you. I hope that I come across as genuine when I write these posts and express my appreciation; sometimes, I wonder if you all think that I am creating a front or saying things just to say them. But I really can’t imagine my life right now without you. You all support me and feed my ego (always appreciated) but above all, you keep me honest. You make me question myself at times, but in the right way. In short, you and the interactions that we have enjoyed and we do enjoy via this blog help me evolve as a person, as a friend, and sure, as a businesswoman. 

Where I am Going

For now, I am going to stay the course with my bloggy blog, doing things #likeaSuz, and stick to what I know is working for me, but with some new changes that I think will benefit all, as well as keep me accountable. I am trying to spread my wings, work with some companies, do some freelancing, and test the waters a bit. And I have you all to thank for that–your responses to my posts of late have given me the encouragement to try to get myself out there more. 

imitation game quote

I’m not expecting to take over the world. I’m not expecting to get that far beyond my “amateur” status, but I feel like if I never try, then I’ll never know.  But rest assured, all reviews and articles will continue to be discussed only as appropriate for this blog! And they are all reviews that I have chosen to engage in. Can’t nobody make me do nothing. I’m not going to review something just for the sake of doing so and getting “credit.” I simply don’t operate that way! And if there is something that I want to engage in but I don’t feel is right for this blog, I will take it elsewhere. 

New Reviews Pages

Because I am anticipating this slew of reviews, and because I think that it will be helpful, I am going to start a Reviews option in my menu bar [IE LOOK UP]! This will help organize Food ProductsFitness Products/Companies, Races, and Restaurants for you all to find more easily.

Guest Posts and Freelancing

I have also started a page with my (and your!) guest posts and freelance articles. This way a) I can keep track but also b) you all can find some of my other posts that I might reference!

Recipe Plug Ins

You might have noticed yesterday, but I have a new recipe plug in! I am going to try this one out for a bit and see what people think. It is difficult for me to convert posts retroactively (because I often incorporate recipes into larger posts), so I am using a different recipe plug in and going back and creating recipe cards for past recipes. That way you can print off the recipe rather than the entire post! Remember, I am just testing this out–please check out the two plug ins:

  • the one yesterday allows you to increase/decrease serving size, have pictures throughout, and then share the recipe directly.
  • The other one (see an example here) is more your standard recipe card). I would love to know which you all prefer! 

So there you have it. A few things that I am working on. Things aren’t really going to go crazy around here (no more than usual), mostly I just want to be transparent about the changes that I am making or considering making. This is my happy place, I’m never going to change that.  And, if nothing else, my content will just be easier to search if you are at all interested! And, if not, then carry on as usual, and we shall pretend that this never happened, lol.

And if I decide that I don’t like it? Then back to the good old days!

Concerns? Comments? Feedback?

What is your “if you don’t try, then you’ll never know”? 

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