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Happy Dance and Class Pass Referral Discount (Thinking Out Loud)


HAPPY THURSDAY. As in almost Friday. Which, for the servers/restaurant folk, doctors/nurses, emergency, and fitness instructors of the world will mean absolutely nothing, unless they are inpatient. Obviously this is true for others, but I have direct experience with those.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

1) But for once, the weekend actually means something for Alex this weekend! As in, he gets the entire weekend off! dancing puffin happy panda

Who knows what kind of trouble we will get into. Slash how much time we will spend asleep on the couch (most likely).

2) So you know those fantastic Giveaway Blog Hops that Runaway Bridal Planner hosts every month? Well, I am your fantastical cohost for the December Giveaway Hop! And by co-host, I mean that I finally get to be the princess of the kingdom–all the obnoxious, in your faceness and glory, none of the responsibility 😉


Yup. You know it. But it also means that we think that you all are incredible, or else we wouldn’t be doing it. Even better? The December hop will be coming riiiiiggght around the time of my own blogiversary….HINT HINT HINT HINT

Holiday Health & Ftiness Giveaway Hop

CLICK HERE if you want in on the glory!

3) Speaking of hints, I’m glad I had so many of you fooled by my teases for the Tuesday post. True story: I am an amazing flirt and tease. I am merciless. Even before Alex, when I get into particular situations, THE SUZ comes out, and guys don’t know what hit them. It definitely came in handy waitressing, lol. Don’t worry, Mom, I did not use these skills to get my job. Yes, I know that you are thinking that. And yes, Alex also knows this, and thinks that it is funny. We are very secure in our relationship.

View More:

4) Ever since the salad-bar-a-palooza with Sara (slash 3 gourmet salad bars in 24 hours) and Chicago’s Table event last Friday, I have been all about the buffet approach to food. Not that this is news, but now I am officially thinking about campaigning that restaurants should allow you to order food a la a sushi bar but even more specifically–like a piece of each roll. I like my options plentiful.

Suzlyfe and LakeShoreRunner

Suzlyfe and LakeShoreRunner

5) Speaking of Chicago’s Table, please head over to my work blog today after 8 Central Time to check out a blurb about each dish that we had! I went way more in depth yesterday (I mean, I have talk about my Don Julio and Sauerkraut soup with someone, right?!), but this post truly is a complement and supplement to that post. I really hope you will check it out, and maybe even help spread the word!

6) We all know that I like my Netflix at work, and that I was watching Gilmore Girls recently. Well, I finished GG (ps, I liked Logan and have issues with that whole thing, but I will save that for another day), and I have since started Parenthood. So basically, I went from Lorelai Gilmore to Sarah Braverman. Single mom with commitment issues to single mom with commitment issues. It’s like Lorelai got into a lot of trouble and the family went crazy and switched coasts.

7) Yesterday, our apartment was cleaned. PROFESSIONALLY. I’m kind of freaking out, man. If Zoe vomits on my newly cleaned anything, I will find a window to throw her out of. Not even kidding (ASPCA, I am totally kidding). Apparently the poor lady was coughing and sneezing the whole time. Poor thing. I may be in love with her.

8) And winter has arrived. You know how I feel about this:

It should

It should

9) Consequently, I had my first treadmill run of the season, and my first early morning treadmill run before work Wednesday. It didn’t go well. I just wasn’t ready to go out into the cold, especially not the dark and cold. But it might just have to happen from now on. When I did go outside, it wasn’t so bad, so that realization helped. But mentally, I just couldn’t handle the tmill. And, furthermore, I could feel my hamstring overworking, so you know that freaked me out. I’m not a good “runch” person, and I’m not great at running after work (especially with Alex going to be having more time off soon), so I’m going to have to figure something out.

10) Speaking of working out, I am absolutely loving my time with Class Pass. I went to Reformed Chicago Tuesday morning and took a reformer class. I honestly do have the (admittedly silly, and truly non-braggy) issue that right now, I am really strong in my core and legs, so many of these classes are too easy for me to really get into them. And what is frustrating is that I can feel that they could be, and I could make them more/sufficiently difficult if I knew what the instructor wanted us to work on. But that goes against the class, where the entire point of the instructor is to take care of it for you. So I will have to work on that. But I love the reformer. Love it. If I had the $5k for one and didn’t need to live in my apartment, I would invest. I’m thinking that gliders might be a good place to start!

And hey, I have a chance for you all to have some fun like I have! For the rest of this week, if you use my referral link, you can get your first month of Class Pass 50% off. That means that for $50 you can access hundreds of studios throughout Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC. 

Seriously. And I would appreciate it, because you doing so (remember, only for the next few days!) will help me stay warm inside of studios this winter rather than flagranting about in the Chicago wilderness. And I would love that, because I am really loving Class Pass. PPPLLLEEAASSEE??

Have a fantastic day, fools!

When was the last time that you had your apartment professionally cleaned?

All the choices, or one big ol’ entree?

What “should” you be doing

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