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“Blends” into Friends–Social to Class Pass Launches Thinking out Loud

A) love how you all all are pumped about eggplant. For those that don’t care for it, try zucchini! Also, I added in an extra little note about helping to get the water out of the eggplant before cooking so that you don’t have so much coming out of it after cooking. And yes, I had the trifle again for lunch yesterday πŸ˜€

I remember having a great idea for today’s post, but then I forgot it completely. So throw all expectations of brilliance aside. It ain’t gon’happen.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

I’ve gotten to spend time with so many really fantastic people recently, so while I might not be offering you all brilliance, I do have some awesome to offer you. In the way of other people.

Rewinding to last Thursday, I got to hang out with this kid.

suz sara social party

If you don’t know that this is Sara by now, then you have apparently never read my blog. And if you actually haven’t read my blog, welcome! This is Sara. Sara is my friend and blogger at LakeShoreRunner. She is also awesomely tall. #ifitintoyournook

What is actually kind of funny is that night I was wearing mega heels and we were basically looking each other in the eye. Almost. We rectified these things on Tuesday, but for the moment it was fun (not for my feet, which apparently don’t like to be constrained by high heels).


So anyway, we were meeting up for the Social Enjoyments Media Launch Party at Rebar at the Trump International! I likely should have been more bloggery, taking pictures and networking, but apparently, when I get to these events, I just gab with my girlfriends.

suz sara leah social launch party

Which, in this case, included Meg (who works for Social), Leah (the founder), and Sara as well as a few other Social “butterflies” (Social reps). We got to hear from Leah about the birth of the company, why she wanted to create it, and about their plans for the future expansion of the beverage and brand.

social rebar cocktails

And we got to test out the 2 new signature Social drinks that will be offered exclusively at Rebar: Classic Social and the Socialite. The Classic was great–nice and refreshing, like a dry sangria.  I actually really loved the Socialite, which struck me as a cross between a margarita and a mojito. The vanilla was light enough that it wasn’t overly sweet but gave it some…roundness, and depth to the refreshing cucumber and hibiscus notes. I still love me the Social Ginger (because who doesn’t love a fiery redhead?), but this was a great bar cocktail that I would absolutely order in a second.

social ginger suzlyfe

Finger foods were passed, but I was too busy talking my head off to bother with that nonsense (though they did look tasty). After the party, Sara grabbed a cab and I waltzed  home while shoving the Kind bar from the swag bag into my piehole. Yeah, it was like that πŸ˜€ I am so happy and thankful to be included in the Social movement–not only do I love the product (and truly, truly love it), I really like the people behind it. And I just heard from a little Social Butterfly that there are 3 new flavors coming out this fall!

whm CHICAGO running bloggers2

Next awesome person meet up? Well you all heard about that on Monday–it was my get together to take on the streets of Chicago in tiaras with Mo (and Erica, if she wasn’t so hell bent on being fast and stuff). But suffice it to say, it needs to happen again ASAP. YA HEAR???


Tuesday, I got to see my favorite tall lady-friend and wear my favorite ridiculous purple pants to do some barre action for the launch party of Class Pass. What is Class Pass you ask? Well, it isn’t my job to tell you (PSYCH). I’ll sum it up though: It is essentially Open Table for fitness classes, but you pay a flat fee up front and you don’t have to pay when you are there. So basically? They make the city your gym, and studios are actually studios. And you can still shower after (if they have them at the facilities). Flywheel, Shred 415, Dailey Method (if you can remember them from the Cheeky Chicago Fit to Be Cheek shindig), and several other studios, such as Exhale, where we took a barre toning class last night, are all options. When marathon season is over, this is something that I will very heavily consider–until thing, it is about NOT GETTING HURT by doing new things. NO FUN.

suz sara class pass launch

The barre class was good, and I definitely got a little burn on. I would have loved if the temp was a bit higher, but that could be because I’m just spoiled by yoga. I’m ok with being a spoiled brat. The Exhale spa is beautiful, and has the great spa smell (love me that French Lavender and Eucalyptus). We took some pictures in which I made a fool of myself, as per usual (I am ok with that). And they were kind enough to give us a great little gift bag to take home! Maybe I should use that as opposed to my super classy Lululemon/Athleta/briefcase smorgasbord.  But that would mean I had some sense. Which isn’t necessarily true. I had originally signed up for the FlyWheel class last night, but it was Alex’s last night off for 13 days and I have yoga cleaning tonight, so he asked me to chill with him instead. I felt like that was valid.

Tonight I finally am getting to check in with my lovely glowing engaged Pittsburghian while she drives home and I clean yoga mats. Good times (actually yes).

This weekend? More grocery shopping (seems like that is all I do these days haha), and I don’t know what else on Saturday, but Sunday could prove to be funzies–I am going to run out and run around with Lacey of Fairytales and Fitness when she visits. She is going to help me finish out my long run on Sunday and then I would imagine faceplanting into a brunch item of some variety (it is only right, I feel). And Sara and I might meet up after! I really want to see her new place so that I can properly stalk her πŸ˜€

Now that you all know my social calendar, tell me: is your social calendar heating up or cooling off now that Labor Day has happened? 

Have you ever been invited to an exclusive event (as media, as a celebrity, because you are just freaking awesome…)?

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