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Birthday Girl + ATL (Catch Up 1/24)

How is my little baby boo TWO YEARS OLD?? She has had quite the past week, and I couldn’t let her big day pass without writing at least a little bit about it!

Last we talked, this was what was up.

Catch Up 1/24

Obviously, the past week has revolved around Emmie turning two, but some other very exciting happs have also occurred.

For one, Alex’s contract with the hospital in Atlanta is officially signed, sealed and executed on both sides! We have also accepted admission to a preschool in Atlanta, so now all we need is a house, another car, and 87,000 doctors for me.

For two, I crossed my final hurdle before starting IVF and had a saline uterine ultrasound (to check the uterus and lining), and I ordered my IVF meds on Emmie’s birthday. Poignant, hopeful, auspicious, and perhaps a warning to order IVF meds on your IVF baby’s birthday. We want to try, but if she is it, we are happy 😀

For three, Emmie and I went to Atlanta for 48 hours to see family and cousins and to go to a preschool interview! We ultimately decided to make another choice, but I was really impressed with how well she handled the small group situation. She still has a lot to learn about school/daycare type settings, but she was engaging, engaged, and showed off her knowledge of colors as well as her busybody-ness. And her determination of exactly where everything should go, lol.

We had a great time in my old and future city, and I thought it was hilarious how much everyone was apologizing for the “cold” weather… um, it was 4 deg the morning I left Chicago with frozen snow on the ground. We good. Emmie and I toured around and looked at some houses, played on some playgrounds in the sunny but brisk weather, and had some great time with cousins and my parents.

Plus, Emmie got to have her own seat on the plane (thank you, Mom!). This was her last chance to be a lap child, but Mom threw some flier miles at us and we lived in luxury. Emmie was a bit overserved by the time we were coming home, though. It was day 3 of “NO NAPS” and not the best sleep at night, so we were both stretched a bit thin!

Mom came back with us to Chicago and helped me out with Emmie for a few days. Or should I say was monopolized by Emmie for a few days. It could be frustrating at times, but I am glad she loves her grandparents and wants to show her every.single.item she possesses. Also, her obsession meant a little quiet at times for me and not having to fight her into the stroller to take the dog out.

Emmie’s two year old appointment went smoothly–she is nailing all her milestones and is tall (nearly 36 inches so 85%ile) with that big ole head (97%tile). Still my little cake pop. We discussed some sleep issues we have been having, but otherwise there wasn’t much to discuss. She has some eczema that we are going to treat, but her daddy had that, as well, and the air is so dry right now that it is no surprise.

It is crazy to think that her next well child visit is going to be in Atlanta. In 6 months, Alex will have just started his new job!

For her birthday proper, we put on our special birthday dress and went to storytime and then had lunch with Ryan, Ali, and Ali’s mom at a great little place in Evanston. The girls shared grilled cheese and traded crayons (which Emmie was hoarding). We aim to soak up every second that we have with them before we leave.

From last week, but the sentiment remains the same

We had pizza (one of Emmie’s favorites) for dinner and treated her to a Molly’s Cupcakes cupcake. I had their cupcakes for my baby shower, we had one right before Mom left when Emmie was a newborn, and we got them for my brother’s visit once as well, so they seem to be becoming a family tradition! I wonder if they ship to Georgia???

Emmie’s birthday party is going to be a joint fiesta with Ryan in February. They are 5 weeks apart, and we have mostly the same friends anyway, so why not go big so we can really enjoy it?! And everyone’s favorite Tarascas is doing the food. Speaking of, we are going with Ali and fam tonight to “taste test” the goods.

Emmie-boo. I love you so much. You are my treasure. I hope that I am able to give you a sibling because you would be an amazing big sister. You are just so YOU–and you are so much of me, but in a more manageable fashion. I have loved every minute of the two years that you have been alive, and the nine months you were within me. Yes, even those times when I needed a break. Being your mommy is everything I have ever wanted to be.

I am so excited to see what this next year has in store for you, Nugs. Happy birthday, my girl.

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