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You know I gotta shout out to Amanda

I almost didn’t write a post for today (WHAT). Not because I didn’t want to, but because my mind was CONSUMED. With what you ask? I shall tell. Also–stick around for the end. The first and last thought are muay importante and have BIG TIME opportunities for all of you. 1) 479 Popcorn. Variety case of the BIG BAGS. Win it. Ends 5/25. New ways to get extra entries. Gluten Free, non GMO, vegetarian (and some vegan), amazing flavors, highest quality ingredients. If you don’t want to win this, you are out of your gourds. 2) I think it is unanimous. Comment-discussions rock. And everyone wants to go to Blaze. SO COME TO CHICAGO AND LET’S CONTINUE THE DISCUSSION OVER OUR PERSONAL PIZZAS. Duh? 3) After all of the healthiness this weekend, dinners Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday have taken a detour to crazytown. Tuesday night, Panera failed me. AGAIN. Alex and I got Panera the other week, and I wanted to try out the Thai Chicken Flatbread. Well, they were out of flatbreads, apparently (even though it was like 6:00?). So Tuesday I wanted to get out of the apartment (I was tired of eating at home and by myself), and I went in to try my luck again. BUT NO. I was over it, so I went home and had chicken sausage and bell pepper. And other things, but I don’t remember. And then I went straight for the ice cream. Wednesday? I had a huge Whole Foods salad bar salad, biscotti, peach and Skinny Pop for lunch (don’t worry, that isn’t all, but that was the majority), so I wanted a little less veg for dinner. Enter: omelet and the remainder of Alex’s Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos. And then ice cream. Before 7.

quite delicious

quite delicious

4) Terry Crews on Watch What Happens Live was amazing. He can pec bounce like no one’s business and is absolutely hilarious. Watch it. (not happening live, but what can you do) 5) So that cat that saved its (human-child) person from the dog got to “throw” out the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game. Next thing you know, he’ll be on SNL as the sequel to Toonces the Driving Cat. 6) Don’t you love that car-just-washed clean feeling? I felt like my Tally was back, like the first day I met her. getting tally 7) The dude on the Trivago commercial annoys the crap out of me. He is boring, looks sloppy (not casual-cool), and his pants are MUCH too low. Get a stylist, dude. And a personality. 8) I am beginning to add on more mileage running, but it scares the sh@t out of me. Seriously. Every time my foot or calf starts to hurt, I begin to freak out. Basically think of the taper crazies, but my life-crazies. So basically just my life.



9) Alex’s last shift of night float (until July ish) is tonight. THANK GOD. And then the real fun begins. SO much to look forward to this weekend: date night tomorrow (Friday) celebrating Alex being off night shift, the beginning of his vacation week, and my potential new gig (wait a second, I’ll tell you!). Then Saturday, friends of ours from med school are coming down! They are one of my absolute favorite couples, came to our wedding (even leaving after another wedding, and driving from Northern VA to get to our wedding the following night.), and are probably the people that I am closest with from Alex’s med school friends. So I am pumped to see them. They even were so sweet because they didn’t want to impose on our couch because it is Alex’s and my first anniversary weekend! We told them not to be silly, obviously. They are going to stay the night and then leave after brunch. The only fly in the ointment is that Gabi from Lean Green Island Girl is going to be in Chicago this weekend, and I was going to join her for part of the Bike the Drive event. Which ends at 11. RARG. Hopefully we will still be able to meet up, but I know that she is crazy busy. And then Monday is Memorial Day, and Alex’s and my first anniversary! CRAZY. otter half 10) Did I make you all wait long enough? So, Wednesday I had my first interview for a training position. It is a position to start out as a group fitness instructor and ultimately as a personal trainer at a private club on the North Shore. I don’t want to give too many details at the moment, except to say that the building is beautiful, the facilities new (the renovations and construction ended last year and the fitness center opened last October), and the clients seem like my type of people, be it of an older crowd. Think of me training my mom. So you know that I like them πŸ˜€  It will take me about an hour to get there from the time that I leave my apartment (I have a 15 minute walk to my car) and then get there–luckily I’m driving against traffic, but I have to navigate side streets. But the drive is GORGEOUS. Oh, and club? It looks out over the beach. Do I wish that it was closer? Of course, but I’m willing to do the drive if it is the right fit. And it felt great while I was there. I observed and assisted the total body conditioning class, and he observed me working with the clients, who seemed to really like me. So I am on a trial. I am going to come up with a class program, teach it, and then he will decide. Also, I am to pitch him ideas that I have for new classes, that will be in line with the patrons.  So, we shall see. I am still going to be open to anything else that comes my way until I have a contract and W2’s in front of me, but I feel good about this. Now I just have to beat out the other 2 candidates. BRING IT BI@TCHES.

Black, White, Pink, and BADASS

Black, White, Pink, and BADASS

I am proud of myself. I am making it happen. I am embodying the ambassadorships and communities that I represent. Oh. and you better believe I wore my Swirlgear sunny short sleeve to the interview. It’s my most professional looking (fitness) ensemble!  0712-cher-horowitz-clueless-gym-outfit_fa And the good news for you all? Swirlgear is having a sale. And free shipping on orders over $75. Get on it. So tell me, what are your favorite moves/exercises in total body conditioning fitness classes?  How are the taper crazies going? 

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