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BFFs (Catch Up 8/5)


Emmie and Ryan have had a week filled with fun, lots of friend time and pool time! I’ll tell you all about it!

Did you hear the good news? Well, lots of good news, and some harder thoughts to swallow. All in my last post.

Catch Up 8/5

1). It has been a lovely week of getting back to movement and feeling like my true self again. I feel like a great Chicago fog has been lifted, and I can see the skyscrapers of downtown again. It has been gorgeous every day, and of course that helps as well. I kept to walking the closer block for Ridley’s walks at the start of the week, but by the end, I was doing the pond again, and twice daily!

Sweet, sweet freedom. I’m keeping the crutches by the door, though. Both as a “just in case” as well as a reminder not to be an idiot.

Ridley is happy to be doing more than just the block, as well. Girlfriend is getting ALL the smells in!

2). Since Alex has been on outpatient, and will be for the rest of the month, we have been enjoying family time in the morning (Emmie now insists on eating his breakfast with him and refusing her breakfast) and evening as well as the full weekend. That means family walks, trips to parks and playgrounds, and meals together. We have all missed this!

3) Emmie and Ryan got a lot of time together this week. Ali had a doctor’s appointment mid week, so I return the favor that she paid me from my MRI and watched Ryan for her. I took the girls up the block to Frances for brunch. The way I managed it was that I had Emmie push Ryan in the little stroller! Emmie loves to push strollers, and Ryan was content to sit there, so it was perfect!

The girls shared French toast, strawberries, and fries. Emmie pushed Ryan home and was so upset when she realized where she was (home) that she turned everyone around and went back up the hill! Then, when it was time to come back down, she sat down and wailed and then slumped over. I decided then that it was naptime for Em, lol. Ali arrived not too long after, but Ryan and I had a great time.

We saw Ryan and Ali as well as Max and Holly on Friday morning, when we went just outside the city to Ali’s old neighborhood pool, which has a “tot swim” in the morning. The pool was amazing for the littles–a HUGE wade in area, great temp, and then a separate splash zone area to play in the water jets and such. Emmie had a great time in the pool, but she really liked the splash pad. Ryan was a maniac and had the time of her life, lol. Max had a great time, too!

We went to brunch after and Emmie and Ryan got another round of French toast!

We had such a great time that we met Ali, Ryan and Justin at the pool for Tot swim the next morning! And then we had swim on Sunday morning! Ryan had a great class, but Emmie was hungry, we think, and so she was a grounch pants. See the earlier comment on her lack of breakfast eating.

But that wasn’t the only time the Wonder Twins saw each other on Saturday, we went to their place for grilling out that evening! We went to the burbs for a pool party hosted by one of Alex’s attendings, and Emmie got in the pool there as well.

If you count bath time with Ryan as yet another pool time (it basically was), Emmie was in a pool 5x in 48 hours, lol!

Dinner and playtime on Saturday was great fun for all involved, and Emmie was exhasted when we got home.

4) Other fun things that Emmie did this week: an AMAZING class at Musical Magic–truly, one of the few places that Emmie completely lets loose. She was jumping around and cackling with laughter! Also, Fit4Mom playgroup at Gallagher Way (at Wrigley) on Tuesday. It was so great to see my friends and their kiddos and catch up and play. Emmie was overwhelmed at first by all the people and actually hid behind my legs, but once she saw her friends, she loosened up.

We have been doing a lot of park and playground time–she is digging the swings. I was also on the hunt this week for a push car, and we ended up buying our friend’s! Emmie was SO excited. When she is in it, it is a battle to get her out, even when she actually does want out!

5) This weekend, we have a couple of playdates and a music class on the docket, but the big thing is that Alex has his first real interview for post-fellowship. He will be gone about 24 hours midweek, and it will be an intense day for him. But I’m so excited for him!

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