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The Best Motivational Quotes for the New Year


Happy New Year, Fools! I thought I would start off 2016 on a motivated and inspired foot with the five best motivational quotes (combined into one ultra quote) for the New Year. I don’t generally consider myself a “post your motivational mantra” type of person, but a few recent events have made me think that we all could use some positivity, motivation, and inspiration for athletes, hard days, and more!

Why Motivational Quotes Now?

Well, motivation doesn’t start after you toast the new year, does it?

Impetus One: My Athletes

The other day, one of my athletes texted me the following: 

How do you stay focused when “life stress” destroys your day and you want to eat the whole pizza or bottle of wine. I try to go for a walk. I try to tell myself it’ll pass. Do you have a motivational phrase you tell yourself?

At first I didn’t know exactly what to tell her–normally, I myself would go for a walk, but right now, with the injury and the fact that I am supposed to stay as still as possible, that is kind of out. So, I focused on the second part of her post: What are my best motivational quotes to help me through the tough times?

Impetus Two: My Mom and the Loss of Our Beloved Penny

As several of you saw on Facebook, Tuesday night my mom and dad headed back to Mexico, and as they were on their way, our horse Penny went into distress and ultimately, had to be put down. For those of you who know what I am talking about, Penny had colic as a result of a large tumor in her belly (which they found upon ultrasound at the clinic). I have distanced myself from the horses over the past few years–I know that any time I see our old buddies that it may be my last–but for Mom, she still see the horses on a regular basis. 

Penny, our beloved horse.

As my mom says, WHAT A DIVA.

I was shocked, but Penny being gone still isn’t real to me, though I know it really will hit me hard when I go home. There are so many amazing stories that I could tell you about my big butted, prissy-mannered, red haired lady, but I think the fact that her show name was “Moneypenny” will tell you more than I could sum up. This was the horse who taught me to ride a HORSE, not just a pony; she took me to my first big championships, and she made us laugh every day. But Penny was Mom’s horse (though she knew who was the alpha of the three of us!). I knew Mom would be devastated–not only because we lost Penny, but also because we all expected Sara (my grandfather’s old broodmare) to be the first to go.

Impetus Three: The Regression of my Stress Fracture

I know, I know–it seems like every time I say one thing, I change my mind the next. Last week, I gave you all a “woohoo” things are going great injury update and that I had gotten clearance to go after Boston when the time came. Well, my friends, I don’t think the time is going to come in time. Whether it was those 10 stupid steps or not, my injury has regressed, I am back in pain, and there is no about a 20% chance that I will go for the Boston Marathon this year. I don’t even know if the run/walk option will be a go, if I am so quick to regress. (no new fractures according to xray, but we are just in for a much longer haul than we originally thought). 

I let Alex pick my outfit for Christmas dinner at Greenriver and the ballet! Accessorized by crutches.

Right now, my focus is just on getting and staying healthy. I would love to be off crutches by February, or at least by the time I have my trip with my Mom to New Orleans, where I was supposed to run Rock n Roll Nola! But most of all, I would love to be back to myself–not to be a blubbery mess when Alex comes home as I freak out about the smallest and stupidest of things, like traveling with crutches, or the fact that I am going to the beach on crutches. Where’s the girl who named her crutches, or who came back from stress reaction to run Ragnar?

Alright, so now that you know the stories behind this rumination on motivation and inspiration, let’s get back to the original question: Do I have any Motivational Phrases that Help me Through the Hard Times?

Motivational Quotes and Inspiration for Hard Times

My first thought was no, I don’t. But then then I realized that was a total lie! I totally did have a few mantras and motivational quotes that have stuck with me over the years, and thinking back on these quotes actually helped me tremendously with my current situation aka injured and feeling a bit helpless physically.

You have a 100% success rate at surviving your worst days. The odds are in your favor, so don’t ruin them now.

The best motivation quote for bad days: You have a 100% success rate at surviving your worst days. The Odds are in Your Favor, don't Ruin them Now! Get more inspiration at

This quote (which as several different forms) makes me laugh, but it is so true. You are alive, which means thus far you have 100% survival rate, regardless of how good or bad your days have been. Keep breathing, and you will keep those perfect odds.

Sometimes it’s the People that No One Can Imagine Anything of That do the Things that No One Can Imagine

This quote from the Imitation Game has always resonated with me: Sometimes it's the people no one can imagine anything of that do the things that no one can imagine. More inspiration at

A quote from The Imitation Game. This helps me remember a) to never doubt the underdog and b) always live beyond expectation.

The first race isn't about learning what you are capable of, but rather about learning that you are indeed capable. Remember that. More Inspiration and motivation for running and life at

I am Capable 

Repeat this to yourself during the hardest points of a workout or a race (as I discussed in my Letter to First Time Marathoners)

Never Throw in the Towel. Use it to Wipe off the Sweat. Then Keep Going.

One of my favorite motivational quotes: Never Throw in the Towel. Use it to wipe of the Sweat, then keep going! Get more inspiration at

I loved this quote the first time I saw it. Another quote that makes me giggle a bit (and thus breaks the tension). Hard work is, well, HARD. But it can fuel even greater work. As long as it is discomfort and not pain, persevere and conquer.

You Can. Beginning of Story.

You Can Beginning of Story Dealing With Anxiety Suzlyfe

This version of this quote (“you can, end of story”) came into my life last summer at just the right time–my anxiety attack.

The thought I want to leave you all with is that regardless of where you are right now, you can always pick up the pieces and begin again. You’ve survived every day up to this point, so wipe the sweat off, and do something that no one has ever expected of you. Because you are capable.

Take that into the New Year. 

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What do you think? Feeling empowered yet?

What are you needing empowerment for as you start the new year?

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