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Let the Good Food Roll! Best Food in New Orleans (WIAW)


The best day of eating in New Orleans was definitely Saturday: that is when Mom and I found our favorite restaurants in the city. Also the day when we had the most flexibility with our eating and restaurant choosing!  So I thought that I would join in the What I Ate Wednesday action to share all the best food in New Orleans that we discovered. Dig in and let the good food roll!

Best Eating in New Orleans : What I Ate (Saturday)

Let the Good Food Roll...Best Food from New Orleans. From Crawfish to Vietnamese in the French Quarter, New Orleans is meant for eating! @suzlyfe

As I discussed on Monday, I woke up Saturday morning and enjoyed a lovely coffee in the room (thank you, Sheraton, for including Starbucks regular and decaf!) then headed over for a workout in the amazing gym. I rarely am able to workout before eating, but let’s just say that it wasn’t difficult to do this weekend, because we has so much late night food!)

After my workout, I met Mom in the Roux Bistro in the hotel, and we both got egg white omelets with arugula salads and whole wheat toast. I ordered mine with extra veggies, no cheese, and Mom got the one off the menu, which came with low fat mozzarella and spinach. 

Egg White Veggie Omelet at brunch at D4 Irish Pub in Streeterville in Chicago, We love this restaurant! |

I didn’t take a picture of the omelet, but it looked identical to this one, so please accept this picture!

Mom wanted to talk about nutrition–she has been having some really powerful cravings lately and wanted some guidance, so I while the fun dishes were certainly appealing, I wanted to set us both up for success for our day, especially because I had a feeling we would have some fun later!

After our exploration in the Garden District, we headed back to the French Quarter for lunch. 

New Orleans has stores with hot sauce tasting bars. Be still my heart!

I may have taken her by one of the hot sauce bars for a little snack before we headed over to lunch!

Exchange Alley in the French Quarter New Orleans is a fantastic side street with delicious restaurants and art galleries. @suzlyfe

Thus why I returned here two days in a row!

I initially took Mom over to where I had gotten lunch the day before, but while waiting, we started to get really hungry, and another spot that I had eyed the previous day looked like it had space, so we headed over to 9 Roses, a Vietnamese cafe. I was torn while choosing–do I get the spring rolls? Pho? Bahn Mi? I ended up deciding on the Goi Ga, or chicken “coleslaw” salad, and Mom got the duck version. Both came with a ginger-fish sauce vinaigrette as well as puffed rice crackers. 

Goi Ga or Chicken "Cole Slaw" salad at Nine Roses Cafe in the French Quarter New Orleans is fantastically delicious and healthy! Get more food options for New Orleans at @suzlyfe

I didn’t leave a bite to my name. I wasn’t even that hungry, but the Goi Ga was delicious! Sweet, salty, savory, and just a hint of spice (especially after I added the sriracha). Lightly dressed, and just a hint of sourness to the vinaigrette as well. I could eat this every. single. day. It reminded me a lot of my two favorite Thai dishes, Som Tom (Green Papaya salad) and Nam Sod (Chicken Peanut Cilantro Salad). But honestly? I don’t think that I could have gone wrong with anything there! If you find yourself in the area, I highly, highly recommend 9 Roses!

We had some time for shopping and coffees, and then we met up with the team at the hotel bar, where I tried a Louisiana local beer: Great Raft Reasonably Corrupt black lager.

Great Raft Reasonably Corrupt black lager is an excellent Louisiana brewed beer if you want a stout or porter without the bitterness!

Not only do I love the name, the beer was great! Like a stout or porter without the weight or bitterness.

The CCFA Team Challenge Inspiration Dinner for the Rock N Roll New Orleans Marathon was held at Mardi Gras World.

The Team Challenge Inspiration dinner was held at Mardi Gras world, and I loaded up my plate with salad, grilled chicken x2 (because I ate half of Mom’s) and marinara sauce (because I love it). Not an exciting plate, so I didn’t take a picture of it, but you can imagine. I was STUFFED after. But that didn’t stop me from getting more awesomeness afterwards!

The cocktails at Kingfish in the French Quarter New Orleans are AMAZING! This is a fantastic cocktail bar with amazing food!

After the dinner, Mom and I went for a drink in the French Quarter, and we picked Kingfish, which I had walked by a few times. Kingfish has a fun speakeasy vibe and incredible food, so we opted for the Kingfish Plateau de Fruit de Mer (seafood charcuterie board), I got a fabulous cocktail (Cocktail a la Louisiane–Rye Whiskey, Benedictine, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters, Luxardo Cherry) and Mom got some sparkling rose. 

The Kingfish Plateau de Fruits de Mer (seafood charcuterie board) at Kingfish in the French Quarter New Orleans is a fantastic sampling of seafood and more!

Included in the board, Clockwise from top left (as I remember):

Pickled veggies, Baguette, Shrimp chips, alligator jerky, smoked fish “salad,” grainy mustard, crawfish boudin, sweet potato hummus, apple butter marmalade, pickled fried octopus, shrimp terrine, red fish dip (center of board).

Simply in-freaking-credible. I loved the alligator jerky! The boudin, a traditional rice-filled sausage, tasted like jambalaya and had huge chunks of crawfish. The sweet potato hummus was the smoothest I’ve ever had. I LOVED the red fish dip, which was salty and so flavorful. I also loved the various pickled elements, and the sweet marmalade.

We left nothing, and then rolled ourselves home!

There were some other great eats from the trip, but the seafood charcuterie board and the Goi Ga were simply exceptional. As was the Cocktail a la Louisiane. And the hot sauce. I love Nola. I can’t wait to go back!

I want it all: The best of @suzlyfe's eats from #NewOrleans! #wiaw #yum Click To Tweet

What looks good to you? 

Tell me the best things that you’ve eaten in the past week!

Have you ever had alligator?

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