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Best of Buzzfeed. And Bacon Jam. Thinking out Loud

Never Forget. 9/11. Today is a day to be reverent, and to remember, but nevertheless, we must find joy and happiness in our life. We are so fortunate to live–spread the love, spread the joy, live, love, laugh.

Whewf. As I sit down to write this (Wednesday afternoon), my brain is mush from dealing with some big work things. Yeah, I’m being vague, get over it πŸ˜‰ I do have some really fantastical things to announce and talk about, but I think that I am going to wait to recap some of that for some Friday Favorites tomorrow (and thus why I’m a day or two behind on comments).

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

Today, I am just going to lob some thoughts at you, in typical random form for Thinking Out Loud, because that is all the brain power I have. In short. take me back to HAWT yoga.

Shirtless hot guy yoga

Never Gets Old

However, in the mean time, let’s just say that the good news I got this week is going to be GREAT news for you all come Monday (I smell ::sniffffffffff:: a giveaway!! And trust me, you know that I will take care of you.) But I honestly do have some really great news that I am super proud of, and is actually INCREDIBLY ironic considering my post Tuesday on intention vs. process vs. result. Let’s just say that my 3 month anniversary at my job was a great day πŸ˜€

work hard stay humble

Yesterday? a bit more of the make-you-want-to-ram-your-head-against-the-wall variety. At least I got some Hannah’s Bretzel out of the deal. I know that Danielle is veryyyyy jealous right now. And girl, I am going to make you a GF pretzel. We are going to do it. Because you are worth it.

Speaking of Gluten Free, I loved all the excitement over my chocolate zucchini bread recipe from yesterday! I’ve felt kind of bad for hording it for so many days, but I told you it was worth the wait πŸ˜€ I actually could really use some, right now. I made it last time, who’s making it for me this time?

Because Tuesday’s post was super heavy on the thought-provoking front, and I need a moment to not think, I decided to offer a few of my favorite Buzzfeed moments again!

dog in banana suit

If this doesn’t make you laugh, we can’t be friends

This is What Would Happen If Normal People’s Phones Were Hacked

Ps. Having been in and around the medical field for a great number of years, Scrubs really is the closest to being true to form

Ps. Having been in and around the medical field for a great number of years, Scrubs really is the closest to being true to form

21 Reasons Dr. Cox is the Mentor this World Needs

turtle dude nemo

21 Adorable Turtles who Just Cannot Win

One of the best quotes ever

One of the best quotes ever

16 Signs You’re Cher from Clueless

british guys

21 Questions British Guys Need to Answer Immediately

And then something fun as a parting gift. If you don’t follow ChiSignature on Instagram, you missed out on this little gem:

bacon jamBacon Jam from Sable Kitchen (see about the time that we sat next to Gina and Pat Neely here!). Basically, the best barbeque ever topped with just enough cheese and served sizzling alongside crostini. ERMIGERD

I hope that you all have a lovely day, and here’s to Thursday treating us all a little more kindly than Wednesday!

What is a untraditional food that you think would make a good jam?Β 

What movie/TV show/what have you defined your childhood/teen years?

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