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The Benefits of Moving

You may hate it, but I see the benefits of moving. Changing apartments, changing homes–there is a great deal of frustration, stress, and decisions making, but ultimately, there is something so life changing about moving.

I would like to make it very clear that I am speaking of moving by choice, not by being forced out or anything of the sort. Obviously, that sucks, and I am sorry if it happens to you.

The Benefits of Moving

The Benefits of Moving : the process may be frustrating and stressful, but there are some major positives to the process of moving. @suzlyfe

I never moved during my childhood–something for which I am very thankful, and I loved and adored our house!–but until our current apartment, I spent the longest time in my graduate school apartment in New York, but I didn’t live there during the summers. Otherwise, I moved each year during college and thus had the opportunity once a year of going through everything. I will say that I did move rooms once in our house that I grew up in, and that provided me with some of the benefits of moving without quite so many of the headaches 😀

Changing your address, packing up all of your things into cardboard boxes and lugging said things down the hall, down a few a floors, across the city, across the county, across the world. Moving can be one of the most frustrating and time consuming activities that we (willingly) put ourselves through. And, of course, everything can go wrong–especially the day of the actual move. 

I’m not necessarily talking about that part. That part can be horrific. Furthermore, I’m actually not so much a fan of unpacking–I’ve found you either like packing or unpacking, but luckily most of us can agree that very very few people actually enjoy the move itself!

But the process of moving, of going through your possessions, your memories and your knick knacks and cullling your collections, then filling your boxes, is something that I actually really enjoy and am a fan of. 

The Benefits of Moving : A Moment to Reflect

One of my favorite byproducts of the moving process is the opportunity to reflect on the past and the story that you have written, the journey you have taken, while living in that place. What have you kept? What do your things remind you of? We may live in a place–but how often do we take out the trinkets and mementos and think about what they mean to you, why you ended up with them, and why you have them. I love that chance to go back through my memories–of that year and beyond.  I love remembering my friend who gave me the little elephant figure from India, my shells from Mexico, and my wedding albums. So many special memories and times, and without the process of moving, how often can I say that I sit there and really focus on why I have them?

The Benefits of Moving : Rediscovery and Inventory

You always find and rediscover pieces that you have been missing–from pictures that were put inside a box (that you never open) to all the things your pets have stolen and hidden, to discovering that you have 3-4 of the same thing because you kept losing and rebuying them, or that you only have one left. Or that your “friend” never did return that dress that she borrowed (shake of the fist). Do you honestly need 28 pens? Maybe you do, I’m not judging, but at least now you know that you have that many!

Also, you will likely find gift cards, so SCORE!

The Benefits of Moving : Ditching the Excess

Many of us have heard of the life changing magic of cleaning up, decluttering, going minimalist, and generally downsizing. Time to take spring cleaning to the next level: all of the shirts that you love but that have holes in them? Ditch. Those clothes that are in good condition but were in style 5 years ago and you now know that you will not be wearing again? Donate/resell (maybe they will be in style for someone else along the way). Chucking all of the scraps of paper for events, business cards for people that you will never follow up with. Get rid of the expired, donate/give away/sell what no longer works but is in good condition, and make room for items relevant to you now and in the future. 

The Benefits of Moving : Thinking about Past, Present, Future

Speaking of, the process of moving provides the opportunity and moment to stop for a moment and think about where you are in this moment in time as you transition from the past to the present to the future. How did you end up where you are now? How have you changed since you decided to move to that place? Who are you now, at this time, and what do you need right now (and for the first few weeks of transition)? Where do you think you are going? What preparations do you need to make for the future? What are you setting up for?

The Benefits of Moving : A Clear Head 

I find that moving provides me with the chance to clear my head. I declutter my head as I declutter my space; there is rhythm and structure within the chaos; I actively problem-solve and put the pieces of the puzzle together to make everything fit. I am a problem solver by nature, so that aspect really calls to me! 

I’m not as big a fan of unpacking, a) because I tend to change my mind about how things should be put away and b) after all of the moving, I am ready to be done! But I do appreciate the possibilities and energy inherent within the unpacking process–you are setting up for a new life, a new tomorrow, and a new adventure. 

But you better know that while I’m not a huge fan of unpacking, I will be doing it, thank you, because goodness knows no one else can do it properly ;P

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Have you moved a lot in your life?

Would you rather pack or unpack?

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