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Benefits of Massage for Runners + Quatrro Pro Massager (Coaches Corner)


Yes, massage is just as important for new runners as it is for elites! Find out why and learn about a new tool making massage for runners even more accessible today on Running Coaches Corner, and join the link up with your own post!

As I mentioned last week on Coaches Corner, it is important to start off your running career with good habits. Today, I am talking about the importance of self massage for runners, and a new tool that can help you make the most of your recovery!

The Benefits of Massage for Runners

This post is sponsored by Quattro Pro Massager. All opinions are my own!

Massage for runners is beneficial for all levels to aid in recovery and better workouts! Find out how the Quattro Pro Massager can help! @suzlyfe

If you are a new runner (welcome to the club!) you may think that you don’t need to focus on recovery. WRONG. All runners, everyone involved in a fitness regimen, and heck, everyone in general can benefit from self massage. Think about it: we sit in chairs all day long, we lug around laptops and shopping bags and children, and then we go and run and expect our bodies to just spring into action without any problem?

Yeah, right.

Imbalances and stiffness invite injury and impede optimal performance. Period. End of story. Massage can be instrumental in prepping the muscles for work and then aiding muscular recovery after a workout. Many runners extol the virtues of myofascial release, a type of massage that uses pressure and manipulation of soft tissue to relax and release the musculature and fascia, or connective tissue that covers 80% of the body. MFR, as it is known, is incredibly helpful in treating immobility and pain from repetitive motions.

But MFR isn’t the only massage therapy that is beneficial for runners: trigger point therapy, active release therapy, Swedish message, and targeted massage therapy all have myriad benefits for runners.

Benefits of Massage for Runners:

  • Reduces fatigue, fluid retention, and muscle swelling
  • Soothes muscle tension and eases discomfort and pain
  • Corrects muscle imbalances before they happen by allowing muscles to be engaged for work
  • Prevents injury by increasing mobility and correcting the aforementioned muscle imbalances
  • Increases circulation to each layer of soft tissue

Self Massage Tools

What do runners need for proper self massage? Foam rollers are incredibly popular, but unfortunately, foam rollers are bulky and aren’t preferable for targeted therapy. Therapy balls and lacrosse balls can also be incredibly effective, but there are many areas that are difficult to reach with the proper amount of pressure or simultaneously on each side. 

Quattro Pro Massager for Runners

The Quattro Pro Massager is a new tool that aims to solve all of those problems with the additional benefit of heated massage therapy. With multiple configurations, removable rollers that can be heated or cooled, the Quattro Pro Massager is the optimal tool for self massage. See this page for recommendations on how to use the Quattro Pro Massager to perform self massage for the relief of everything from daily pain to acute injury pain.

Gentle strokes with heated or unheated rollers provides the benefits of Swedish massage in relieving achy muscles, while  deep massaging with heavy pressure eases inflammation, improves blood flow and reduces muscle tightness. Heating the rollers enables you to get even deeper into the muscles and layers of fascia and is especially important if manipulating muscles that are very stiff and tight. 

All runners, from elites to those just starting out can benefit from massage, but affording sports massages on a semi-regular basis, much less daily, is unlikely to be feasible unless you are a professional runner (and running is literally your job). Or you live with a sports massage therapist (lucky duck). Tools such as the Quattro Pro Massager make targeted daily massage a possibility for all by making it affordable, accessible, and, most importantly, available on your time. You can take the massager with you anywhere and use it any time!

Self Massage for Runners

Your calves, quads, hamstrings, and feet can of course be targeted with the Quattro Pro Massager! Here are a few other focus areas that I have found incredibly beneficial for my running when massaged.

Lower Lat Massage

Your Latissimus Dorsi back muscles are critical components of your complete core and connect directly to the pelvic girdle and your glute complex. An underactive glute can equal overtired and tight lat muscles–have you ever finished a long run and had a super achy lower back? Grab the Quattro Pro Massager and work that out. The fact that you can modify the width of the rollers makes it perfect for all different size frames!

Neck to Intrascapular Massage

Technology. Smartphones, computers, Pokemon go. Lugging bags and dominant sides. All can cause neck pain and muscle imbalances in our necks that need to get worked out before we go for a run, or we can seriously strain our necks! Working from the nape of the neck to the area between your scapulae (shoulder blades) will not only feel amazing, but it will help you run more freely and thus, more efficiently.

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Quattro Pro Massager Giveaway!

I want you to have the chance to start off the new year on the right foot by incorporating healthy and injury preventative habits into your running routines from the start! Consequently, I am giving away a Quattro Pro Massager to one lucky Suzlyfe reader! Enter via rafflecopter below, US only, ends midnight, Wednesday 1/18.

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