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Believe. Begin Again. Dealing with Anxiety


I was sitting at lunch with Alex, my parents and my brother yesterday when I got a few emails that just put me into this momentary moment of feeling frozen. Overwhelmed.


This came in the middle of sun-filled, seemingly carefree day and just shook me. You see, I have clinical anxiety and depression, and even though I do take medication for it, I have been lowered accordingly with how well I’ve been doing (ie: not really having many problems). But, as with my Crohn’s Disease, just because I am managed doesn’t mean that I don’t periodically have symptoms. As I discussed this spring and earlier this summer, I am trying to figure out my path of sorts in this wild and crazy world. And just when I think that I’ve gotten a handle on something, a piece of flooring comes flying out. Maybe it doesn’t whomp me in the face, but it does get my attention. Dealing with anxiety is fun, right?

The same thing happened yesterday. I went from being largely a-ok one moment to feeling out of control, fuzzy, and like I was perched on a ledge the next. Were any of the stimuli of this miniature attack all that worthy of me having a “moment”? No. And combined, they honestly weren’t really either. But nevertheless, I found myself needing to just take a moment, read my book, and reboot. 

Dealing with Anxiety

You can end of story inspiration

I saw this on @Daniellegracep’s Instagram the other day, and I immediately responded back to her that I liked the message, but that I would actually change it a little bit. Instead of “End of Story,” I would conclude with “Beginning of story.” Because that is exactly where we are when we decide that we can do whatever is to follow. We are beginning again. We are dedicating ourselves anew to the pursuit of ____. 

You Can Beginning of Story Dealing With Anxiety Suzlyfe

So I challenge you to do the same. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed, needing a “moment,” or out of control–while running, working, or just living–I suggest that you take a moment, reset, and move forward from a place of You Can. Treat that moment as a new beginning, a blank slate of the best kind: one that remembers all the good but forgets all the bad while still learning its lessons. 

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You can. Beginning of story. Happy Tuesday.

Are you dealing with anxiety or depression?

How do you reset/reboot yourself when you find that you are getting overwhelmed?

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