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Balancing Fitness And Long Hours On Your Feet #HealthWarriorWay


It can be hard balancing fitness if you spend long hours on your feet at work or otherwise! Find out how I keep my body happy and healthy on the go. 

This blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and Health Warrior blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

While training for my first marathon, I logged miles and miles during runs and then spent long hours on my feet working full time at a restaurant. Since then, I have managed to balance high mileage weeks of running and long shifts without energy and with a remarkable lack of fatigue! My secret? These five necessities that keep my legs and mind happy and resilient!

5 Necessities for Balancing Fitness and Long Hours on Your Feet

It can be hard balancing fitness if you spend long hours on your feet at work or otherwise! Find out how I keep my body happy and healthy on the go. @suzlyfe

  • Supportive Shoes

When you work for hours and hours on end on your feet, you need to make sure those feet are taken care of. One of my biggest annoyances with my previous serving job was the footwear that we were required to wear: Converse. I have incredibly flat feet, so I ended up putting orthotics into my Converse! Hello, I was training for a marathon outside of the restaurant! At my current job, I wear Dansko’s, which are slip resistant and just the right amount of stability and flexibility. My feet are remarkably less tired and have fewer injuries. After work, it is straight to my Mizuno Wave Sky’s.

  • Compression Socks

For dinner shifts and doubles, the compression socks come out. I’ve even worn compression tights underneath my pants on several occasions (both inside and outside of work, let’s be honest!). Though the efficacy of compression garments is debatable (some call it a placebo effect), I stand by them. I avoid swelling and overall leg fatigue even after 6-7 hours of power walking!

  • Activity Tracker

Speaking of hours of power walking, I always wear an activity tracker when I am working in the restaurant, both out of curiosity (hello, steps!) but also so that I have a visual of how hard I am working. Oftentimes, we only consider that we burn calories when working out–I can tell you that I am getting my steps in at the restaurant, too! I’ve told you that I have walked upwards of 10 miles on double shifts before, and I’ve walked over 7 miles during a single shift before. I didn’t consider how many calories I was displacing while working before I started wearing my tracker!

  • Hydration

I always keep a water bottle at the ready for a break in service when I can chug some cool and refreshing water! You are working inside in temperature controlled areas, so you may not be getting sweaty like you would if you were outside (like when you run outdoors during the winter) and might not realize how dehydrated you are. Make sure to get in water throughout your shift. I aim for 2x 12-16 oz during the course of a dinner shift (about 6-7 hours of active work).

  • Convenient Healthy Snacks

Nutrition is so important, as any athlete knows. Just like in a marathon, if you are not hydrated, geared, and fueled properly, you are going to hit that wall, and hard. How can you be expected to maintain focus with a growling tummy and lack of carbs and glycogen powering your muscles and brain?!

It can be hard balancing fitness if you spend long hours on your feet at work or otherwise! Find out how I keep my body happy and healthy on the go. @suzlyfe

Right now, I am loving the Health Warrior Chia Bars! They are the perfect size for a busy shift because I need a nutrient boost but don’t have much time to eat! I keep two or three in the back of the wait station with my water bottle to preempt one of those hangry moments (especially when you are carrying huge hot plates and dealing with customers!). The combination of protein, low sugar (only 4-5 grams per bar!), healthy fats, fiber, carbs, and natural sugars (even Omega-3s) keep my energy levels steady, and mixing up the flavors keeps my taste buds intrigued. I’m loving all of the flavors, especially the chocolate peanut butter! As I’ve discussed in the past, chia seeds are excellent for keeping you satisfied and satiated for a long time, so even this small snack stays with you.

The #HealthWarriorWay means staying focused + energized during long shifts! @Healthwarrior #ad Click To Tweet

Health Warrior Chia Bars are the perfect on the go snack that will keep you going with superfood ingredients without too much sugar (but you do need some sugars!) and great flavors (I really want to try the mango!). Want to try them for yourself? Use this discount code for 30% off at the Health Warrior website:  the_suzlyfe30

Do you work long hours on your feet? What are your secrets for survival?

Have you tried Health Warrior products?

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