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Back to Work aka Play (37 Weeks + Friday Catch Up 10/12)

Looking at my favorite moments from this week as we got back to work aka play! Friday Catch Up time!

Did you read my Weekend Catch Up from Monday? Emmie finally started feeling better!

Friday Catch Up 10/12

This week, I’m going to do some favorite moments from the days!

1). Emmie needed an early nap on Monday, so we didn’t get to meet up with Alex’s parents, but we had a great day otherwise. We made Alex’s food (slow cooker orange chicken), put on fun clothes and headed outside in the gorgeous weather, and we went for a great run. The only not fun part? A super clogged milk duct. It would NOT fix itself, even with pumping, heat, cold, and Emmie working on it! Finally, half of the way through the day, Emmie got it unclogged. What am I going to do when we get her off the boob? Oof. 

How cute is my baby? Look how big she is! Sidebar–right after this picture was taken, she started making out with Jellycat. Floozie.

2) Tuesday was another beautiful day, and we got dressed up to head down to lunch at Goddess and the Baker with our friend Christina! We got super lucky with an outdoor table, and Emmie got her first taste of yogurt.

The jury is still out on how well it agreed with her tummy. We tried it again the next day with similar results (she was upset about 3 hours later for about 15 minutes and then fine). So far, she hasn’t spit up or had diarrhea or an increased number of diapers, all symptoms that caused us to look into her digestion back in March. I have been fully back to eating dairy for nearly a week–I’ve even had yogurt and ice cream this week!–so she seems ok with the dairy protein to an extent. Maybe not with directly ingesting it thought? I’ll keep you posted.

Check out our amazing all unicorn outfit.

3) Wednesday took us back to Fit4Mom and Stroller Strides! It had been nearly 2 weeks because of Emmie’s virus last week, and both Emmie and I were ready to see our friends. Emmie was a hoot during classes–happy happy happy!

I repeated Emmie’s outfit because we would be indoors and she needed to be in lighter clothes; it was the right choice because she and her bestie Ryan were twins!

Holly and Max joined us for lunch at Panera, and though I was going to go with Ali and Ryan to Target after, Emmie needed to go home because she had decided naps were silly earlier. Alex and my wallet were ok with that. 

4) Thursday Emmie woke up earlier than usual (she has been back to sleeping very well during the night, so it means she sometimes wakes up early). But her being up earlier meant she got to see Daddy before he left (he has been working long hours this week), and we played on the floor before she needed to go back to sleep. She took a hell of a nap, and I was super happy because I needed a nap, too!

We had a gorgeous walk outside, but it was a chilly walk! The temps plummeted overnight, and the wind picked up, so it was our first truly chilly walk of the season. I’m going to have to figure out her bundling situation, and how to convince her to LEAVE HER HAT ON. 

Then Em and I headed to a new class, Boogyin Babies at Musical Magic. It was a great class, and Emmie was SO into it. SO into it. She especially loved the egg shakers! There were different props with each song, and the instructor had a fantastic voice. I really thought the class was excellent!

We had a nice walk through Roscoe Village to Whole Foods for lunch for both of us, and then walked home through the sun. The light is really taking on that fall glow, and I am so excited for this weekend (and I’ll tell you why in a minute!).

5) Emmie has really come alive in the past few days. She had started to do so last week, but it was tempered by her illness. This week, she has been into moving around as she tries to figure out crawling. She is really, really quite close! She gets up on her hands and knees often, and if I help her position her legs, she will crawl forward with her arms as well. But left to her own devices, she just pitches forward. 

Which does indeed get her forward…. but also resulted in a faceplant into her activity gym. 

She is having so much fun with finger foods! After introducing puffs the other week, I cooked some sweet potato for her on Monday, and we practiced picked up the pieces and eating them. Did you see my IG stories with her dancing in her high chair? We just tried banana with our hands last night! 

What finger food should we try next? She will chew, but she still isn’t really ready to masticate things yet. Mushrooms, for example, are still an issue when raw.

This weekend is a packed one! Today (Friday), we have Broadway and Me, which we missed last week when she was sick. Hopefully, Alex will get off early enough to have dinner with us, but we shall see. I am on the fence about running outside this morning, as it is supposed to be cold, and I don’t want to have to figure out everything first thing in the morning. So I might run on the treadmill during naptime or we might just go out later, depending on what she does. 

ANYWAY. Tomorrow (Saturday) is Max’s birthday party, and then that night is Fit4Mom’s Mom’s Night Out! We are all going to the Pump and Dump show, and Ali and I are going to dinner beforehand. Wish Alex luck flying solo! May the child PLEASE take her bottle!

Sunday is also going to be super fun and exciting! I am going to a yoga and brunch event down near where we used to live, and then that afternoon, we are having professional pictures taken in Lincoln Park with Bella Baby Photography! They did her newborn pictures, and I can’t wait for round 2.

Wel, that was a bit longer than I thought it would be! Have a great, lovely fall weekend, everyone! 

Has the temp dropped for you?

What should I do about this morning, and what should I wear for photos?!

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