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If you are coming from Mrs. Katie’s MIMM link up, please visit today’s post as well!

Wow. The Suzlyfe has been a bbuuussyyy place of late. We are back in Chicago, and I am currently snuggling with the Zoe-tles (who we missed terribly, actually) and Alex on the couch, and thinking that it feels like forever since I was last in the exact same position. You’ll be reading this Monday morning, and he will be long gone by then (to work, I won’t have killed him nor will he have run off or something. I hope), but I’m going to pretend that the 3 of us are still ensconced in our little family cocoon for the time being.

seabrook reception names koozies suzlyfe

Let’s catch up a little bit, shall we?

As I said, the Suzlyfe has been a busy, busy place. Three guest posts in the past few weeks:

Making a Life Changing Leap on the Gluten Free Treadmill

Running Southern in the Land of Yankees over at Running Southern

Married to Medicine: Surviving the the First Year at Loving on the Run.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the ladies that allowed me to invade their space for a bit, and also to thank Carson for guest posting for me last week and taking some pressure off my shoulders to pump something out.

This week, Alex is back to work, and I am back to….whatever it is that I do.

I feel like the week truly was extended, from our friends joining us last weekend to our anniversary in Chicago to our anniversary trip in Charleston to the wedding weekend in Seabrook. I’m probably going to be waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning now, thanks to the time shift and also the fact that I was already waking up far too early in the morning by east coast standards, but we shall cross that bridge when we get to it.

We weren’t having coffee at the time, but let’s pretend that we are having a koozie wrapped beverage of choice for now, shall we?

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Charleston was a lot of fun, but we learned some critical things while we were there:

a) Susie likes her shrimp. Had some every day while I was there. Lots more pics to see this Wednesday for WIAW.

fleet landing shrimp suzlyfe

b) Charleston laughs in the face of requests for no butter or oil. Thus one of my thoughts in particular from Thinking out loud Thursday.

c) Though we went on our trip thinking one way, we have decided that we don’t see ourselves living in Charleston. We liked it, the architecture, food, history, etc was beautiful, but it is WAY too small for us. And too Frat-tastic. And I love me some fratitude, don’t get me wrong.

seabrook rehearsal suzlyfe

d)  I said I wasn’t going to drink this weekend. I lied. But now I will be able to be good.

e) We like bourbon. And Bourbon based drinks. (this has become increasingly the case over the past year, I would say)

husk punch pimento suzlyfe

f) Alex and I do like Pimento cheese, particularly when it is homemade, and or in grits (I found the first grits that I liked!).

g) I eat a lot more than the average girl. And a lot more frequently. But I drink far less, so there is that trade off.

h) I CAN survive with only having ice cream 2 times in a week. But not without candy. Or yogurt/cottage cheese. It’s a one or the other situation. I can’t be without both/all.

I got my bulk candy fix.

I got my bulk candy fix.

i) I like popcorn. Alex can do damage to Smartfood. With our powers combined….

j) It is best to avoid getting the plague the week of your wedding. Oh, and having the entirety of your friend group (except for those that came a bit late, Ie us and the couple that we stayed with) also catch the plague isn’t advisable either. Luckily, Alex and I were exempt from getting the virus that flattened nearly everyone else at the wedding because we went to SBI on Thursday rather than on Tuesday. The bride and groom got it first, which was best case scenario (if you had to get it) so they were ok by the time of the wedding, but geez. Purell was very, very popular this week, as was air-hand-shaking.

k) Humidity, sweet humidity. How you have been missed. And how much we would hate you if there was no breeze involved.

seabrook1 suzlyfe

l) I/Alex/we miss the South/east coast. A lot. Chicago, you are fun and all that, but this region is where we belong.

m) Alex and I are now Uncle Alex and Aunt Susie! Alex’s brother and his wife welcomed a son, their first, on Friday. Mama and baby and are healthy, happy, and recovering well. Alex is over the moon about his nephew, and it is adorable to see him like this. We’ve still got a little time yet, but it definitely stoked the fire a bit more. Until then, we have the Zoester.

tyson benjamin

We had a marvelous, weekend, week, time, vacation, but I can’t lie, I’m glad to be back home and getting back to the swing of things–and I’m ready to try to move things forward job wise. June is going to be super social for us–events or people visiting every week, including my mom (!) and several of my good friends, including my maid of honor (YYAYY), who I don’t believe I have laid eyes on since the wedding.

I am going to get to it, gotta go get groceries and the like (luckily we did laundry before we left!), but tell me, what are you looking back at with fondness, and forward to in anticipation?

Any good week-of-wedding catastrophe stories?

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