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Atlanta Wedding Weekend with Friends and Family

And hello there! Welcome to another week, another day, and another chance to KICK A$$ at life 😀 Let’s keep the good going with a look at my weekend! Also, Happy First Day of Summer!

Thank you Katie for Marvelous Monday! Have you entered the Ips Snacks Giveaway yet?

I know it isn’t technically the weekend, but Thursday night I attended a blogger dinner at Blaze Pizza—you know how I feel about Blaze. And Free Blaze? No WAY was I going to miss that!

My Blaze pizza! #HowdoyouBlaze? Lots of veggies, spicy red sauce, chicken, a drizzle of BBQ and a sprinkling of parm! This time I tried out the gluten free crust.

How do I Blaze? With all the veggies + spicy add ons, a drizzle of BBQ, and no cheese except a sprinkle of parm. Oh, and by the pie. You know how I do 😀

I decided to try their gluten free crust, purely for reference sake (I am not gluten free)—while I thought the flavor and consistency was good (it wasn’t gluey or overly dense), there wasn’t enough char or structure to it for my personal liking. Even so, I think it might be a great option for those who are GF, and for those who are Celiac, the employees made sure to ask if it was an allergy, so I think that you can feel safe and secure knowing they take your condition seriously!

A big salad from sprigs in Chicago Midway Airport for lunch tided me through hours of flight delays.

Friday, I got up early to go to the gym for my own workout and to train a client, and then headed straight to the airport for my flight back to Atlanta for the wedding of one of my closest high school friends. 6 hours later… we finally left for Atlanta, 3.5 hours late.  Atlanta got a major storm with hail and the works literally targeting the airport and bringing the whole place to a ground stop.

And, in true Suz-travel style, I was shuttled between multiple planes and gates during all of this. Lawd.

Because of the delays, I MISSED the rehearsal dinner—we landed after it had started! But I still ended up having a great night with my brother.

The turkey burger from Grindhouse Atlanta is delicious! I totally recommend it with their pico de gallo.

We went to a burger place called Grindhouse and I got their turkey burger—so good!– with custom toppings and bibb lettuce wrap and a 3 Taverns Brewing Le Peche Monde, which was a saison with Georgia peach! How could I not get it! I loved the beer—refreshing but not too light and not sweet. I will totally be looking for it in Chicago.

After dinner (where we sat and chatted for a while after), we went back to his apartment and ended up watching Game of Thrones, which I am now totally a fan of. I’ve already informed Alex that we will be getting the DVDs and getting caught up. It is happening.


Saturday morning, I got up and went for what I consider to be my first true long run since my injury: 10 miles, and in Atlanta humidity and on Atlanta hills! I missed out on the Atlanta heat, as the storm from Friday broke the heat.

My longest run since breaking my back! 10 miles in Atlanta was a great start to the weekend.

I focused on running easy and comfortably, and even so managed my 10 miles much more quickly than anticipated! And Laura, you better believe I thought of you as I ran through Piedmont Park!

View of the Atlanta skyline from near the Beltway in Piedmont Park. Perfect morning and setting for a run!

My parents came in around 11, and we hung out at the apartment before going for a drive around the city, getting lunch at Bocado (which was tasty, but had a VERY limited menu for weekend lunch/brunch), and then going to my parents’ storage unit to help them sort through a few things before they downsize what they have.

The snack plate at Bocado Atlanta is delicious! Pimento cheese, herby marcona almonds, olives, and smoked trout dip.

Because lunch had been on the lighter side for me (again, limited menu), we went back to one of our favorite places and got a drink and a hummus platter, which I did work on, before returning to the apartment for me to get ready, and then dropping me off at the wedding on my parents’ way back out to our lake house. It was really great, and super special, to be able to spend a holiday, especially a family oriented one, with them on the actual weekend (though a day early). Happy Father’s Day!

The wedding was GORGEOUS, absolutely exquisite, and I ate myself silly and got to spend the entire night with one of my best friends (the bride actually was the one that introduced us).

Me and one of my best friends at the wedding of the lady that introduced us!

Love this girl, she is a treasure to me.

Sunday morning, my brother and I got breakfast at Einstein Brothers (so yummy) before he took me to the airport.

It was a short, but very satisfying, trip home—filled with people that I love, filled with love itself, and in the city that helped me become who I am. But I will admit, right as I was leaving, at breakfast, actually, I was saddened and repulsed to overhear just the type of conversation that I was reacting to in my post last week regarding discrimination. I don’t want to go into it, but it was hard to hear, especially in the midst of an area of Atlanta that is filled with the very people that the man was making statements about. I know people are entitled to their opinions, but have some prudence, please.

Check out @suzlyfe family-filled + delicious weekend home in Atlanta! #yum #bgbcommunity Click To Tweet

This week is going to be pretty straightforward, other than having Remicade today. I will admit that I’ve increasingly having reflux and pains in my abdomen and belly, and I’m trying to figure out why. I’m hoping that my liquid gold will take care of it.

Have a great week, every one!

When was the last time you slept on someone’s couch?

When someone makes inflammatory statements in public, do you engage them or do you leave it alone?

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