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A Little Place Called Aspen (Wedding Weekend Recap)


Whew, what a weekend! To say that we had a good time in Aspen (and in Denver) would be the understatement of the year. But we might just need a vacation from our vacation!


Friday morning, Alex and I got up early to knock out some activity before being stuck in planes and cars for the rest of the day. I took a beautiful run next to the lake while he went to the gym.

Then we made record time in our Lyft to Midway (seriously, RECORD time), and because we had so much time left over, we settled down and got some work done.

Well, Alex did real work, I commented on people’s social media. Which is work, too, right?

We saw Courtney right before we got on the plane–she had been working as well, and then once on the plane, I passed out, so our time spent with her was rather minimal–but at least we got to see her and spend time together on Wednesday

Soon we were in Denver and on our way to meet more friends!

Saana picked us up + we gathered up Adam and then headed downtown to Denver Central Market for lunch. 

Ironically, I had just read something about how Denver Central Market is one of the new it spots, so I was pretty excited, and it did not disappoint. I got a massive salad from Green Seed with all the fixings (curried cauliflower, pickled red onion, chicken, miso dressing) 

Alex and I shared it and the Agrodulce pizza from Vero.

OMG this pizza, y’all. Speck, arugula, a white balsamic reduction… and the most perfect crust ever. I couldn’t stop! I was so full by the time it was all gone, but Saana told us we needed to try High Point Creamery‘s ice cream, so… we did.

Their flavors are amazing–the Tin Cup Whiskey with Pistachio Brittle won my flavor test, and if I had gotten my own cone (too full), I would have gotten that and the Basil with Blackberry. They even had a Rose Gold flavor, which was rose with some sort of caramel swirl and real gold flakes!

Whiskey Ice Cream? Agrodulce Pizza? Take me to @dencentralmkt! @hipointcreamery #yum #travel Click To Tweet

By that time, we needed to let Saana get on with her day, and so she took us to the house of our friends who live in Denver (and would be go with us and driving us to Aspen) so that we could start that leg of the journey. 

And off we went, through traffic and nearly being involved in an accident ourselvesSeriously, we missed being the meat of a 8 car pile up sandwich by inches. Alex, of course, needed to be a responsible doctor, and he went to check that people were ok (they were, but their cars were certainly not), before we continued on.

It was a gorgeous drive, though I slept for parts of it. We drove through quaint little Leadville, which made me think of everyone who just did the Leadville 100 miler (and how crazy they would be to do it at that altitude), then Twin Lakes (which doesn’t have a stop light), and then we went up and over Independence pass, once of the highest driveable points in the Rockies (and over the Continental Divide!). It was simply spectacular, but I will admit with no problem that the altitude, winding roads, and pressure in my feet as my legs swelled made the drive not quite as enjoyable for me. 

Soon, we were in Aspen, and I was taken aback by how accessible and human scale it was. I was expecting a hotel town of Ritz Carlton’s and the like! While the people living in Aspen obviously have money, they more so wear it and you see less of it in the architecture, which I very much appreciated (I’ll come back to this). 

We dropped our stuff off at the Air BnB and set off for dinner, and then went to meet up with more friends and the bride and groom before soon bringing a contingent back to our condo to wait for the rest of our friends and roommates and to hang out with everyone. 


Alex and I got up Saturday way before anyone else, so we took advantage of the perfect weather and went for a run through the gorgeous neighborhoods and just-waking-up town. The human scale of Aspen–the fact that it must have zoning restrictions to keep building certain heights, the historic nature of many of the buildings as well as newer more modern aesthetics–really impressed me. And the mountain in the background didn’t hurt either! 

Both Alex and I were really surprised by how well we felt while running–we took it easy, sure, and we were breathing a bit harder than normal, but we were fine!

We came back, snacked (basically all I did Saturday was to eat), then got ready for the wedding on top of the mountain!

The ceremony was gorgeous, short and totally personal and romantic. It basically consisted of their vows to each other–but what more needs to be said! Soon, they were married, and we were clapping, and then it was cocktail hour on the deck overlooking the back of Aspen Mountain. Kinda picturesque….

Lunch was delicious, the toasts were great, and hanging out with close friends (we were all at the same table) was just the icing on the cake. Speaking of, they didn’t have a cake–they had a donut table (a take on the Pittsburgh cookie table because the groom is from PGH) with all kinds of donuts from Voodoo Doughnuts!!

Alex and I both had too many, but you gotta try them, right? 

Soon, my feet were failing me, and my stomach was telling me that too much rich food, too many donuts, too much everything, was doing me in. I should have taken a picture of how swollen my feet were–they were getting claustrophobic in SANDALS. 

It was time for everyone to get off the mountain, anyway, so Alex and I decided to head back to the BnB for a rest…and then my shoe broke, so we walked back with me being barefoot! Honestly, my feet were way happier for it.

After a rest, it was time for a pizza party, and though I didn’t want anythign to eat, you know I can’t resist pizza (or anything, really), so we forced ourselves to eat delcious pizza on a rooftop deck in Aspen surrounded by many of our best friends.

It’s a tough life.

Alex and I broke off at the end to get some real dinner (for him) and some veggies (for me) before we met up with people back at the condo. I was pretty much spent and my stomach hurt, so I left them to rebel-rousing late into the night. 


Another gorgeous morning, so I let everyone sleep in and went for a walk around town. Too pretty not to do so!

The rest of the day was taken with travel, friends, and Mexican food.

Oh, and puffy pregnant feet. 

This is not normal. 

The week is going to be jam packed–I’m going to be working a ton, and Alex has his first call days. I’m going to be working during the eclipse, so that answers that question!

Hopefully, my feet and legs will return to normal….

A little place called Aspen made for a gorgeous and delicious wedding weekend! #travel Click To Tweet

Most fun ice cream flavor you’ve ever seen or tried?

Favorite venue for a wedding? (Mountain, beach, city, rural)

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